Sudden! Massive riots in Stuttgart, police attacked, shops vandalized


Between 400 and 500 rioters vandalized and looted shops and attacked police cars and officers in central Stuttgart on Saturday night, leaving the city center in total disarray.A police spokesman said the scene was completely out of control at one point. Several German media reported that a dozen violent groups clashed violently with police on the streets of Stuttgart during the night of June 20. Several police officers were injured.

Of the 280 police officers on duty, 19 were injured, one of whom was unable to serve because of a broken hand. In addition, a number of police officers sustained bruises.A total of 40 shops were attacked, nine of which were looted, while jewellery and mobile phone shops were ransacked.A total of 400-500 youths were involved in the riots and 24 people have been arrested. More troublemakers are expected to be arrested given the large number of videos captured and uploaded to social media, which can be used to identify police.

A Stuttgart police spokesman said on Sunday: "The scene was completely out of control." At the same time, the police issued a rather telling statement: "Please be reassured that it was never just the 24 people who were arrested. We have strong investigative methods and detectives and we will bring in experts in crowd identification to arrest the rioters." That night, Baden-Württemberg deployed a large number of extra police officers from across the state to Stuttgart to support the quelling of the riots. The situation calmed down early Sunday morning.

A police spokesman said the rioters vandalized shops and parked cars, including smashing police cars. Some participants also looted a number of shops. The worst affected areas were the Schlossplatz in central Stuttgart and the neighbouring bustling city centre. Shopping street King Street (Königstraße).

German media reported that on the night the riots broke out, Stuttgart police conducted a 17-year-old suspected of being linked to drug offences Inventory. There was also a large gathering of young people attending the celebration. These people suddenly attacked the police, smashed up police officers and beat them up.

The police have now arrested 24 people, 12 of whom are German nationals and the remaining 12 are foreign nationals. Police say the riot was not politically motivated. A large number of police officers were still patrolling the center of Stuttgart during the day on Sunday for security reasons.

There have been several clashes in Stuttgart over the past few weekends. Each time the participants were mostly young men. But none have been as large and as destructive as this weekend.

Baden-Württemberg Interior Minister Thomas Strobl says looting, troublemaking and violent elements will not be tolerated.

Here's a reminder to all the little ones in and around Stuttgart to stay safe!

Kim Jong-un's latest video footage exposed by North Korean media, Kim and Jong sitting in the first row with long hair.

The 14th Expanded Politburo Meeting of the 7th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) was held on February 2, with Kim Jong-un, chairman of the WPK, chairman of the State Committee and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, attending and presiding over the meeting, KCNA reported on March 3.


Crude price war: Putin and Saudi crown prince team up to make a play to kill US shale oil in one fell swoop

Julian Geiger, Senior Fellow at the American Energy Association, said: "I don't think it's a coincidence, it's more than obvious now, Putin and Saudi Arabia are working together as a game, the only victim is the US, the cost line for shale oil is too high, so the price of oil must be maintained to survive. And the high leverage of the US oil and gas companies makes them very vulnerable, it's a Russian and Saudi blitzkrieg against the US, and China is helping them pad their backsides , if not, then many events cannot be explained.


Don't think anyone's gonna condone a riot. The smaller the place, the tougher the attitude. If you cross the border, shoot straight.

The U.S. has a very different take on the ongoing riots, in many places it is condoned, in Seattle it can create an autonomous region, in other places it may be a strong opposition, don't think that anyone will condone the riots, if you briefly understand, the riot activity is now concentrated in the big cities of the U.S. Why is the scale of the riots in the U.S. concentrated in the big cities?


Commentary in Australia's Oceana: Hey Prime Minister, are we really going to war with China?

All Australian Chinese Leadership Group: Maria Chan, Robert Chong, AM, Shirley. Huang, Dickson Mak, Daphne Lowe Kelly, James Leung, Lee Xj Li, Suellyn Lin, Kingsley Liu. Daphne Lowe, Tony Pang, Junxi Su, Tony Tang, Dr. Yen-Yung Yap and Li Zhang;


Uncle and Nephew: Putin's nephew to enter high-profile politics, to become chairman of Russia's People Against Corruption party

According to Russia's Moskovsky Komsomolets on July 4, Vladimir Putin's cousin, Roman Putin, will become chairman of the "People Against Corruption" party and lead his own party into the Russian parliament.


The world's largest fishing boat, a cost of 400 million yuan, see the fishing process, really sweat for the fish

As people's fishing technology has become more and more powerful, you can find that the fishing boats are now bigger and bigger. And today, the editor will give you an introduction to the world's largest fishing boat, a cost of 400 million yuan, to see the fishing process, really sweat for the fish!


Japan's old man walking divine tool, will not fall over the motorcycle, but the original reason for manufacturing is to deliver the takeaway

Of course, for some elderly people or people with very low level of bicycle riding, it is also possible to realize the dream of riding a car, that is, Honda GYRO Daredevil.


Russian girl posts West Lake public toilet to extranet, some netizens rave, jealous?

Our country's rapid development over the years is evident to all, many countries for our China's impression is still stuck in the stage of broken, dirty, chaotic, poor, backward.


News flash! Shooting in central Mexico kills 24, injures 7

The news agency said on the 1st that a shooting occurred in the afternoon of the local time in Irapuato, Guanajuato state, central Mexico, resulting in at least 24 deaths and 7 injuries.


Counting the global epidemic on June 30: More than 193,000 new cases were diagnosed every day in the world and more than 59,000 new cases in the United States.

Overseas, July 1, the United States Johns Hopkins University released real-time statistics show that as of about 6:30 pm Beijing time on July 1, the world's single-day new coronary pneumonia confirmed cases of 193,669 cases, a cumulative total of 1,039,467 cases of new coronary pneumonia cases confirmed, a single-day new cases of 5,445 deaths, a cumulative total of 508,392 deaths.



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