New NASA images of the Sahara Desert reveal the scale of the sand and dust cover


According to foreign media reports.According to NASA disclosures, on June 23 and 24, local time, a dust plume covered Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and was moving into southern Texas at the same time.By June 24, the thickest part of the dust column had expanded from the 1,500 miles covered on June 18 to 5,000 miles. While propagated dust particles like this one could potentially have a negative impact on human breathing, this event wasn't entirely bad.

NASA notes that particles spread from the dust storm could also help establish beaches and fertile land. In addition, the widespread effects of Saharan dust storms may also eventually help reduce or even suppress the intensity of tropical cyclones.

Colin Seftor, an atmospheric scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, was the one who produced this latest image. He explained: "While it is not uncommon for Saharan dust to travel across the oceans to the Americas, the scale and intensity of this particular event was quite unusual. In addition, if you look out from the coast of Africa, you can see another huge cloud drifting in from the continent and then towards the Trans The Atlantic's long chains of dust transport energy."

Getting to Mars is the biggest dream, the Mars program is becoming clearer, and the lunar space station is critical

The closest distance between Earth and Mars is also 54.6 million kilometers, which does sound a lot farther away, but we need to be aware that Earth and There is also the Moon between Mars and Mars, so scientists plan to use the Moon as a "springboard" to get to Mars. This "springboard" is in fact a series of lunar programs, in which the realization of the lunar surface base, lunar orbiting space station is the lunar program of the Focus.


July Astronomical Spectacular: Comet NEOWISE Solo Show Coming Up, Get This Schedule!

There has already been one stable visible comet during 2020, including C2019 Y1 and Y4 ATLAS, 2017 T2 PanSTARRS and 2019 U6 Lemmon.


It's spectacular! Hubble telescope captures: stellar fireworks 8,000 light-years away from universe

It's spectacular. Beautiful cosmic fireworks, and astronomers have taken a stunning new image with the Hubble Space Telescope showing star clusters. Celestial fireworks in G286.21+0.17.


Ten of the greatest advances of the last 100 years

It is very important to realize that a century ago, our understanding of the universe was this:- The stars, clusters and Nebulae make up the entire universe. Yet every decade for the next hundred years, a new major discovery will reshape our understanding of the universe.


A meteorite's statement.

Or rather, I'm more like a "dirty snowball," made up of loose ice, dust and small rocks. There are many of my kind here, about a trillion of them, and together we form a whole - let's call it the Oort Cloud.


An ancient civilization, more exaggerated than the pyramids, had a super black technology that cut stone with precision.

For example, the three largest pyramids, led by the Pyramid of Huf, were built in 15,000 B.C. in exact correspondence with the "three stars of Orion's belt", and the size of the pyramids also reflects the different luminosities of the three stars.


Chengdu hi-tech zone enterprises "ride the wind and waves" with the arrival of the "global era" of Beidou system

In recent days, reporters interviewed many enterprises in the area, such as Sichuan Zhongke Chuanxin Technology Co.


Heavyweight! Branched light streams are observed for the first time, and light can branch infinitely from the trunk like a tree.

Scientists from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) have observed branching light currents for the first time, and their findings have been published in the journal Nature, where they appear on the cover of the journal for their important discovery.


Progress New advances in two-dimensional topological photonic crystal microcavities

The results have been published in the recent issues of Light: Science & Applications and Journal of Laser & Photonics Reviews.


Stanford scientists invent two-dimensional material to store data instead of silicon chips

A team of researchers led by Stanford University has invented a way to store data by sliding atomically thin metal layers on top of each other, a method that can fit more data into less space than a silicon chip, while also using less energy.



Syrian Situation Event Reporter revisits recaptured M5 road

The 10 Deepest Lakes on Earth

Russia's Red Square parade, armor family unveils new equipment, 57 mm rapid-fire gun infantry fighting to show off its power

Fresh and not greasy 10 home-cooked food, simple and nutritious but also special rice, super easy to learn Oh!

Potatoes as a staple, high on the health scale! Potassium, dietary fiber, and starchy vegetables can all increase the intake of

The 2 steps to keep in mind when frying garlic moss "most contraindicated" directly in the pot, garlic moss is not yellow, green and flavorful!

What makes Afghanistan an imperial tomb? American soldiers: all soldiers are poor, so poor they don't fear death

The highest large lake in the world, with a depth of over 120 meters, the third largest saltwater lake in China.

Some guys have used up all their luck just playing football and have worn away the Serie A golden boot three times.

The difference is clear when you look at Guangzhou, China's ultra-developed city, and Chicago, the third largest city in the United States.