They are all chrysanthemum teas, but the effects are different, see if you are drinking the right one.

In our country, chrysanthemum is not only a flower to be enjoyed, but also a much-loved tea, after Tao Yuanming "picking chrysanthemum in the east hedge", it should be back to the house to make chrysanthemum tea.


The best way to make fried noodles, the sauce is so rich, you won't even get tired of it for three days, it's so delicious!

The best way to make fried noodles, the sauce is so rich and delicious that you don't even get tired of eating it for three days. Today I'm going to share with you this fried noodle dish, which is a modified version of Beijing's fried noodles, it's simple and delicious, I think it's the best! The fried noodles, with their rich sauce, were so good that they didn't even get tired of them for three days.


Razor clams are a very nutritious and nutritious way to eat razor clams.

This is a very simple and delicious way of steaming razor clams, and you can taste the original flavor of the razor clams. Today, we would like to bring you a dish of razor clams with soy sauce, which is not fried and not boiled. The razor clams were nutritious and tasty, juicy and juicy, but not too hot, and even our picky kids grabbed a big plate of razor clams at the table. Eat it all in one go.


Also seaweed, why do some seaweed have knots? The chef told you not to buy anything else.

Welcome to this Two Sisters article on the same seaweed, why some seaweed should be tied in knots, as told by the chef. So let's talk about the same seaweed, why some seaweed should be tied in knots?


Don't miss this dish in summer, rich in vitamin C, a simple mix, appetizing and digestive, in season!

Summer is coming, sour beans again become a rare appetizer, with it, the porridge also becomes delicious, today a small series of sharing practices The easiest and most delicious way to make pickled beans, and if you love pickled beans, then you must learn how to make them. The process is quick and the finished product is really sour and crispy. Ingredients: beans appropriate amount of garlic appropriate amount of salt appropriate amount of small rice pepper appropriate amount.


Hunan Specialties--Nongjia bowl of fragrant dishes

Yibao Xiang is also known as Yibao Dish, a local dish in Hunan province, with spicy taste. Ingredients: Pork 100g, Egg 100g, Green Chilli 150g. Ingredients: cooking oil appropriate amount, salt appropriate amount, chicken essence appropriate amount, dark soy sauce appropriate amount, garlic and ginger appropriate amount.


NBA announces warm-up schedule: 23rd Clippers open, Lakers open Lone Star game

The NBA has released the warm-up schedule for the Orlando rematch, which begins on July 23 and ends on the 29th. The full schedule is as follows:July 23: 3:00 Magic vs. Clippers.


Durant responds to 4th anniversary of joining Warriors

Durant retweeted BR's "4 years ago KD joined the Warriors, 4 years later the two-time MVP has started a new chapter in the Nets" video, with a smiley face.


Heat's 3rd player tests positive for new crown, has closed training facility

Sun Sentinel follow up reporter Ira Winderman reports that a 3rd Fire player has tested positive for the new coronavirus and the team has shut down the training facility at US Airways Arena.


648! Buffon sets new Serie A record!

Juventus starting goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon wrote a new record in the Serie A "Derby" in Turin on the 4th of April: 648 goals. The Juventus debutant goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon has written a new record of 648 appearances.




It's a summertime treat, and it's a great way to get rid of heartburn and save you from irritation! one move, two gains (idiom); two birds with one stone

To study the mechanisms of stellar death, this group of scientists simulated miniature supernovae on Earth

Global Epidemic BriefingBrazil's cumulative cases exceed 1 million new coronavirus infections risk may be linked to blood type

The time here is just right, Weifang these quiet ancient villages, enjoy the slow life with the locals!

Three Pelican players test positive for new coronavirus

3,500 workers dissatisfied with pay, march en masse for pay rise, China: consider withdrawing it

Finally, it's the Father of America's turn.

Why didn't quantum entanglement at FTL violate Einstein's theory of relativity?

Embassy in Bangladesh reminds Chinese citizens in Bangladesh to pay attention to local exit policy

Drug dealers get death penalty in China, Australian minister comes out with a statement