Thunder vice president of basketball operations Troy Weaver becomes Pistons' top GM pick


According to a report by Marc Stein of the New York Times, they learned that Thunder VP of basketball operations Troy Weaver has become the number one candidate for the new Pistons general manager, and the Pistons are actively working with Weaver to reach a hiring agreement.

The Pistons are currently looking for a new GM to work alongside team senior advisor Ed Stefanski.

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Leonard is not traveling with the team to Orlando and is expected to rejoin in a few days.

Previously the NBA came out with an official rematch program, expected July 31, 22 teams began to focus on the Disney rematch in Orlando, the Clippers is one of the participating teams.


When will "Old NBA Photos" return? The All-Star era in their respective uniforms

In the 1997 All-Star Game, officials stopped using uniform jerseys as All-Star uniforms to avoid duplication of numbers on the All-Star jerseys, instead allowing players to wear their team's jersey with just a pentagram symbol representing the All-Star on the shoulder.


Crawford signs with Nets, will play in Orlando rematch

The Athletic's Shams Charania reports that the Nets have reached an affiliation agreement with free agent guard Jamal Crawford, who will represent the Nets in the rematch, according to sources.


The traditional insider who started high and went from scout to role player - Jalil Okafor

In fact, in addition to these guys, there was another guy in 2015 who was a scouting talent that year, selected behind Towns and Russell, the template for the draft was Duncan, the No. 1 forward in history, who was selected as a best rookie for a while in his rookie year, but started high and fell all the way down to a role player.


NBA announces warm-up schedule: 23rd Clippers open, Lakers open Lone Star game

The NBA has released the warm-up schedule for the Orlando rematch, which begins on July 23 and ends on the 29th. The full schedule is as follows:July 23: 3:00 Magic vs. Clippers.


Durant responds to 4th anniversary of joining Warriors

Durant retweeted BR's "4 years ago KD joined the Warriors, 4 years later the two-time MVP has started a new chapter in the Nets" video, with a smiley face.


Heat's 3rd player tests positive for new crown, has closed training facility

Sun Sentinel follow up reporter Ira Winderman reports that a 3rd Fire player has tested positive for the new coronavirus and the team has shut down the training facility at US Airways Arena.


648! Buffon sets new Serie A record!

Juventus starting goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon wrote a new record in the Serie A "Derby" in Turin on the 4th of April: 648 goals. The Juventus debutant goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon has written a new record of 648 appearances.


Sarri: I managed to convince Dybala to move closer to Crosby rather than this side's half of the pitch

Sarri said: "We knew it wouldn't be easy against Torino, but we took the lead at the start of the game and quickly Just extended the lead. "I think I've managed to convince Dybala that he needs to play a little bit closer to Crosby rather than running back to get the ball back for the Home-side halves.


Inzaghi Jr: Losing Milan had a big impact on our points, injuries and suspensions made rotation impossible

In the 30th round of the Serie A, Lazio lost 0-3 at home to AC Milan, which left Lazio seven points behind leaders Juventus, and the Serie A title was further away from them.



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China Eastern Airlines' first "unlimited weekend flights" expert: filling market gap creates travel demand

More than 33,000 new cases diagnosed in Brazil, more than 1.4 million cases diagnosed in total

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