Boeing JV not participating in US Air Force bid for electric vertical takeoff and landing drones


Boeing joint venture Wisk's 12-rotor Cora all-electric air taxi is not participating in the U.S. Air Force's Agility Prime electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) bid, Jane's Defence Weekly reports.

Wisk CEO Gary Gysin said on June 26 that the company's mission is purely commercial. wisk Spokesman Chris Brown said on June 30 that the company had decided not to participate in Agility Prime The bid is based on a larger goal of bringing air taxis to New Zealand and later back to the United States.

While Wisk could pursue a variety of commercial use opportunities, Brown said it's important for the company to continue to focus on urban The primary goal of providing safe, autonomous travel in the region is important and Agility Prime seeks to establish a A strategy of collaboration with industry and investors to accelerate the deployment of the most promising and practical technologies to the United States has resulted in cost savings and business acquisition. Market Success.

Indian expert: F-35 is a great fifth-generation aircraft, but not for India

Recently India and the F-35 fighter jet and a lot of gossip, the cause is the 2021 fiscal year U.S. "National Defense Authorization Act" amendment mentioned in the plan to market the F-35 fighter jet to India, if the amendment proposal passed successfully then the Pentagon will be in the year to India's official marketing of the F-35 fighter jet.


Armed white Americans with AR-15 assault rifles warn "insurgents" to shoot if they move

Sinai Episenosa, a 19-year-old student from Omak, Washington, is a member of the Antifa Armed Movement, but in Oakland During the mass demonstration, it was deterred by the presence of armed white Americans: a large number of armed white militia maintained order during the demonstration , and all whites with heavy firepower such as AR-15s and M-4 carbines.


How powerful is the Russian 57 mm "grenade launcher"? Hit the M1A2 in the side and singled out Bradley.

On June 24, the armed forces of the Russian Federation appeared on Moscow's Red Square. As a significant military parade, the Russian army is to pull out all the money they can, advanced equipment is to dazzle people .


U.S.-Russian Strategic Stability Group Columbia-class ballistic missile submarine underwater unmanned underwater vehicle

The new unmanned submarine vehicle can be carried by a single soldier and can perform a wide range of commercial and defense missions, including investigations, multi-domain intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, anti-submarine warfare, undersea warfare and mine warfare.


The Libyan conflict or "proxy war"

In view of the evolution of the situation in Libya, as foreign media commentaries have pointed out, the civil war in Libya is apparently a power struggle between the Libyan National Army and the Government of National Unity, but in substance it involves a multiparty game involving extra-territorial powers, and the key to the situation in Libya is neither the Libyan National Army nor the Government of National Unity, but external forces that are inextricably linked to them, and the conflict in Libya has become a "proxy war".


Let's answer this Indian blogger's question: the Type 15 light tank has no rivals

In late June, a poster tweeted a screenshot of a CCTV military report on the Type 15 light tank, which drew dozens of followers . One of the follow-up posts asked: "Does the Indian side have equivalent equipment?".


Boeing JV not participating in US Air Force bid for electric vertical takeoff and landing drones

Boeing joint venture Wisk's 12-rotor Cora all-electric air taxi did not participate in the U.S. Air Force's Agility Prime electric vertical takeoff and landing bid, Jane's Defence Weekly reports.


China has the Longbow Musha-19, but not the Longbow Musha-10, why is this arrangement?

Why did China choose to build the Longbow Wuzh-19 instead of the Longbow Wuzh-10 when it already has the millimeter wave radar for helicopters?


U.S. Special Forces training in Djibouti, three weapons in rotation, maintain readiness level.

The U.S. Army's Special Forces foreign weapons experience shooting Chinese Type 56 assault rifle is listed. The U.S. Army held an amphibious landing exercise in Djibouti to replace the engine of the M1A1 tank.


Li Kaisheng: The Three Kingdoms Game Behind U.S.-North Korea 'Hardball' Game

1. The DPRK is making frequent moves to push the U.S. out of South Korea. Answer:The most direct cause of the series of actions by North Korea is the incident in which the defector group in South Korea distributed anti-DPRK leaflets through balloons.



Potatoes are sweet, salty and flat and should be eaten on a regular basis.

Vinegar or sautéed cabbage first? Chef: It's all wrong, no wonder the stir fry isn't good.

WHO warns of second wave of outbreaks in some countries

Beverley: If James says he'll rematch, we'll all rematch

The summer to send you a dampness recipe: perilla leaf boiled duck

Chimney structure found under Yellowstone super volcano in the US! Scientists: if an outbreak occurs, the damage is great

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