When eating hotpot, why is there a piece of lettuce under the meat dish? The waiter told you the truth.


Hotpot is a symbol of China, Chinese people have a special emotion for hotpot, north to the desert, south to Hainan Island, whether it is northerners or southerners, most people love hotpot more than any other food. Still Southerners, most people love fondue more than any other food. The popularity of fondue in spring, summer, fall and winter all year round is also inseparable from people's eating habits and social culture, "Nothing is A hot pot can't solve it" is a common saying, which reflects the status of hot pot in our lives. Whether it's a company dinner with colleagues or a family gathering, it's always a good idea to go to a hotpot, with a variety of ingredients to satisfy everyone. The taste buds, so that everyone can eat to their heart's content.

A complete hotpot meal consists of a hotpot base, various dipping sauces, various ingredients for shabu-shabu and alcoholic beverages. Most meals consist of meat, ingredients and mains, although many people also like to have some fruit after dinner to make it a perfect meal. Fondue Feast. Frequent hotpot eaters will notice a phenomenon, some hotpot restaurant waiters will put a lettuce leaf on the plate when serving meat dishes. Many people will ask the question in their mind, why do hot pot restaurants put a lettuce leaf in the plate of meat dishes? Sometimes lettuce leaves are expensive too. So is this piece of lettuce edible? In fact, every time and girlfriends eat hotpot together we will discuss in private, this is also I have always wondered.So with a question finally one day I couldn't help but ask a college classmate who works in a hotpot restaurant, just to know the inside of the "exquisite", down to a total of three reasons, a small lettuce leaf role is not small?Let's share it with you today and take a look~!

First, make the dishes look fresh and beautiful

Usually the ingredients at hotpot restaurants look very fresh and the presentation is especially beautiful, which makes it look particularly appetizing. Most of the meat dishes we ordered were red in color, and with the green lettuce leaves, it would make a bigger visual impact and make the meat dishes look more appealing. It's so fresh and beautiful. As we usually say, "Red flowers need green leaves to set off", in fact, the principle is the same. Therefore, the first purpose of putting a lettuce leaf under the meat dish is to make the dish look fresh and beautiful, leaving a good impression on people. .

Second, it looks like a lot of meat.

We all know that meat dishes are expensive, and hot pot restaurants will put a slice of lettuce under the plate to save money. The color of the lettuce is so bright that it grabs our eyes and dominates our vision and sensibility so that the meat dish looks like it's full of a The big picture, which is actually a kind of blindfold.

Third, covering up the blood.

Usually hot pot restaurants store their meat frozen, and the waiters serve it in batches, so we couldn't eat it all at once, plus The fondue itself will give off heat, and the meat dishes on the table will slowly melt and some of the meat will bleed out. Without this lettuce leaf, the blood will flow out onto the plate, and the red blood will form a brighter color with the white bottom of the plate. The customer will see it and it will affect their appetite, which in turn will affect the dining experience. By placing a leaf of lettuce on the bottom of the plate, this blood will not be as noticeable and will not affect the customer's experience.

Can you eat the lettuce underneath the meat?

I'm sure many of you have asked this question in your mind, is this lettuce leaf on the mat on the plate edible? In fact, this lettuce leaf is edible and we don't need to worry too much about it. We originally paid to eat, so this lettuce leaf is also our money to buy, we want to eat of course we can eat. But there will inevitably be some blood on the lettuce leaves, and some people will mind, so we can decide whether to eat it or not. The most important thing to eat out is to be happy and comfortable.

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