Belarus refuses to buy cheap tactical missiles, insists on developing its own distant fire, and no matter how close the brothers are, it's better to have their own


By all accounts, Russia and Belarus have very close relations, you can say like brothers, and there is a lot of cooperation in the military sphere, but you notice a phenomenon that Belarus does not depend on Russia for everything, for example: when developing long-range strike firepower, Belarus refuses to purchase cheap Russian tactical missiles.

Full system display

The Russian side had been actively promoting Iskander tactical missile system, but in the end Belarus gave up buying Russian tactical missiles and preferred to import technology for self-research, and finally chose the A-200 long-range missile technology and copied it into: Polish Maudin long-range artillery system, which was not only successfully copied, but also further improved and successfully sold to the international market.

Test firing

Belarus has all the conditions necessary to achieve independent research, development and production. Although Belarus is not a large country, with a population of 10 million people, it has a highly developed industry, and in the military sector it has a large number of workers. Belarus has so many advantages that even Russia needs help from Belarus in many projects, and even more so because of its very close military-industrial ties with Russia. Technical links, supported in many ways by Russian enterprises, make it not difficult for Belarus to engage in distant fire technology, perhaps the missing link is A technological starting point, Belarus had not previously been engaged in the development of relevant technologies, and so through the introduction of the AS200 distant flame Technology is addressed.

Launch vehicle

Belarus has its own considerations on the demand, he does not need any too far range, 120-150 km will meet the actual demand, then the long-range rocket technology should be more powerful than the tactical missile, not to mention the actual range of this system can reach more than 280 km, if Belarus independent research and development, then it is possible to increase the range to more than 300 km.

If Belarus introduces it from Russia, then it will be in trouble, Russia still has some restrictions on military exports, whether it is willing to provide a model with a range of more than 300 km, is really a big problem.

Tactical missiles

If Belarus itself on board, then there is no question of the so-called restrictions, the upgrade potential of the A200 system is so great that it can already be used as a complementary ammunition to the tactical missile, Belarus also through the introduction of technology to develop its own tactical missiles, the range can reach 400 kilometers, and perhaps also to include the Russian-made long-range fire ammunition system, at least in the technical sense has been completely feasible.

Belarus's decision is not some redundant, unwilling to draw on its brothers, the two have, after all, been separated and pursued only. It's better to ask for help than to ask for yourself! No matter how good someone else's stuff is, it's not theirs, and what's more, Belarus, through this R&D, is not only addressing its own needs. As it is produced in-house, the cost is very cheap, so much so that it is claimed that the long-range strike can be increased fourfold by 2021. Also successful foreign exports, for example to Azerbaijan, which is very important for its own military industry, the classic buy is not as good as the Zing!


If there are so many benefits, why would the Belarusian side want to import something from someone else? It's better to do it yourself, to put it simply: it's better to have a brother than to be close to him.

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