Let's talk about Huang Yuanzao's One Qi Circumstance.


This truth of the flow of one Qi around the world was advocated by Huang Yuan imperial to make future generations feel its importance!

Who's Huang Yuan-Yao?

Huang Yuanyuan, a famous doctor in the Qing Dynasty, practiced medicine for more than 20 years. He devoted his whole life to treating people's illnesses and the study of classical works, with profound knowledge and profound attainments, unique insights, and his own family. He was praised by his descendants for his academic advocacy of Noble Yang and Cheap Yin, reverence for the spleen and stomach, and emphasis on the six qi.

His most widely circulated book is called "The Four Sage Heart Sources". The Four Sages are the followingHuang Di, Qi Bo, Yue Man, Zhong Jing.Four Everyone. TCM is so profound because there are so many systems of identification, including the Eight Elements, the organs, the Sanjiao, the Wei-Qi-Ying-Blood Identification, the six sutras identification, and some of us now propose physical identification, the emergence of various schools, such as the easy water school, fire god school, nourishing Yin Schools of thought, schools of warming, and the schools of Chinese and Western medicine we now advocate. These contents have confused us TCM practitioners, and in fact, me too, huh?

"Ask the drains for the source of living water,"Only in the classics can we find the "living water" of medicine, as the Tao Te Ching says."One life, two births, three births,"We all know the saying that if we keep our eyes only on all things, we will be in a passive state, and I think the wise man should master three or two, or the one who has the power to master one.

Compared to the ancients our current TCM is declining more and more, why? I think it's not just the cultural disconnect, it's not just the battle between Chinese and Western medicine, it's not just the fast pace of people's lives and environmental changes, it's more The key thing is that we have gone off the path, we have lost the most source of exploration of the direction of TCM. And the appearance of Mr. Huang Yuan-yao I think is like a sobering dose, so that we know the direction of learning, know theHow to recognize the root cause of a disease. The cure must be the root of the disease.

What is the root?

For example, insomnia, we tend to focus on how to identify the evidence, is phlegm meng clearing the orifices, is liver blood deficiency, and what yin deficiency yang deficiency kidney deficiency and other terms, so we feel the tediousness of identification, so once the tediousness of overwhelmed, the use of medicine is nothing more than dragon bone, oysters, magnet, cinnabar, sour jujube nut, night vine, lily and other drugs, of course, in our clinical application when it has an effect, but sometimes the effect is very poor.

Mr. Huang's theoretical system is mainly based on his own qi, all arguments are based on his own positive qi, external evil is only a cause! We are all sick because we do not have enough righteousness, and evil dries up within us. In our internal scriptures, we say, "Righteousness resides within, evil cannot dry up". His theoretical system is about the flow of one qi around the body and the four elements of the earth. It relies on Chinese qi as the hub, through the innate parental essence, and the acquired spleen and stomach nourishment, so that one qi flows around, meaning that one qi flows around is It depends on the innate nature and the acquired nature, so his prescriptions are all about regulating people's righteousness.

Today we will talk briefly about his qi elevation and the five elements.

When we prune plants in the spring, we find that a lot of pulp flows out from the broken end of the plant, dripping down. Why is there a lot of slurry dripping from the branches of plants? This is the time to dig up and break the thin roots of the plant. From the end of the root, a lot of slurry also starts to flow out. It turns out that in the spring, nutrients are delivered to the end of the root, to the end of the branch, and you cut off the branch, and that broken end will come out with Lots of nutrients, that's the plant's qi and blood, and so are the roots, you dig them up, that's also the plant's qi and blood, according to Chinese medicine: what kind of The movement of the air that governs the growth of plants and animals in the spring, huh? Wood gas, nutrient transport all around, to the root endings, to the branch endings? It must be a kind of expansive qi, and the ancients borrowed the character "wood" to represent this kind of expansive qi. In autumn and winter, this kind of unfolded qi changes into sinking and convergence, and the golden qi, qi and blood all shrink towards the roots, so that when pruned with plants, no pulp will flow out. up. The universe, nature and human beings are all in harmony and unity, and all have their own inner qi and the five elements.

The unity of the five elements is the unity of the five elements: the flow of Qi around the world!

How does the airplane lift?

With the Spleen rising to the left, both Liver and Kidney water rise, Stomach Qi descends to the right, and Gall Bladder and Heart fire descend, is this a circle with the left rising and the right descending?

In this circle, the spleen and stomach, a yin and a yang, is the central axis, everything revolves around them.

In other words, inside the human body, the organs are distributed up and down, its function also has a direction, these organs guided by the qi machine is in dynamic.

