2,700 tons more than China's 052D, unit price 1.65 billion euros, Germany builds the largest frigate in history


Under the cover of various news recently, the German Navy has made a big news, that is, officially approved the opening of the largest displacement missile frigate in history, the MKS180 class. Missile frigates - MKS180 class. At present, the German Parliament has approved the procurement of four MKS180 missile frigates for the German Navy, with a total contract value of 5.6 billion euros The MKS180 class corvettes are still quite expensive, with a unit cost of 1.65 billion euros per ship.

MKS180 Class Frigates

It is interesting to note that the MKS 180, which has a standard displacement of 9,000 tons, is still named the "Missile Frigate." . China's 052D guided missile destroyer, on the other hand, according to an official report on the Xining guided missile destroyer in August 2019, its The difference between the two standard discharges is 2,700 tons, with a standard displacement of 6,300 tons.

The 052D standard discharge is 6,300 tons.

The German navy's largest combat ship is the F-125 Baden-Württemberg class corvette, which has a displacement comparable to that of the Chinese destroyer Type 052D. The F-125 Baden-Württemberg class corvette has the same displacement as the Chinese Navy's Type 052D destroyers. According to the German Navy's original arrangement, this class of ships will become the absolute mainstay of the German Navy's surface fleet for a long time to come.

"The Baden-Württemberg class is in bad shape. Baden-Württemberg" class has been in a lot of trouble.

But the F-125 Baden-Württemberg class frigates were often criticized by the German Navy for quality problems during construction. However, the F-125 Baden-Württemberg class frigates were frequently criticized by the German Navy for quality problems during their construction. Re-returned for maintenance. The Baden-Württemberg class frigates were also inadequate in terms of firepower and multi-mission expansion. Baden-Württemberg class corvettes were also inadequate in terms of firepower and multi-tasking capabilities, the German Navy decided to do everything in one step. Make the MKS180 class guided missile frigates the mainstay of your own future surface fleet.

The MKS180 class can be flexibly adjusted to suit your needs.

The MKS 180-class guided-missile frigates are expected to have a full life cycle of approximately 30 years and, in addition to conducting large overseas military missions, are also It is capable of performing low-intensity standing missions such as coastal patrol, anti-piracy and anti-smuggling by changing mission modules. In addition to this, the class also emphasizes the ability to operate in ice-covered waters, thus providing the capability to operate in the European North Sea, part of the Arctic Circle. Capabilities.

So next, let's take a closer look at the MKS180 class missile frigates.

The German Navy bought the finished product.

First of all, in terms of price, the MKS180 class guided missile frigates are currently quoted at €1.65 billion per unit, which does seem to be Very expensive. But unlike the Chinese Navy's practice of purchasing hulls and armaments separately, the €1.65 billion not only covers the cost of buying the ships, it's also This includes the purchase cost of some of the ship's armaments. To put it in layman's terms, the German navy bought the hardcover directly for 1.65 billion euros this time, and will just move in with the bags when the time comes.

The MKS180 class is a bit weak in its current armament.

But what is more interesting is that compared to the standard displacement of 9,000 tons for the MKS180 class of missile frigates, the MKS180 The current armament level of the Ramm-class missile frigates appears "somewhat weak". At present, in addition to the 127 mm guns and up to 8 anti-ship missiles, there are only 2 Ram close-range airships in the anti-aircraft category. Missile systems, that's obviously not enough.

The German Navy blew itself up with a hairdrop.

Considering that the MKS180 class missile frigate itself can be modified modularly, so the reason why the level of armament of this class of missile frigate is weak, it is likely that the German Navy in order to reduce the difficulty of parliamentary scrutiny, wait until the warship in hand, and then additionally in the name of supplementary equipment to purchase the ship's drogue equipment installed, so that the impact on the outside world is also less.

The Japanese still call these helicopter frigates.

As to why the MKS180 class is called "missile frigate" instead of "missile destroyer", this is not a big question. The German navy, although the same as the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force, in order to avoid the development of equipment to the outside world to produce too much excitement, so it will adopt the" Frigates" is a term that favors self-defense. The MKS180 class is a large guided missile destroyer, but with armaments, it is an 10,000-tonne juggernaut.

Put in other national standards for 10,000-ton main ships

However, with the Royal Navy and the French Navy's development of a new generation of surface combatants much trapped, said MKS180-class It's unlikely that the missile frigates didn't irritate the Royal Navy and the French Navy. Whether the German Navy would eventually be pressured to turn the MKS180 class into a "big ship, weak armament" like the Baden-Württemberg class is another story. Whether or not the German Navy would eventually, under pressure, turn the MKS180 class into a "big ship, weak armament" like the Baden-Württemberg class is another story.

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