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In the summer of 2015, 'Little Roma' arrived at the Stadio San Siro for a fee of 25 million euros, when the 20-year-old Romagnoli has been hailed as the "cornerstone" of Milan's renaissance, and in five seasons, the "little Roman" has played in all competitions for the club. He scored 7 goals and provided 2 assists in 181 attempts, an outstanding performance that was recognized by the team's executives. This season, Romagnoli is even more full time in the league, with 1,818 touches and 1,357 passes of the team's top, excellent The performance of the "little Rome" has been grabbed by Europe's top teams.

Romagnoli's contract with Milan was extended until 2022.

According to the Italian mediaSportmediasetReportedly, Barcelona have been hoping to bring in a left-footed defender, and their target is exactly Milan captain Romagnoli, the 25-year-old Romagnoli is currently valued at 36 million euros on the German transfer market website, the Italian defender in June 2018 and Milan's contract expires in June 2022, his current annual salary after tax is 3.5 million euros.

As the "cornerstone" of Milan's revival, Romagnoli's status in Milan, transfer may not be the best choice for him, but 25-year-old Romagnoli in Milan's development space is really limited, because Milan did not give him the hope of revival, but also with a bunch of small fish and shrimp, which is also Romagnoli progress is not obvious key, so transfer is not impossible; However, Romagnoli for Barcelona may be difficult to become a reality, after all, Barcelona is not short of defenders.

Romagnoli's overall ability to squeeze in the top 30 of the same position

I. Analysis of the general capabilities and characteristics of Romagnoli I

"Little Roma" is a gifted player who has shown great talent during his time at Roma, and with Samp's Experience, when Romagnoli joined Milan was considered by fans as the team's revival of the "cornerstone", five years in Milan, "little Rome" performance! Stability, gradually stepping into the league's top center-back ranks. Among the games of FIFA 20."Little Rome" is ranked 157th in the world with a combined competency value of 83., at the center back position, his combined ability is surprisingly on the same level as Maguire, Wambisaika and Alaba.

In terms of the combined ability chart, Romagnoli is considered a player who specializes in defense, scoring higher in his core ability to defend and strength.Defending 85, strength 79, which shows that "Little Rome" has a very good confrontation ability and defensive stability in the game, as a center back, Romagnoli is tall, strong, fierce scrapping, strong predictive ability, more importantly Romagnoli tactical awareness and game experience is also extremely rich.Dribbling 66, why Romagnoli is a typical modern midfielder, is because he has a body, at the same time there are good foot skills, excellent ball control ability; passing 55, this is obviously a lack of understanding of Romagnoli, in fact, "little Rome" has a very stable passing ability, long passes and short passes in the midfield and backfield combing are his strengths; speed 63 and shooting 40, this is where Romagnoli needs to improve.

Diagram 1: Romagnoli and Mandzukic fight for the top, Romagnoli is no inferior to Mandzukic in the confrontation.

Figure 2: Romagnoli is physically balanced, with the exception of that burst of instant acceleration that was a little worse

Advantage 1: Physical fitness

Romagnoli is 1.85 meters tall and weighs 75 kilograms, and there is nothing particularly impressive about the "little Roman" body. advantage, and he did have underdog instability early in his career, making it difficult to dominate in tight matchups, but has improved in recent years No less, Romagnoli has accumulated 144 recoveries this season, second only to Bennasser in the team, and the success rate against him also can stay above 60% for long periods of time.

Figure 1 above, Romagnoli was no less effective against the fierce Mandzukic and in the process of scrambling; Figure 2 above, Romagnoli is more balanced in every other aspect of his body except for his explosive power, but it has to be pointed out that Romagnoli's one-on-one defense still needs to be improved.

Figure 3: Romagnoli always manages to steal and distribute the ball to his teammates at the same time.

Figure:4: Following up on Figure 3, Romagnoli's habit of moving forward at high speed after scoring the ball instantly creates a quick counter attack

Advantage 2: Ability to get the ball out

Why do Barcelona like Romagnoli, just because of his outstanding ability to play the ball; why is "Little Roma" also called "New Nesta"? Apart from the similarities in size and career, it's the style of play that is fundamental, and Roma Junior, like Nesta, belongs to a group of players who are quite good with the ball. The centre-back. In today's football world, the demand for centre-backs is not only courageous and tough, but also outstanding ability to play out from the back. Diorama's ability to play the ball is probably the most important reason why he has become a world-class top-class centre-back.

