Great physical talent, big hands like Leonard's, good kid, Noah Vonleh, has nowhere to go.


Science Narrative.

In the NBA, the highest hall of basketball, everyone has a refined martial art. But it's also a weak class, where there is competition and no mercy. If you don't fight or grab, you will be eliminated. Today's protagonist, he has good physical talent, a great pair of big hands. But with a mild personality and always trying to be the gentleman of the race, he got himself from the bright side to the wooden bridge of life. This man is the Noah Vonleh, who is known as the most promising interior rookie in 2014.

The physically imposing Noah Vonleh.

Adolescent experience

Noah Vonleh graduated from New Hampton High School and was ranked No. 8 on ESPN's All-American High School 13 list. high school. Vonleh averaged 17 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists in his final year and was selected to the McDonald's All-Star Game.

In 2013, Noah Vonleh enrolled at Indiana University and represented the Indiana University basketball team.

In the 2013-2014 season, Noah Vonleh played just 26.5 minutes while not being an absolute force, getting 11.3 points and 9.0 rebounds for the Big Ten Conference Rookie of the Year. Named to the Best Rookie Team and Second Team Best Team.

But with his great physical gifts

Height 2.08

Weight 109 kg

Armspan 7'4

Hand length 24.8 cm

Hand width 29.8 cm

The size of the hand is second only to Leonard.

At the end of his freshman year, not being a major player, he decided to enter the draft.

The mighty Vonleh.

NBA History

The Wasp Experience

Injuries and illnesses. A bad start.

On June 27, 2014, Noah Vonleh was selected with the ninth pick in the lottery by Michael Jordan, the "God" of the Charlotte Hornets' owner's draft.

On July 26, 2014, the Hornets and Noah Vonleh signed a four-year, $11.42 million contract, the last two years of which are team options.

The 2014-2015 season was also unlucky for the youngster, as a hernia was detected four weeks before the start of the new season and required surgery. This cost him his best chance to integrate with the entire team. By the time he was healed games were already being played, and in this case, the manager didn't give him much of a chance to play the entire season on a substitute basis Played 25 games. Averaged 10.3 minutes, 3.3 points and 3.4 rebounds per game.

Trail Blazers experience

Three years of training before giving up.

On June 25, 2015 the Hornets and Blazers named Vonleh in a trade for Batum. And had him play in the Blazers' summer league again, and after the game he was nominated for the best team and was named to the second team of the best team . Averaged 17.3 points and 8.5 rebounds per game.

Also averaged just 15 minutes in the 2015-2016 season despite appearing in 78 games with the Blazers. Get 3.6 points and 3.9 rebounds. But the end of the season Trail Blazers still announced the implementation of his contract option for the next two years.

In the 2016-2017 season, with an increase of two minutes to 17.1 minutes per game, his average minutes also That's 4.4 points and 5.2 rebounds. The performance was also tepid.

After the last year of his rookie contract, the Trail Blazers gave him another 33 games of opportunity, he was a complete disappointment. february 9, 2018 Rina Vonleh and some cash and the Bulls traded for Milivo. Lakovic signing rights.

After 21 games with the Bulls, the Bulls did not renew his contract. They let him test the free market.

New York Knicks and Timberwolves Experience

Chaos... potential... out of the Wolves... and into the abyss.

After a long free agency search in 2018, Vonleh signed with the chaotic Big Apple.

Vonleh still got some chances in New York, and played 25.3 minutes and started him in 57 games, which It's also the first team to give him this many opportunities since he entered the league. He also sort of took advantage of that opportunity, averaging 8.4 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 1.9 assists per game.

At the end of his season in New York, he said to himself: "I can't be on the court, I'm always so humble. The reality is that this is a big problem for him (more on that later).

For the 2019-2020 season I think he made another bad decision to go to the Wolves. Maybe he thought he'd get the same opportunity as New York on such a bad team. But this time he's made a choice that has him falling into the abyss again.

There was infighting in the main Wolves and each went their own way. This resulted in a massive reduction in minutes, with only about 12 minutes of playing time. Averaged 4.0 points and 4.1 rebounds per game.

Finally in the trade with the Nuggets was dumped out as an addition, to where even more no opportunity, playing 4 games of less than 5 minutes each.

