Su-57 Advanced's official nickname revealed: Super Sukhoi, it's not that simple.


The Su-57 fighter jet, developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau of Russia's United Aerospace Group, is still not in service, and the first production Su-57 is expected to be delivered to the Russian Air Force by the end of this year. The Su-57 fighter jet will be delivered to the Russian Air Force by the end of this year. With the Su-57 not yet in service, Russia's United Aerospace Manufacturing Group is already working on an improved version of the Su-57 fighter jet .

◎ Su-57 flight lab 052 testing the sawtooth tail nozzle.

Russia's Kommersant newspaper has reported that the technical and tactical program of the advanced Su-57 fighter jet submitted by Russia's United Aviation Manufacturing Group (UAMG) has been reviewed and approved by the Russian Ministry of Defense, and that UAMG is now focusing its resources on the development of the advanced Su-57, the first advanced Su-57 fighter jet is scheduled to make its maiden flight in the summer of 2022, while all the design and testing work of the aircraft will be completed in 2024.

“Pictures of Su-57 fighter jets participating in state tests.

The improvements to the advanced Su-57 have been described in detail in military aircraft diagrams before, but the brief summary is that it is a change of aircraft" Products - 30" turbofan engine, replacement of hydraulic actuator with electro-hydrostatic actuator, new display, expansion of airborne weaponry systems these four major improvement items. At present, the technical appearance of the advanced Su-57 fighter has been determined, with the exception of the engine profile, the basic aerodynamics of the advanced Su-57. The shape will be identical to the current Su-57.

There is another interesting detail about the advanced Su-57. The advanced Su-57 is officially called "Su-57 Stage 2", while the Russian military and manufacturers have given it the official nickname "Su-57". Super Sukhoi" (Супер-Сухим). There is no official nickname for the Su-57, but NATO gave it the nickname "Felon", which is the name of the "Super Sukhoi". A malicious nickname, compared to the Russian Defense Ministry's "Super Sukhoi" sounds much more normal.

The first Su-57 production fighter that crashed before delivery

The nickname "Super Sukhoi" is interesting, as it may indicate the Su-27 "Flanker" family, of which the Sukhoi Design Bureau is proud. It's about to officially end after the Su-57 generation. Although the Su-57 is classified as a fifth-generation fighter, the aircraft's aerodynamic layout and design philosophy is still inextricably linked to that of the Su-27. Many people are accustomed to treating the Su-57 as a flattened version of the Su-27, which is not entirely unjustified. If the Su-35 is the "top of the flank", then the Su-57 can indeed be called the "Super Sukhoi". The Sukhoi Design Bureau's next fighter will be an all-new series, after which the flanker series should be finished anyway.

It is planned that the Super Sukhoi will go into production in 2024, and until then the Russian Aerospace Manufacturing Group will supply the Russian Air Force with a limited number of Su-57s in a low production mode.

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The new unmanned submarine vehicle can be carried by a single soldier and can perform a wide range of commercial and defense missions, including investigations, multi-domain intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, anti-submarine warfare, undersea warfare and mine warfare.


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In view of the evolution of the situation in Libya, as foreign media commentaries have pointed out, the civil war in Libya is apparently a power struggle between the Libyan National Army and the Government of National Unity, but in substance it involves a multiparty game involving extra-territorial powers, and the key to the situation in Libya is neither the Libyan National Army nor the Government of National Unity, but external forces that are inextricably linked to them, and the conflict in Libya has become a "proxy war".


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