Have you eaten Hubei's top ten dishes?

As a Hubei native, do you know these ten famous dishes? If you have any Hubei dishes can be recommended to leave a comment, if you are interested in the content of the editor to a concern, thank you! Support.


Lakers announce signing of JR Smith, will wear No. 21

Agent Rich Paul told Yahoo that JR will wear #21.JR Smith has played 971 career games. Averaged 12.5 points, 3.2 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game.


Official: The Lone Ranger officially signs with Trey Burke

Burke plays guard, 27 years old, previously played for the Jazz, Wizards, Knicks, Cyclones and 76ers, playing a total of 386 games. Averaged 10.5 points, 2 rebounds and 3.5 assists in the regular season.


Nuggets coach: this season's championship will be the toughest in franchise history

If you can go into a park, be isolated from your friends and family, have no home court advantage, go through a four month layoff, and then play for 90 days to finally win a championship, I think it's the toughest championship in history, no asterisk.


Official: Blazers officially sign guard Jaylen Adams

The Trail Blazers officially announced today that the team has signed guard Jaylen Adams. As previously reported, the Blazers signed Jaylen Adams to replace Ariza for the Orlando rematch, Ariza decided not to due to family reasons Join the rematch.


Larry Sr.: I expect Louie to go to Orlando and don't think anyone on the team will drop out.

As of today, NBA teams are gradually resuming practice, and Clippers coach Rivers spoke with the coach about guard Louie. "All indications are that Road will go to the rematch, and I expect him to be with us, and I'll be very surprised if he doesn't go.


Italy's latest standings: Inter stay 3rd with a 6 goal win, Milan draw 7th against relegation

Early this morning, the 29th round of the Italian Serie A continued to battle, Inter home 6-0 victory over Brescia, continue to hold the 3rd place in the league, Sanchez contributed 1 goal and 2 assists, Eriksen and Ashleyan passed respectively to build credit, the Premier League gang involved in all 6 goals;


Chelsea were killed 2-3, William doubled up; Arsenal won 4-0; Inter won by 6 goals; Milan drew 2-2.

Chelsea 2-3 West Ham, William Double; Arsenal won 4-0; Inter won 6 goals; Milan drew 2-2.


They broke the 17-year record in one night, and the 31-year-old Manchester United waterboy finally exploded!

July 2, 01:30 Beijing time, the 29th round of the Italian Serie A, the 31-year-old Manchester United watermelon Sanchez 2 passes, 1 shot, Inter Milan home 6. -0 victory over Serie A bottom team Brescia.


2-2 big upset! 93 minutes of "undercover" to save Milan: a draw against the bottom team, Big Bong is surprised!

In the 13th minute of match time, Spar was given a chance to take a corner kick on the left side of the field, and Petania scuffed the ball in front of the penalty area on the right side of Dabo, while in the middle of the goal, Valotti pushed the ball lightly in the chaos and scored, Spar scored first!




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