The reason Raven's numbers have gone up every year has to do with three things, in addition to the increase in ball movement


Speaking of Zach LaVine, in addition to one power dunk after another, it's this 'data' has been trending upward every year (below). As you can see from the graph.Points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks.In all five base stats, Raven has increased each season from last season in almost all of them. The reason why the numbers have increased each year, 'ball rights (sports)The increase in the number ofFor example, this season's 20 attempts could rank 8th in the league) is the main reason, after all, it's a waste of time when you have the ability but don't get the opportunity to perform. But goaltending isn't the whole reason.If the increase in goaltending alone is not matched by a corresponding improvement to match that extra goaltending will lead to overall inefficiency, and we see that Lavine's hits have been trending up almost every season. This means that LaVine has other areas of improvement to match this increase in power play. To make this clear we need to run through Lavin's career so far.

The Timberwolves

In 2014, LaVine entered the NBA draft and was eventually selected by the Timberwolves in the first round with the 13th pick. Despite being a 'lottery show'', but there's not too much optimism about Raven's future with the Timberwolves, mainly because of the presence of fellow first-rounder Wiggins, after all, in terms ofinbornsurname Hedevelopmental values, and Lavin is all but invincible to the latter. But down the road in his rookie season, LaVine could get a10.1 points 2.8 rebounds 3.6 assistsThe better numbers. And because of the good performance, LaVine was selected along with Smart, Nurkic, Bogdanovic, and Galloway for 'Rookie of the Year Second TeamThe]Expectations have been exceeded in terms of results, after all, being on the second team means being the best top 10 pick in the draft, and Lavine is only the 13th pick.

The reason for Lavin's good numbers in his rookie season lies in the fact that his own shooting range is very wide and efficient. Let's see.8.8 field goal attempts on 2.6 attempts in the paint at the rim, 0.9 attempts in the non-paint area inside the three-second zone, and 0.9 attempts out of the three-second zone 3.1 shots from mid-range to the three-point line, 2.2 shots from three-point range, and 61.1 percent from the corresponding zone, and 31.8%, 34.9% and 34.1%..

When you can shoot from every area of the half court with good efficiency, obviously it makes it more difficult for the opposing defense to defend!. To be frank, it's hard to let the opponent figure out the offensive set when you can both penetrate inside and shoot outside. Knowing which area to focus the defense on. Of course, the wide shooting range can also stretch the opponent's defensive circle, defensive circle then the overall defensive strength will also come down. It's also because the offense can attract defense, so it's only natural that LaVine was able to dished out 3.6 assists in his rookie season. After all, the prerequisite for creating easier scoring chances for teammates is to be able to attract defenders themselves, otherwise the passing ability is good, but not attracting Defense (They're leaving you open, and they're turning to your teammates to defend you.) also had trouble converting passes into assists.

The next year, instead of decreasing Raven's ball movement increased, despite the addition of another top talent (Towns).Up from 8.8 to 11.7 times.. The reason for the increase lies in the good performance of the rookie season. Of course, LaVine also lived up to the expectations of the management, the end of the season average of 11.7 points 2.8 rebounds 3.1 assistscompared to last season's10.1 points 2.8 rebounds 3.6The assists are steadily increasing and the hitting percentage has also increased from42.2%Up to45.2%..

The reason for the rise in the second year's numbers, in addition to maintaining a wide shooting range, is the improved three-point ability.Under 3.9 field goal attempts, you can hit 1.5 goals with 38.9 percent of your shots, up from 2.2 attempts last season, and 34.1% hitting, 0.7 goalsIt can be said thatmass (physics)surname HenumberAll are greatly improved. The improvement of the three-point ability can be said to have made it further difficult for the opponent to defend.It is also because of the improvement of the three-point ability, which promotes the diversification and efficiency of Lavin's offensive style(chart below).

As you can see from the chart, Raven has improved each season since year two in terms of common scoring patterns, and last season The season has held up well after reaching the league's upper-middle level overall. If it weren't for the improved three-point ability, it's safe to say that LaVine wouldn't have been able to apply every common offense and be able to every season Progress, such as 'progress'.singles (in sports)If there is no outside line to play a hold, the opponent can target the inside line, so this efficiency will not be too high. Of course, it's also because of the improvement of the three-point ability that the offensive efficiency improves. Take 'block and hold (basketball)As an example (Career to individual offense ratio is 34%.If you don't have a three-point ability, the opponent will go for a targeted wrap-up after finishing the block with your teammates 『blocker" instead ofball carrierAfter all, there is no outside, and if you want to score, you can only go inside, and most of the blockers' shots are also on the inside. Having three points is different, the focus of the opponent's defense is definitely on the ball carrier, so being able to draw the opponent out can both increase their own Scoring efficiency can again create scoring opportunities for the blockers.

