When buying mangosteen, pick the big one or the small one? Fruit farmers: none of them right, teach you 2 tricks, one pick is right


The guide: pick mangosteen, regardless of the expensive, these 3 can not buy! Poor taste, little juice, don't even give it to me for free.

Hello everyone, this is Jane's Food Journal! Air conditioning, WIFI, watermelon, seems to be the standard for summer, although watermelon tastes good, but every day to eat, inevitably will get tired of eating. It's time to get some other fruit! In the summer, there are many fruits to quench your thirst, but the mangosteen is definitely the best of the bunch, with its garlic-clove flesh neatly arranged in a single bite. Bite down, refreshingly juicy, with a lingering aftertaste....

The mangosteen, whose scientific name is Manggi persimmon, or mangosteen seed, is native to Southeast Asia because it has a growth cycle of up to 10 years in the Priced much higher than regular fruit! It serves asThe "rich white fruit" of summer.Its nutritional value is also very rich, containing not only vitamins and dietary fiber, but also a variety of essential minerals, which is one of the reasons why mangosteen is expensive!

Many people think that the high price of mangosteen because of low production, but this is not the case, the production of mangosteen is not low, the least on a tree! Hundreds of them, so why is it still so expensive? The reason is the difficulty of picking, the long growing cycle, the difficulty of transporting, and most importantly, the fact that there are many more on the market. The uncertainty factor, so that's why it's high!

As you know, in Asia, Thailand has the best mangosteen! In Thailand, people willDurian and mangosteen, also known as the "husband and wife fruit.", and if you're on fire from eating too much durian, a couple of mangosteens will provide relief! Because the mangosteen is a tropical fruit, it is grown in Fujian, Yunnan, Guangdong and other parts of China, but production is not high. Most of the mangosteen consumed still comes from overseas!

Last weekend, with children to go to the supermarket, see mangosteen, the child must eat must, buy them 8, I wanted to go home and take a few pictures, did not expect, not yet home, in the car they will be all to eat, home after giving me a pile of skin, angry at me!

Mangosteen is not bad, but if you can't pick it, you're kind of a failure! For this I also consulted an old fruit farmer who said, when buying mangosteen, thatWhether it's picking the big one or the small one, it's not right, and I'll show you 2 ways to pick one.! Guys, let's learn together and don't spend any more money....

1.Look at the fruit and sepals.In general, the four petals around the stem of a fresh mangosteen fruit are green, and the greener the color, the fresher the mangosteen is. And then take a look at the sepals, the end of the mangosteen generally has 4-8 sepals, and a few sepals on the top means there are a few petals of flesh, which means. The more sepals you have, the smaller the fruit will be, so you can look at them when selecting.

2.Squeeze the shell.The mangosteen, fresh, high quality, the shell is relatively soft, but also flexible, gently pressed can quickly recover. And then is the weight of the weight, the heavier the mangosteen represents the more fresh, water is also more, the more delicious.

Finally, the old fruit farmer highlighted a few lines.When picking out mangosteen, regardless of price, these 3 can't be bought! Poor taste, little juice, don't even give it to me for free.It's important to remember that....

1.Darkening or browning of the fruit tipThis kind of mangosteen is a long time, there is a possibility that the pulp inside has rotted, this kind of must not buy.

2.And then look at the surface of the mangosteen nut shell.If there is a small eye, or the shell can not be pinched, this is already spoiled, do not buy.

3.If you find a mangosteen fruit at its baseThe mangosteen is definitely rotten, even if you don't want it for free, you must remember oh!

Usually, tropical fruits cannot be kept in the refrigerator, but mangosteen is an exception because it is protected by its shell. Rather, it will reduce water loss and keep longer! So.If you can't eat all the fruit, put it in the fridge....

All right, that's all for today, have you got the details? If it helps you, please praise, forward, follow, if you have a different opinion, please leave a message in the comment section, Jane and you to discuss! Thanks for reading, thanks for having you....

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