Sarri: I managed to convince Dybala to move closer to Crosby rather than this side's half of the pitch

Sarri said: "We knew it wouldn't be easy against Torino, but we took the lead at the start of the game and quickly Just extended the lead. "I think I've managed to convince Dybala that he needs to play a little bit closer to Crosby rather than running back to get the ball back for the Home-side halves.


Inzaghi Jr: Losing Milan had a big impact on our points, injuries and suspensions made rotation impossible

In the 30th round of the Serie A, Lazio lost 0-3 at home to AC Milan, which left Lazio seven points behind leaders Juventus, and the Serie A title was further away from them.


An ancient civilization, more exaggerated than the pyramids, had a super black technology that cut stone with precision.

For example, the three largest pyramids, led by the Pyramid of Huf, were built in 15,000 B.C. in exact correspondence with the "three stars of Orion's belt", and the size of the pyramids also reflects the different luminosities of the three stars.


What is so special about Poria cocos that it is known as the "magic medicine of the four seasons"?

Fu Ling is a traditional Chinese medicine from the Divine Husbandman's Classic of the Materia Medica, and has many other names in other ancient Chinese medical texts, such as Fu Ling and Fu Cuscuta in Tang's Classic of the Materia Medica, and Poria in Compendium of the Materia Medica.


Half a potato, half a cabbage, this hotel is so unusual, once you eat it, you'll never forget it!

Although very common, it's also rare for people to cook with these two ingredients together, but our dish today is about making these two seemingly mismatched meals together into one great dish.


When it comes to french fries, never blanch them and fry them straight! KFC uses this 1 trick for crispy, not soft fries

In fact, the problem lies in this step, fries most avoid blanching directly after frying, today, I will reveal to you 1 trick commonly used by KFC to ensure that the fries root crispy not lying soft.


Its fun! Mackie gets video of shooting game with his daughter

In the video, Mackey hands around the chest to make a basket, his young daughter for a few shots, the accuracy is good, it seems that the father's basketball genes have been passed on.


C Luo on free kick "breakthrough": I really need this goal

A free-kick specialist in the football world, Crosby has previously scored several direct free-kicks for Manchester United, Real Madrid and the Portuguese national team, but he has been slow to make a mark on free-kicks after his move to Juventus in 2018.


3-0!ibu break Milan sweep Lazio!5 goals butcher Roma City battle Crosby! Rebirth?1 problem more difficult to solve

These are three of the highest-priced and most important men in this Lazio team, but now they were collectively looking at the field with a livid face. And it was already the 80th minute on the pitch and the score was 0-3.


Indian expert: F-35 is a great fifth-generation aircraft, but not for India

Recently India and the F-35 fighter jet and a lot of gossip, the cause is the 2021 fiscal year U.S. "National Defense Authorization Act" amendment mentioned in the plan to market the F-35 fighter jet to India, if the amendment proposal passed successfully then the Pentagon will be in the year to India's official marketing of the F-35 fighter jet.




The world's worst fears are happening! India's out-of-control healthcare system collapses, health ministry just gives up

Do you know what would happen if you ate cilantro every day?

"One or two amaranth one or two gold", there are 4 benefits of eating red amaranth in the summer, calcium and blood replenishment and high nutrition

15 easy-to-make home cooked special dishes, you can be a chef at home, collect and learn!

Benefits of lemon water: weight loss, nutritious

Pascal's photo misses season, interactive game buddy Mikael Bridges

Fossil evidence doesn't refute the fact that extinct species reappeared 136,000 years ago and evolution is wrong?

Analyzing NMN Upgrades: the miracle of health against age with NMN+!

After watching India's national banquet, then look at the Chinese national banquet, netizens call out the difference is but a bowl of cabbage

Don't miss this dish in summer, rich in vitamin C, a simple mix, appetizing and digestive, in season!