Summer love this soup, my family eat at least 3 times a week, diuretic summer heat, belly are small!


In summer, I don't have much of an appetite for food, because it's too hot and it's a hassle to cook, so I prefer something that doesn't require frying. The food. So in our part of Fujian Province, the summertime is the most popular time to eat all kinds of small seafood, but it's also the season when the seafood is at its fattest. Plus the price is also beautiful, almost every day table can not be separated from. And today to share with you is the cheapest small seafood in the summer, a pound of as little as $5, buy a pound and winter melon with soup, no! Stir fry without a drop of oil, so you drink comfort, but also diuretic swelling, the belly is also a lot smaller it.

The seafood that I'm sharing with you today is mussels, which are called sea rainbows and mussels in some places, but we call them mussels. It can ensure that the brain and body activities of the nutrient supply, so some people call mussels as "sea eggs". Mussels are rich in protein, which can provide nutrients for the body's growth and development and effectively strengthen the body; they contain a large amount of iodine. It can prevent the occurrence of hyperthyroidism; mussels are rich in iron is conducive to blood replenishment.

Mussels and winter melon is a perfect match, we all know, winter melon can be diuretic swelling, and low-calorie, low-calorie, is one of the best food choice for people who have lost weight, summer if you insist on eating every day, a period of time will find themselves out of the bowels, and fresh breath, and most importantly, the stomach are also small down, so this soup all ages, the price is affordable, do not miss it.

Here, let me tell you the details of how to do it [Winter Melon Mussels Soup].

The ingredients used are: a pound of mussels, a little ginger, and some winter melon.

The mussels should be cleaned, the dirt on the skin can be easily removed by brushing with an iron ball, basically the mussels sold in the market are already soaked, so just buy them and soak them in light salt water for an hour and then wash them.

Then prepare the winter melon, peel the melon, and then cut into thin slices, then prepare the ginger and shallots. As the saying goes, "eat radish in winter and ginger in summer", summer humidity, eat ginger can drive away dampness and cold, especially with seafood to eat is particularly good.

Next, we will be mussels, melon slices and green onions and ginger together in a casserole dish, a one-time fill and materials equal to the level of pure water, covered with a lid and cook.

Mussels are easily cooked, so the winter melon should be thinly sliced, so as to cook at the same time, because the mussels themselves have a salty taste, so even the basic seasoning salt can be ignored, my home in the summer my favorite such quick soup, diuretic but also drainage degrees, the most important health benefits.

This boil on a big pot, melon plus mussels cost but 6 yuan, enough for a big family to eat, than to restaurants are affordable, and health are not too worried about, don't miss the summer.

Summer heat through the heart, so easy to upset; summer heat depletion of fluids so thirsty. Winter melon can treat thirst and urination caused by summer heat. Winter melon contains more carbohydrates and vitamin C. Winter melon does not contain fat, low calories, can effectively inhibit the conversion of sugar into Fat, which prevents the body from gaining weight, is one of the best ingredients for weight loss, so boiling the rind and flesh of winter melon together in a tea is very Nice one, you can try it too.

Well, that's it for today's post, I'm Spirit of Dance Canteen, the original creator in the food field, who has been working to bring the most ordinary Ingredients to make a taste of home. Welcome you to continue to follow me, in addition, this graphic work is the original dance spirit of the small cafeteria, other from the media to carry and steal the picture is strictly prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted.

I love this dish in July! A bite of sauce is better than meat, 10 minutes to prepare, minutes to cook.

A bite of sauce is better than meat, 10 minutes to prepare, minutes of CD! Main ingredients: an eggplant 100 grams of pork pork yam half a root. Ingredients: one spoon of oyster sauce two spoons of soy sauce two spoons of cooking wine two spoons of garlic appropriate amount of pepper appropriate amount of salt appropriate amount.


It's easy to make and store, and I don't believe you can't learn how to do it~!

The main ingredient in today's dish is garlic scapes and goose. It's said that it's been killing people just to distinguish between garlic scapes, garlic moss, vegetable moss, leeks and garlic plants.


No matter what kind of fish you are stewing, add this 1 step before you put it in the pot to make sure the soup is thick and white, but not fishy.

Both Professor Zhang Wenhong and Academician Zhong Nanshan are repeatedly stressing the need to pay more attention to protein in daily life, strengthen Resistance. Here we are using a crucian carp, you can also choose another species, scrape off the scales, remove the guts and gills, clean the carp and cut it into Round and able to lay flat on a plate so it's easier to get the flavor when frying.


For chicken soup, is it better to use a young rooster or an old hen? The chef told you not to get it wrong in the future.

Welcome to this chicken soup stew, using a small rooster or an old hen by Second Sister, chef tells you. This is the article written by Second Sister on chicken stew, better to use a small rooster or an old hen, as told by the chef.


In summer, use it to wrap dumplings, fragrant and tender, 1 yuan a pound, better than leeks and fennel.

Introduction:In the summer, use it to wrap dumplings, fragrant and tender, 1 yuan a pound, than leeks and fennel is also delicious. It's a good idea to use a dumpling skin, put the bean stuffing on it, and pinch a dumpling on it, it will take a minute to finish a big pot, once you can wrap some more. It's a great way to get the most out of your dumplings, but it's also a great way to get the most out of your dumplings.


4 kinds of deliciousness "hidden" in the rice field, not just the rice fish, eat all of them, only the food!

In the countryside, every family will plant paddy fields, and what is planted in the paddy fields is rice, and after the rice is shelled, it is our daily life. Rice to eat. "Hidden" in the rice field of 4 kinds of delicious, not only the rice fish, all eaten, only ate.


It's better than ice-cream to relieve summer heat, and better than ice cream.

A bowl of cold shrimp in the belly, the heat is gone, the whole body comfort, all the heat instantly disappeared, drink cold shrimp, this summer is not a waste of time! . The cold shrimp is more prevalent mainly in Shaanxi, Hubei and Yungui Sichuan, and for those who have never eaten it, listen to its name and think it is shrimp, look at its shape and think it is The mutated tadpole can't get down.


What do you eat in the summer? Try the eggplant mix!

In summer, the local eggplant is on the market, very tender, slightly cold, sweet and belongs to the spleen, stomach and large intestine meridians.


This dish is best eaten in the summer. It's not easy to eat, but it's good for you.

In summer, eat cucumber as eating it, crisp and tender, clear the mind and eyes but also in addition to irritable, now in season. This dish is best eaten in the summer, although difficult to eat, but the body is good, clear the mind and eyes, simple and nutritious.


The best way to make fried noodles, the sauce is so rich, you won't even get tired of it for three days, it's so delicious!

The best way to make fried noodles, the sauce is so rich and delicious that you don't even get tired of eating it for three days. Today I'm going to share with you this fried noodle dish, which is a modified version of Beijing's fried noodles, it's simple and delicious, I think it's the best! The fried noodles, with their rich sauce, were so good that they didn't even get tired of them for three days.



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