You can see this figure, this is a circumferential flow of qi along the direction of the arrow, the earth pivot four elephants of wood, fire, metal, water, which is among the four elephants of earth. . This graph can be used to explain many phenomena.We humans are born with the energy of the world, but we just don't need to worry about it. It's a 28-day cycle, which is in line with the Taeyin moon cycle, and the moon spins for 28 days a week. A day is 24 hours, a year is 24 days, people have 24 meridians. There are 365 days in a year, people have 365 knots, the earth rotates in a week for 24 hours, and the earth revolves around the sun in a circle for 365 days, so From the understanding of the ancients, we gradually realized that man and the sky are one, and that man is just a bigger insect in the world.

Every morning when we wake up, our consciousness slowly revives, our eyes slowly open, and our ears can hear the outside world. This is intelligence, hearing is hearing, seeing is seeing, and this is because we have received the energy of the sun. Many of our little boys have morning erections in their genitals.rising Yang energyThe phenomenon.

Specifically the kidneys are at the bottom, they are water organs. According to Chinese medicine, the kidneys contain fire in the water, water is kidney yin, fire is kidney yang, fire we understand, that must go upwards, what does it give birth to? ? What is the spleen responsible for when fire gives birth to earth, i.e., fire travels upward, making the spleen earth warm? It is responsible for sending the nutrients absorbed by the stomach (called fine matter in Chinese medicine) throughout the body. This spleen has a characteristic, it goes upward, because some of the nutrients still have to go to the lungs and combine with the fine substances in the inhaled air. It is assisted by the lungs to be transmitted throughout the body.

The qi of the spleen rises from the left.

What about the water in the kidneys, the water gives birth to wood, that is to say, with the nourishment of the water, the wood qi also begins to be nourished, to develop, it develops The direction also rises, just like the tree, and this Liver Qi rises from the left. As the qi of the spleen rises, there is a saying in Chinese medicine."The liver rises with the spleen, the gall bladder falls with the stomach."That is to say this.

Many people say, how come the liver is on the left side, but the anatomy is on the right side, and TCM is talking about liver qi, the function of the liver, it's a functional system, not just that organ substance.

So, if the left side of the body is sick, sometimes you have to consider whether the liver and spleen are rising properly, especially the liver qi.

Liver is wood, and the four seasons go with spring, which symbolizes the birth of all things.

At this point you see that this qi rises to the top with the liver and spleen, and here are the lungs and heart. As you know, wood produces fire, and this fire goes with the five organs is the heart, and the four seasons go with summer, and the character of the heart fire is actually going up, but as there are With the presence of the lungs, the heart fire is carried downward.

No matter how hot it is in summer, when it comes to autumn, the Qi will start to descend. The Heart Fire is supposed to rise, but because the Lung is the gold above it, it descends and descends directly into the Kidneys, making the Kidney Water It is not overly cold and warms the Kidney Water. And the Kidney water, along with the Liver wood, reaches the Heart fire, making it so that it is not too hot, which is called"Fire and water.".

Sometimes the process of descending is disrupted, so that the fire of the heart cannot descend and is kept up.Hot at the top, cold at the bottom.The situation.Thirst, red eyes, sore mouth and tongue, but the legs below are still cold.

At the same time as the lung gold decreases, what one eats in the mouth enters the stomach and then also travels downward, so the stomach qi has to decrease.

At the same time as the Stomach Qi drops, the Bile Qi also drops with it, which is what we call the"Gallbladder follows stomach.". Now there are so many stomach problems that are the result of the upward reversal of Qi and the reflux of bile.

You should likewise be aware that this decrease in Stomach Qi and Bile Qi is downward from the right side.

Therefore.If the right side of the human body is sick, consider whether the downward flow of qi is in trouble.

You now look again.With the Spleen rising to the left, both Liver and Kidney water rise, Stomach Qi descends to the right, and Gall Bladder and Heart fire descend, is this a circle with the left rising and the right descending?

In this circle.The spleen and stomach, one yin and one yang, are the central axes.Everything revolves around them.

This was the theory of Huang Yuan-ying, who finally attributed all illnesses to the malfunctioning of this circle, any place where something went wrong, putting the The movement of the circle "clicks" and stops it from rotating, so there is a problem. It is necessary to use drugs to regulate the qi and restore them to their up and down movement so that the body will restore itself to health. Streamlining the flow of a person's one circle can also be achieved through external treatment of the ancient meridians, and more quickly and without side effects.

So one should ask, does this circle make sense? Can you cure it?

