It's the same as striped bass, why the price difference is many times greater? Old fishermen tell you what's wrong.

Same striped bass, why the multi-fold price difference? The old fishermen tell you exactly where the difference is. The first time I went to Dalian, I asked the old fishermen who went to the sea to catch striped bass. Striped fish, South Sea striped fish, imported striped fish, let's take a look together.


Heavyweight! Branched light streams are observed for the first time, and light can branch infinitely from the trunk like a tree.

Scientists from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) have observed branching light currents for the first time, and their findings have been published in the journal Nature, where they appear on the cover of the journal for their important discovery.


A calming soup to help you sleep that's good for high school students who use their brains too much and have memory loss.

Walnuts, lean meat, dates, peanuts ingredients combined with soup, nutritious, can enhance the physique, calm the mind to help sleep, on the brain overuse, memory loss of high school students have a good effect, but also applicable to the memory loss of the elderly nourishment.


Vitamin ABCDE and Immunity

Vitamins are a class of organic compounds that are essential to the body's life processes and play a vital role in all stages of the immune response. Function. Vitamins exist in natural foods, which the human body generally cannot synthesize and must be supplied by food, and can be divided into two categories: fat-soluble and water-soluble.


A week of lazy recipes, every day, love it!

Introduction:When you don't know what you're eating every day, just check out Tao's recipes, which will take you to unlock all kinds of food in minutes. The first thing you need to do is to learn how to cook these dishes on the table.


Progress New advances in two-dimensional topological photonic crystal microcavities

The results have been published in the recent issues of Light: Science & Applications and Journal of Laser & Photonics Reviews.


Eating these 7 foods properly can boost brain development and make your child healthy and smart.

Every parent hopes that their child grows healthy and smart, in fact, the child's intellectual development, in addition to genetics, but also and acquired nutrition and the environment, life has a lot of insignificant food, can play a role in promoting the development of the baby's brain, we may wish to learn more about it.


Veganism isn't as healthy as you might think.

Recently, a wave of "vegetarianism" has been blowing around Yan, eating fresh fruit for breakfast and delicate vegetable salads for lunch. When you go to a restaurant, you have to choose a vegetarian restaurant and eat realistic "braised pork" made with soy products. That's really no meat at all, and I can't imagine my life without it. Really, not to be a stickler, but such extreme recipes are probably not good for your health.


HealthWeek - Don't Be Cool on a Hot Summer Day

In the daily diet, can appropriately increase the amount of ginger, wattle and mustard, sorrel, chili and other spices, both meals can be appetizing, and can prevent wind and cold, enhance muscle resistance, to prevent air conditioning disease.


Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

The main manifestation is joint pain, which often occurs in the morning and is relieved after activity, but can be aggravated if there is too much activity. The second manifestation is joint stiffness, which often occurs in the morning when waking up or during the day when the joints are kept in a certain position for a long time.




Brown: No positive test results on 76ers team and no one out of rematch

Bloody Dawn of Kashmir!

White bellied brocade chickens appear in the Dali Cang Mountains, dragging their cloud-spotted long tails and gliding down the slopes in danger.

Henan farmers to make cold skin, not kneading noodles without washing, strong but also translucent, the cost of a piece to do ten Zhang

What happens if the circumference is counted to the end of the circle? Scientists: Pandora's Box is Opened

ANALYSIS: The shortest man in history but influenced an era, why did Iverson become a legend?

When will Sanju IV explode into a supernova? Tens of thousands of years later? Or tonight?

Continue to admire the propaganda map of Barco, aiming directly at India

Chelsea were killed 2-3, William doubled up; Arsenal won 4-0; Inter won by 6 goals; Milan drew 2-2.

Italy's Serie A - De Vrij drew Bastoni substitute overturned Inter's 2-1 reversal of Parma