The five largest islands in the eastern part of Taiwan Province, China


Taiwan Island has been an inseparable and sacred territory of China since ancient times, covering an area of 36,000 km². There are many small islands scattered around the island, and the scenery of each island is different. Today, let's learn more about the famous islands in the eastern part of Taiwan Province, China's treasure island.

1.Orchid Island

Lan Yu Island is located in the southeastern part of China's Taiwan Province, south of the Bus Strait and across the sea from the Philippines. The island has a total area of 45km². In the southern part of the island there is a small subsidiary island - Little Orchid Island. Of the two islands, only Orchid Island is inhabited, while Little Orchid Island is uninhabited.

Green Island

Green Island, also known as Fiery Island. It is located in the eastern waters of Taiwan Province, China. The island is bordered by Taitung City in the west and the vast Pacific Ocean in the east. To the south is the just introduced Lan Yu Island. The island covers an area of 16.2km². It is a famous tourist island in Taiwan Province of China. The island is mild at times and rich in produce. If you have a chance, you can visit the island and experience its beautiful scenery.

3.Diaoyu Island

Diaoyu Island, also known as Diaoyu Yu, is the main island of the Diaoyu Islands and its affiliated islands in the East China Sea, an inherent territory of China since ancient times. The island is located in the northeastern waters of Taiwan Province, about 190 kilometers away from Keelung City, Taiwan Province, with a surrounding sea area of about 174,000 of 174,000 square kilometers. In recent years, with the growing strength of the motherland, we have implemented regular patrols of the territorial waters of the Diaoyu Islands.

4. Turtle Island

Gushan Island, located in the northeast sea of Taiwan Province of China, the island is west of Yilan County, Taiwan Province, with an area of 3km². The island is a volcanic island, which belongs to the same category as Weizhou Island in the southern waters of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China. This type of island has a common feature, that is, the land on this island is very fertile. And there are dense forests on the island.

Pengjia Island

Pangchaiyu is located about 56 kilometers off the coast of Keelung in the northern part of Taiwan Province, with an area of about 1.14 square kilometers, and is one of the three northern islands of Taiwan. The largest island in area, the other two islands are Cotton Island and Flower Vase Island. Also the island is north of China's famous Diaoyu Islands, its strategic value is obvious.

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