Let's take a look at the characteristics of Noah Vonleh and why he's not playing with such a good body:


Vonleh's shooting heat map

Above is a shooting heat map of his best season in New York. He's a bit of a shooter with a bit of range and can take a few shots from mid-range as long as he's leaning on opposing players under the basket who also have a bit of a low-post game. The range also extends beyond the three-point line, which means a player who can take two shots from every place. He also has big hands comparable to Leonard's because of his physical strength, and the ball feels good in his hands, and he can control the ball. And he can shoot with both his right and left hands. He's strong, though he's a little bit lower, and he's going to be a lot more fierce than Randle if he's going to really rush the ball.

His body is thicker, he's not the slender kind, he's thick and long. It's also very handy to play blocker. Can create a thick screen for a defender.

Defensive end.

As I've said before he's a big, physical player, he doesn't just play blocking well, he defends blocking well. And he's a very good defensive blocker, he's a very good defensive blocker, he's got a body across where you basically can't stand up to him.

Plus he's not afraid of confrontation with a strong body, he's a very good slotter and is a special kid who likes to grab rebounds and grab the The don't stop until you get there kind of thing. That's something to appreciate.

Vonleh's defensive efficiency chart

This chart doesn't look very efficient defensively, mostly due to the inconsistency of his late drift. He's still efficient in a stable environment for the Blazers.


First The shooting area is wide but not very hittable, and he can hit a few strong shots down low, but he has to be able to lean on the other team, or he's a little undersized Easy to get capped and can do the blocking but after making space, he can't throw it in. He doesn't have a very good skill set. He's a little short in front of the bigs and a little clumsy in front of the littles.

He doesn't have a high shooting percentage from any distance.

Secondly, his absolute explosiveness doesn't work, which leads to his ability to finish at the rim, which indirectly leads to his ability to close out. And his ball-handling skills and aggressiveness in hitting the basket don't work. This makes him no good at fouling and no deterrent, which makes him inefficient offensively.

Offensive inefficiency leads to a net efficiency of minus-5.1

Vonleh's sparring numbers create no ball-busting, showing his lack of aggression

Thirdly Too simple-minded, the boy was a good kid, kind to others without ever having a conflict in anything, with anyone. Even shouting on the court rarely, this character put well in life. Even Lillard praised him when he was with the Blazers, and whether the coach was yelling at him or his teammates were berating him, he would say yes, got it. But the court is a battlefield, and you have to be bloodthirsty and even tougher. You have to be able to learn both Green's snarl and Randle's rampage. Let yourself burst with energy and passion. You can't use your ferocity on the court anymore, you're still humble and you don't know how to express yourself when you get the chance.

He's actually starting to address that with him in New York, and he's getting into a state of confidence. But the Timberwolves' choice has sent him into a spiral again. It really kind of feels like there's no way out at the end of this season.

I'm going to compare him to Warrior Green based on his size and see where he desperately needs to improve :

Green vs. Vonleh.

I'll compare Vonleh's best season in New York to Green.

First Increase your vision and steadily improve your assist tandem Green has 7.3 assists per game before Vonleh 1.9 times, not to say up to that Green standard, but at least 4-5 times a game.

Second Stabilize your hits and improve your offensive efficiency. Combine your physical strengths with a steady diet of shooting skills. Get the offense and defense into a balanced state. Green has a higher hitting percentage than he does when he takes more shots than he does.

Third Reasonable defense and fewer fouls. He has 2.6 fouls in 7 fewer minutes than Green, as well as Green's. This limits his playing time and indirectly increases the efficiency value of opposing offensive players.

Fourth Learn from Green's passion and stop being too honest on the court to be a good kid. A role player has to learn to be tough and dirty. Always so polite, will be swallowed by the world of the strongest and weakest.


Noah Vonleh needs to make a big evolution and change from his technique and heart. To have such good physical condition and touch, full of potential talent, and let himself go to the point of desperation at only 24 years old, is not something he's really Strength of performance. He needs to make the right choice, a bad team that is willing to give themselves a chance to rebound their strengths better, and put themselves Other weaknesses get strengthened, character has to learn to be strong and brutal on the court. Charge up like Randall, just rush out he faces stardom, continue to be humble and there is no way out waiting for him Leave the league. It's time for you to make your choice - Noah Vonleh.

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