After watching India's national banquet, then look at the Chinese national banquet, netizens call out the difference is but a bowl of cabbage


After watching India's national banquet, and then look at the Chinese national banquet, netizens call out but is a bowl of cabbage gap!

I believe that many people know a lot about the food culture in China. Our country's food culture is very old and worth studying, and is rich in variety. Whatever can be made into delicious food, whether it is a street snack or a special dish of a restaurant, it is made after years of research. Food, there are foods that are simply beyond our imagination, so when we eat them we lament how good the chef is. This is because there are foods that are common to us, but the taste is not something we can make ourselves. Aside from these dishes we can see on a daily basis, the most noble and highest class is the state banquet, right!

The state banquet is the highest hospitality ritual and the dishes served at the state banquet are very high class and the chef has been carefully selected. Not only do they have to research new dishes, but they also have to take care of every guest's taste. But when netizens have seen India's national dinner, they are shocked that it is just a difference of a bowl of cabbage.

Many foreigners have watched our country's food have praised our chef, in fact, not only the chef is great, even each of us Ordinary people would cook some of the best dishes, so it wasn't surprising at all that the chef would cook so many dishes. Originally the state banquet was the banquet of the highest etiquette, that chef will certainly not be sloppy, the dishes are also each chef according to each guest's Flavors made to taste. In this article we are talking about the Chinese National Dinner and the Indian National Dinner.

I get a headache looking at it when I talk about the national dinner in India. A big table with at least a hundred dishes, but most of them are vegetarian, who can stand that! Not only that, the Indian national dishes are so ugly in appearance that you don't have the desire to eat them at a glance. And most of the vegetables are mashed, as if they are a supplement that is given to children in our country.

Whatever vegetables, spinach or cucumber or whatever, are mashed and look a bit unpalatable. They have a very famous dish which is called cheese and spinach. It sounds good and looks good, but when you take a closer look at the spinach it's mashed and the cheese on top is obviously very absorbent. Probably Indians are more into puree, everything is made into a mash, but it seems that people outside of India don't like it very much Nah.

The most obvious dish is that bowl of cabbage bar, boiled cabbage. Although it looks like a simple bowl of boiled cabbage, in fact it is not simple at all. Cabbage. One bite and you'll realize it's different from regular boiled cabbage and you'll fall in love with it. Follow me not to get lost for more never let you down!

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