I told you, the fifth generation of Huang Yuan Wang's successor, Dr. Ma Ruiting, took out a medicine called "Downward Qi Soup" from Huang Yuan Wang's book. The recipe, which was given a slight increase or decrease, turned into a recipe for a medicine that had both ascending and descending properties, harmonizing the spleen and stomach, which this old man had basically been doing all his life. With this one formula to treat the patient, come to a patient, he will give the formula to adjust, a little increase or decrease, the qi so that the patient will be well. You see his medical case, that is an elevation, my feeling, he just used medicine on someone's body to dial a little, put this not quite rotating The circle to the restart, the result of the Ma Lao lifetime "living people no count", patients like clouds. There are a lot of serious blood diseases in particular, but they are really cured by him.

Since Huang Yuan Yuanyao understood the operation of the human body, the clinical effect is getting better and better.

Ladies and gentlemen, no matter if you're a medical student or not, once you understand this theory of qi movement, you can explain some of the situations by yourself, otherwise, some people will be very strange.Why do my legs get so cold, but my face is always red?It's like fire and ice. Why? So let's adjust the elevation.

The story of the circle is so important that, understanding it, we can actually analyze many diseases ourselves.

Take for example the asthma that Huang Yuan-Gao treated!

Asthma does not necessarily need to cure asthma, lung qi upward can also cause asthma ah, that is, the lung qi does not fall, normal in our body is a circle. The, this lung is at the top of the circle, so why doesn't the lung descend? It's because the Stomach Qi is not descending. We've said that the Spleen and Stomach are the central axis of the circle. Then the lung qi has no way to descend and is blocked there, so it goes upward and becomes sick.

But why doesn't the stomach descend?

That's because the spleen is depressed by water and dampness and no longer rises, nor does it absorb the food received by the stomach (in Chinese medicine, the stomach is receptive and the spleen is receptive). Absorption, part of the function of the spleen in Taoist medicine is actually the function of the intestines), if the spleen is not absorbed here, then what the stomach receives from the mouth is not all Is it stuck in your stomach? And it won't go down.

Is the patient bloated? That's where the spleen and stomach are blocked. Why are you vomiting? This is because the Stomach's Qi cannot go down and is going upwards.

Then why does it happen when it's raining? Because of the heavy dampness of rainy days, which makes the temper that is already dampness even more not rise; the onset of the disease from eating a full meal, that is the gastric qi already blocked there. You're burdening him further and he's not getting sick?

And how do you treat it?

Huang Yuan Yuanyu said, "I'll remove your dampness so that the spleen and earth qi can rise, and I'll regulate the liver qi so that the spleen and earth qi will rise more quickly, and then I'll use some medicine to lower the stomach qi, and then the circle will turn.

The recipe is: Poria, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Ban Xia, Dried Ginger, Fine Xin, Orange Peel, Gui Zhi and Sand.

It's such a little recipe that we look familiar with it, where Poria is to remove dampness and raise the Spleen, Licorice is to sit in the middle of the state and tonic the of the spleen and stomach, the half-summer dampness, the medicine is downward, it is to bring down the gastric qi, these three medicines are a typical conception of the axle; dry ginger is warming the spleen The kidneys, because of the dampness, without the use of hot medicine dampness can not go; fine Xin this medicine I tell you, this medicine is to dissipate wind and cold, medicinal properties It is quite strong and toxic, so there is a "fine pungent but not money" said, but that refers to into the powder, if it is boiled soup medicine, actually No problem, but nowadays pharmacies definitely don't give grabs for more than three grams. The characteristic of this medicine is that it can use the real energy in the kidneys, to top out the wind and cold, so for some stubborn wind-cold headache, cough and wheeze. etc. are effective, but there's a problem: after using fine Xin, the kidneys are likely to need to be toned because of the use of kidney qi up.

The orange peel in this recipe is used to regulate the lung meridian qi, which can stop coughs and subdue rebelliousness; Gui Zhi, according to Huang Yuan Yao, warms the liver and raises the liver qi (this is Huang Yuan Yao's unique experience); Sand Yan is used to move qi and regulate the middle, which can invigorate the spleen and open the stomach, and if the stomach qi is blocked by food, some sand can immediately invigorate it.

If the Qi is blocked by food, using some sand can immediately invigorate the Stomach Qi. Moreover, the sand also warms the Kidneys and dampness, inducing Qi to return to the Kidneys, which is a multi-purpose good thing.

The main idea of this recipe is to open up the spleen and stomach, and there is no cough suppressant, at most the orange peel can be useful. Some comrades will probably ask, such a simple recipe, there is no cough medicine, can treat asthma?

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