In summer, use it to wrap dumplings, fragrant and tender, 1 yuan a pound, better than leeks and fennel.


It's a great way to get the most out of your dumplings, but it's also a great way to get the most out of your dumplings.

Hello, I'm Silly Sister Food, the only thing in life that can't be denied is good food and beautiful scenery. This summer white kidney beans are particularly cheap, the market many big carts full of beans, there are 5 yuan for 6 pounds, 5 yuan for 7 pounds, it is so Cheap, basically one bag per person, I also bought 10 yuan, home to wrap and dumplings to eat. Today I'm going to share with you how to make dumplings with kidney beans, which is even fresher than leek and fennel.

The white kidney beans are called "old and young" in our local dialect, also known as beansprouts. This name. Kidney beans are the most popular food in my family in summer, and I didn't know you could make dumplings with them. Dumplings, light flavor to promote digestion, children love to eat. First pick and wash the beans, put them in a steamer and steam them until they are cooked for 8 minutes, some people like to blanch them, steaming is better than blanching for taste and nutrition. Not easy to lose, remember not directly chopped to make dumpling filling, not easy to cook, sandwiching raw words will affect health.

Mince the steamed bean curd after it cools, take a small piece of pork and mince it, add some ginger, cooking wine and a little bit of tasty food and mix well. Marinate for 15 minutes to flavor the meat mixture. Beans are less watery, so they must be paired with the pork to make them tasty without drying out.

Pour in the beansprouts, add some salt, voracity, oyster sauce and cooking oil and mix well.

Take a dumpling skin, put the bean curd filling on it, and pinch a dumpling and it's ready, it takes minutes to finish a big pot, you can wrap some more at a time, keep it in the refrigerator, it's very convenient for breakfast, you don't need to get up early, cook a pot of dumplings for breakfast, it's nutritious and fast.

It's a good idea to make your own dumpling skin to make the dumplings more tasty. The taste of the dumplings is greatly reduced. If the skin is broken, it will affect the appearance and taste.

If the skin is too soft, add a little salt to the pot. This will make the dumpling skin strong and hard to break. The next pot to cook 3 open pot, point 2 times cold water will be cooked, many people do not know how long it will take to cook, the easiest way to judge, as soon as you see the The dumplings floated is cooked.

The dumplings are made of bean curd, the skin is strong, the filling is fragrant, you can't even eat 30 of them, they are so delicious. The dumplings are made with kidney beans and leeks, which is more fragrant and fresh.

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you're looking for.

Tips: 1、Steam the beans 8 cooked before mincing into the filling.2、Marinate the pork first for 15 minutes.3、Dumpling filling should be started when This will ensure maximum tenderness of the beans.

This is all for the dumplings with bean curd filling. A bowl of dumplings stuffed with beans is a great way to start a meal in the summer, and it's even better than eating a big meal. What do you think is the most important thing to pay attention to when making dumplings with bean curd filling? Feel free to leave a message in the comments section to share so that more friends can learn and benefit.

How do you eat ginger in the summer and turnips in the winter?

Usually buy a lot of ginger at home, because every day you need to eat, but only a few slices at a time to use, the amount is not large, the rest of the ginger how to save it?


Is it possible that Wu Song drank 18 bowls of wine and two pounds of cooked beef at Jing Yang Gang in "Water Margin"?

Putting aside the concentration of alcohol, the bowls at that time were wide and narrow round table shape, two-thirds of the bowl filled to the height, the actual volume may be only one-half, counting you a large bowl of 300 ml, such as warriors and the like in order to pretend a forced, boldly served may spill out a little, there is still a little bowl smashed to support the atmosphere, may end up in the stomach of the liquor only 100 ml more, the market has 500 ml of beer in glass bottles, 18 bowls only three or four bottles of the amount.


Why do you wear disposable gloves to eat crawfish when your gloves are still intact? The reason is found.

Why do I have to wear disposable gloves to eat crawfish when my gloves are still intact? Summer is here and when the weather is hot, you want to have a barbecue and a cold beer at a stall, preferably with some spicy crawfish. It's a very pleasant life to chat with your friends.


It turns out that eggs are better scrambled with it, cheaper and more productive, and you don't get tired of eating them every day!

Hello, we all know that eggs are one of the most common ingredients in our daily lives, and arguably, one of the most popular. When we think of eggs, we might think of tomatoes scrambled with eggs, or leeks scrambled with eggs or something like that, but there is actually another ingredient that is similar to egg scrambled Together they will be even more delicious, and that ingredient is beans.


It's an art to order four cold dishes for seven people to drink and not be cheap.

7 people about wine, the evening to a restaurant, usually the relationship is very iron, so will not restraint, ordering food will be casual, without too much emphasis on the point A certain personal hobby. Gluten has been mentioned in the Red Room, is rich in protein, and most importantly tastes good, and is paired with a drink, because It's chewy and more comfortable.


Have you had any of Sichuan's top 10 classic dishes?

As a Szechuan, do you know these ten famous dishes?


Tofu stew with fish to do this, nutritious and delicious, pan fragrance overflowing, super simple practice!

Tofu stew with fish, is a family dish that many of us like to eat, in fact, this food with egg tofu to do, the taste is also very good, tofu and then add some pork and mushrooms, so that the tofu stewed fish, not only will have tofu tender, fish delicious, but also with mushrooms rich flavor, to eat that is very good, this family dish is also my home every now and then to do a food.


This appetizer can be prepared in 3 minutes and has a strong taste that goes well with wine and rice.

The gizzard is the stomach of the chicken, not only strong and chewy, but also rich in nutrients, combined with spicy peppers and peppers.


Teach you how to make authentic Cantonese fried rice noodles, the whole "pot gas" full, more fragrant than roadside stalls!

To this end, I will share with you a food is common in Guangdong roadside stalls stir-fried river noodles, the whole non-stick pan river noodles constantly, than the roadside stall is also delicious, if you also want to learn this food, just follow me to learn to learn it, I welcome your criticism and correction.


Teach you to make "ants on a tree" at home, step by step, it is more delicious than a restaurant!

Follow this method to make the ants on the tree, very flavorful, very delicious, vermicelli strong and smooth. Ingredients] Vermicelli, pork belly, red pepper, ginger, garlic, shallots, cooking oil, soy sauce, thirteen spices, chicken broth, cooking salt. .



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