Of course the variety of offensive styles can also ensure that you can still play well when you have a bad hand or are targeted by the opponent's defense..If the opponent defends outside shooting in this round, you can take an open cut to score without the ball; in the next round, the opponent defends inside, you can take outside spot-up shooting.. Take Kobe Bryant for example, why it's hard to limit his play under half-court offense lies in the wide range of shots and variety of offensive styles, opponents don't It's possible that every zone and every offense can be effectively defended; after all, the number of defenders is only limited to five.

In the third year, Lavin's field goal numbers further increased to18.9 points, 3.4 rebounds, 3.0 assiststhat lies in the still wide shooting range and yet another boost to the three-point ability.6.6 shots from the field can hit 2.6 goals on 38.7 percent, up from 3.9 shots, 38.7 percent last season. 38.9% hitting, 1.5 goalsYou could say it maintainsmass (physics)lower part ofnumberMuch improved. As in the second season, the improved ability to score three points contributed to the overall efficiency.

The Bulls'

In the summer of 2017, in order for the team to make a breakthrough into the playoffs, the Timberwolves traded LaVine and other players from the Bulls for Butler . This trade is a very good opportunity for Lavin to prove himself, after all, this time there is no longer a double "pressure" on the head. The first time I saw him, he was very much expected to become the core of a team. However, as fate would have it, he only played 24 times in his first season with the Bulls due to injury. The first time there was no increase.

The next year, Raven came back strong with a strong field of23.7 points, 4.7 rebounds, 4.5 assistsAnother very big improvement. It's still about the ever-present emphasis on a wide range of shots and the improved ability to make threes to boost offensive variety and efficiency at points.

In his third year, LaVine's numbers further improved to25.5 points, 4.8 rebounds, 4.2 assists. So far this season, LaVine has seen another improvement in his three-point ability from the original.Under 8.1 field goal attempts, you can hit 3.1 balls with 38% of your shot attempts.With quantity and quality, this three-point ability is still at the top of the league. As always, the improvement in three-point ability leads to an increase in offensive diversity and efficiency.

Of course, LaVine's improvement each season is not only on the offensive end of the system but also on the defensive end (below)

As you can see from the chart, Lavine's overall defense has improved each season, especially this season, which has come to the upper-middle of the league . The improvement of defensive ability lies on the one hand in the accumulation of experience and on the other in theenthusiasmon. So far in his career, Raven has had at least three seasons oftruncate",scramble for live balls",jamming shotThe value corresponding to1.6 times, 0.9 times, 5.8 times.Above. Obviously it's good defensive motivation that drives the defensive ability to improve. Whether the defensive effect is good or not, depends more on enthusiasm, light physical conditions good effect is not much. If you complete a steal, no matter how good the physical condition is, it is not as destructive as an active run. Of course, it is also the high motivation of the defense, which promotes Raven every seasonSteals, layups.Both of these numbers are improving.

Throughout his career so far, the reason Lavine's numbers have gone up every year, in addition to the increase in goaltending, has to do with the following three things.

  1. Wide range of shooting and improved three-point ability promotes offensive diversity and overall efficiency
  2. Good aggressiveness on the defensive side of the ball.
  3. chance

These three points are arguably inextricably linked, and if the shot isn't wide or the three points aren't improving, you can't boost the offense with the point Diversity and efficiency gains, it's obviously impossible to keep the numbers going up every year, after all, opponents can target to defend, take a step back. Even if the numbers improve but it's hard to keep improving more each year, this is to address the first point; if the offense alone is improving, and the The lack of progress or even regression on the defensive side of the ball is obviously not going to drive overall numbers either, which is for the second point; if Lavine has been Staying with the Timberwolves would also increase the numbers each year, but not by as much as they are now, with the double-team. The opportunities that LaVine gets are always limited, but not when it comes to the Bulls, LaVine is very much expected to be a central presence.

Writing to the end, Raven's progress, and numbers going up every year also tells us that one cannot succeed without a good opportunity, of course. But it also takes constant effort to get there, just like Lavin's three points are improving every season. I'm still very optimistic about LaVine, partly because it's very young at only 25 years old, but also because of his own constant effort to promote the The improvement of these two factors will not make it impossible to become another star in the league in the future.

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