Some guys have used up all their luck just playing football and have worn away the Serie A golden boot three times.


Mihajlovic's hat-trick of free kicks has been his personal tag, but actually before that, Signore also completed the A hat-trick of free-kicks, the only difference being that Signore's first two free-kicks were scored by his teammates, and for Lazio fans, this is their own memory. For Lazio fans, it's a memory that is all their own.

Mihajlovic can still point the way as Bologna's manager, but Sigurdsson is forever isolated from professional football because of his gambling activities. In the 1992-93 Serie A season, Norrie scored 26 goals in 32 games and wore away the golden boot. 1993-94 Serie A 23 goals in 24 games, reigning Golden Boot; 1995-96, 24 goals in Serie A, with Prodi Tied for the Golden Boot, 3 times best scorer in 4 years is not easy, and the year of the interruption was the world of the god of war, Batty.

In the 1990s, in the "mini World Cup", Signori was called "king" by Lazio fans, which was definitely a reflection of his strength, while Baggio, Vialli and Mancini of the same period were more easily sought after.

Even though the three-time winner of the Golden Boot didn't tell everyone about his grievances, the memory of his youth is always black.

At the age of 14, he had a dream to join the youth training camp of Inter Milan, but during the two years, except for the family photos when the coach would call his name, most of the time the short and skinny Signore didn't even enter into the eyes of the team, obviously, he knew the reason to persuade him to leave.

At the age of 16, he joined Italian fifth division Lefebvre, and it was already a kind of joy to see his name in the list, after all, he had seen no future in the tone of others, 38 games and 8 goals scoring efficiency is obviously difficult to modify with natural talent, but the appearance of having the ball can easily make people forget the troubles of growing up.

From Piacenza to Trento to Foggia, in the wandering six years is the easiest to melt a young man's fighting spirit, especially the first time to join Piacenza in 14 games, surprisingly only scored 1 goal, the outside world to give him the label even more hurtful: "unlike a striker's striker".

He is sticking to the fact that people who don't know what tomorrow will be like can only live in the present, and even if there are crowds sympathetic to him, they will be extras at best, what they want may be distant, but it's better than being the first to surrender, so Zeman's presence is just the right person meeting the right person at the right time.

The Czechs opened up a small kitchen to Signore, pointing out his small skills, because previously Signore scored few goals part of the reason for preferring to stand in the midfield to launch attacks, sometimes the world is so wonderful, and was opened up the veins of both sides of Signore for three consecutive seasons to score a double goal.

Years later, Signore moved to China and said: "Zeman is like my father", and together with the reformed Foca, they made it to the Serie A under the banner of attacking football.

At 23 years old, Signori had the good fortune to be a late bloomer, as Lazio, though not as strong as the top three in the north, had more than enough rookies to go with them in the top flight.

In the competitive world, scoring goals is the safest amulet, but the explosive degree of 26 goals in 32 games is like an unseen "poor boy" where.

In five and a half years, although the Blue Eagles did not touch any championship, but Signorini is undoubtedly the greatest asset, his speed is sharp, sensitive sense of smell, 1.7 meters tall in the penalty area of the overhead shot, outside the penalty area of the arc of the goal all proficient.

Technically speaking he is more like a number 9 and a half, even now look at those highlights, a few glances, it seems like a glimpse of all his efforts.

In Lazio he met Zeman, in addition to deepening the mentor-pupil friendship, mutual understanding, in Lazio he also met Eriksen, Mancini is his dish, so Signori in exile as the identity of the king loan Samp, Samp's "lighthouse" is Montilla, 17 games in 17 games scored 3 goals Signori can not go back to Lazio, but also in Bologna to find a bright master, and is to follow the advice of his good friend Bacho.

He was happy at Bologna, at least he helped his new boss recruit his old teammate Casiraghi, or at least he said publicly that he was "ready to sign a blank contract with Bologna.

With 142 games and 78 goals, Bologna's 6 years of stable upper-middle performance is supported by the impressive figures of Cignoli, who does not have the destiny of a big man. Off the beaten path, he's no longer young, but simple, thorough, and they say people are best when they're just getting to know each other, but Signore was at Lazio and Both Bologna had a long love affair with the confession. Even the emotion of leaving is the same: "It is better to leave of your own accord than to be driven away".

Dignity, which one tries to defend when one is strong, and leaves when one is not, is the most dignified way to preserve it. When Signore was done being a hero, he had a mortal dream, too. At the end of his career, he said: "If I play one more year, I will choose a less stressful and less physically demanding high league", so the 36-year-old opted to play in the Hungarian and Greek leagues, but without Signoli's Bologna and Brescia without Baggio is a different story, a true reflection of the greatness of his spirit at 1.71m tall.

The most recent news about him is that Neymar, who played for Barcelona, asked him for advice on how to take penalty kicks.

A young man who should be free to do whatever he wants, Signori is struggling to do so.

At the top of their game, they should be married to the big boys, Signore and Lazio and so on and so forth.

That's why, after six years in Bologna, Europe's cultural capital, he looks back and feels teary-eyed. This is also the ultimate happiness, he worked hard, he insisted, cash is worth.

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