This season, Romagnoli ranked first in the team with 1818 touches and 1357 passes, and his successful passes and successful games are also at the forefront of the league; what is even more impressive is his ability to split the ball after a break and his high speed forward intervention.

Figure 5: Romagnoli's ability to keep the door open at the moment the goalkeeper strikes.

Figure 6: Romagnoli's passing stats this season

Advantage 3: Tactical awareness

Romagnoli is an Italian player, he can be said to inherit the glorious tradition of Italian defenders, insight and tactical awareness is more like from the heart, Romagnoli is a typical Italian defender, with excellent insight, predictive ability and tactical qualities, so in the card, fill the position, selection, release and other technical perfection.

This season, Romagnoli has completed 41 steals, 45 interceptions and 142 clearances in 26 games, all of which are among the best in the league; Figure 5 above, Romagnoli can always clear the ball before the opponent, which is a perfect reflection of his tactical awareness.

Romagnoli basics, 25, contract with Milan expires on June 30, 2022

I Romagnoli's current situation and comparison of data I

Romagnoli was discovered at a young age by Roma scouts and started in the club's youth academy. In 2012, then-Roma manager Zeman surprisingly made his debut at just 17 years old, making his debut in a 3-0 After playing a full game in the Coppa Italia defeat of Atalanta, Romagnoli soon had a small taste of the league against Milan, before After playing a full game in the win over Genoa, Romagnoli was already attracting the attention of the big teams. In 2015, Milan defeated a number of opponents to bring the youngster to the San Siro and was hailed as "the cornerstone of Milan's defence for the next decade", five years. Past that, Roma Jr. has largely cashed in on the talent.

A comparison of key stats from the last five seasons for Romagnoli

I: Key data from the last five Little Rome seasons

In the 2015-16 season, Roma Jr. made 34 league appearances for Milan, 33 of which were starts 1.3 pass breakups, 2.5 interceptions, 5.4 breakups, 5 fumble recoveries, 2.3 successful scrambles. 86%; in 2016-17, Roma Junior made 27 league appearances for Milan, all starts, scoring one goal Contributed 1.1 sacks, 1.5 interceptions, 5.7 tackles for loss, 4 fumble recoveries, 2.4 successful scrambles, and an 88 per cent passer rating.

In the 2017-18 season, Roma Jr. made 28 league appearances for Milan, including 27 starts, scoring two goals and a Contributed 0.7 takeaways, 0.8 interceptions, 5.3 breakups, 3.4 fumble recoveries, 2.5 successful scrambles, and passes Success rate of 91%; Roma Jr. made 32 league appearances for Milan in 2018-19, starting all 32 times Played and scored two goals, contributing 1.1 takeaways, 1.2 interceptions, 5.2 breakups, four recoveries, 2.3 successful scrambles and a passer rating of 91 per cent.

So far in the 2019-20 season, Roma Jr. has made 26 league appearances for Milan, all starts, contributing 1.5 steals, 1.7 interceptions, 4.9 disposals, 4.8 ball recoveries, 2.7 successful scrambles, and a passer rating of 90%Romagnoli's five seasons at Milan have been up and down but relatively consistent, and now it's back to an upward trend.

Romagnoli's ratings over the last five seasons

II: "Little Rome" ratings over the last five seasons

In 2015-16, Romagnoli played 2,943 minutes in the league, with a season rating of 6.89, ranking him in the league 133rd, 36th at the same position; Romagnoli played 2,370 league minutes in 2016-17, season Rating of 6.94, 95th in the league and 18th in the same position; in 2017-18, Romagnoli was in the league 2,355 minutes in midfield, 6.78 season rating, 148th in league, 34th in same position; 2018- 19 season, Romagnoli played 2,849 minutes in the league and had a season rating of 6.86, ranking 109th in the league. 20th in the same position; so far this season, Romagnoli has played 2,340 minutes in the league and has a season rating of 6.89. 89th in the league and 10th in the same position.

From the point of view of the rating of the last five seasons, the little Romani is improving rapidly, but the 25-year-old is still a step away from the world class, and the best ranked in the same position is only in the top 10 this season, it seems that the little Romani still needs to work.

Romagnoli's Price Fluctuation

III. Increase in the value of "Little Rome"

Romagnoli rose to fame at a young age, and was the subject of a lot of interest from the big boys, both at Roma and Milan. Ollie's price tag didn't rise much, but he showed the talent and power of a top star; in the summer of 2015, Roma Jr. Joining AC Milan for €25 million, Romagnoli has developed well at Milan, performing though not particularly Amazing, but he has shown the potential of a world-class top-class defender and his price has risen in step with his performance, and in the summer of 2019, the Romagnoli's price rose to €50 million, but has fallen significantly again this season and is now valued at 36 million. Euro.

Romagnoli injury history

IV: "Little Rome" injury history

Throughout his career, Romagnoli has still seen injuries more frequently, especially during his time with Milan, with the 2016- suffered four injuries in the '17 season, accumulated 129 days of rest and missed 12 games; in 2017-18, Romney Ollie suffered two injuries, accumulated 33 days of rest and missed five games; 2018-19 suffered two injuries, accumulated 37 days of rest and missed 6 games. Throughout his Milan career, Roma Junior suffered 8 injuries, accumulated 199 days of rest and missed 23 games, statistically. That's a pretty normal injury history.

"The cornerstone of Milan's defence for the next decade" - Romagnoli.

A feasibility analysis of a Romagnoli move to Barcelona I

Does Barca need a centre-back? First, let's look at a set of stats, 19 wins, 4 draws, 5 losses, 31 goals conceded, 8 zeroes, 27 goals conceded in the penalty area, and 5 goals conceded due to errors. 79 interceptions, 409 steals, which are Barca's numbers on the defensive side of the ball this season, both ranked in the middle of the league, interceptions The number of times is even down to the bottom, this defense is the tofu of the giants, Umtiti is bad to manage, Langley's magic is gone, Pique Age is the root cause of this season's poor defensive line. Centre-back.

Pique needs a successor and Roma Jr. is the right man for the job

One: Pike needs a successor.

Since returning to Barcelona in 2008, Pique has made 532 appearances in all competitions for Barca, contributing 46 goals and 13 points. Assists helped Barcelona win four Champions League titles, three Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup titles, eight league titles, six The Copa del Rey and six Spanish Super Cup titles, 12 years of rain and wind, 12 years of hard work, and in the blink of an eye Pique is 33 years old In the game, although he is still an integral part of the team, but in the green field he is no longer the same. As steady as Pique is now, with occasional fatal mistakes and more pronounced ups and downs in form, Barcelona have reached Time to have to search for a successor for him.

During the epidemic, the media found multiple targets for Barcelona, one of them being Roma Jr. His steady form, great tactical awareness, strong physicality, excellent aerial ability and excellent ability to get off the ball are all suitable candidates to be based in Barcelona, but after playing Mallorca, I don't think Barca need to bring in any more defenders, best 7 Araujo is already in the squad.

Umtiti is extremely difficult to manage and it may only be a matter of time before he leaves Barca.

2: Umtiti or leave the team

Among the many transfers in Barcelona, Umtiti is considered to be a more successful one, personal ability is good, the state is also quite stable, but Umtiti has "dark-skinned" player disease, that is not good management, 2017-18 summer, Roma in the Champions League eliminated Barcelona, Umtiti in the game to promote the role, from then on again frequently plagued by injuries, which makes the Barcelona senior management and Barcelona team dissatisfaction.

During the epidemic, the media more than once pushed Umtiti on the transfer market, rumored scandal targets including Inter, Tottenham, Arsenal and Paris, Umtiti currently holds the second highest salary in the defense, but can't come up with a stable performance to match the high salary, I personally think Barcelona should sell Umtiti as soon as possible, and introduce a good management and stable status of the defender, match Little Rome, match Paul Torres, a little more bold such as Shkreniar, such as Thurun Gathering and so on....

"The cornerstone of Milan's defence for the next decade" - Romagnoli.

Closing remarks -

"The next ten years will be the cornerstone of Milan's defense", this phrase is true for little Rome, from these five years it can be seen that little Rome is based on Milan's dutifulness, but little Rome is also very helpless, 25 years old in Milan and as a father and mother, neither big brother support, nor brother to protect, no matter what kind of pot need to carry up, but even more helpless is that he also has the responsibility to protect his teammates, but Romagnoli simply do not have this ability, I am afraid that this is the core reason why little Rome has not been able to be among the world's top defenders.

I think the only way for Romagnoli to further his career is to leave Milan for a bigger challenge, and not to let them delay his future under the guise of revival.

I'm not sure if this is the case.

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