What makes Afghanistan an imperial tomb? American soldiers: all soldiers are poor, so poor they don't fear death


What makes Afghanistan an imperial tomb? GI: Soldiers are poor, so poor they don't fear death!

Afghanistan is geographically very important, at a crossroads, so it is a land of war, and in modern times. The Soviet Union, in an attempt to open up the southern passage to the Indian Ocean, had a bad idea about Afghanistan and wanted to conquer the place, so they sent troops. Afghanistan. In the Soviet plan, it only took seven days to take Afghanistan, and of course the Soviet Union did capture the major cities of Afghanistan, and also The president of Afghanistan was captured, and even then, the country was not fully conquered, leaving the Soviet Union deep in the Afghan war for a decade.

In 2001, the United States launched a war against al-Qaeda and Taliban forces in Afghanistan in the name of fighting terrorism, which in turn was A decade and a half, until 2014, this war on terror officially ended. What kind of a country, Afghanistan, is it that the world's superpowers are fighting so hard that they are even making the great powers' It has been plunged into a desperate situation, known to the world as the "graveyard of empires".

As we often say, "out of poverty comes unruly people", and this is indeed true for Afghanistan. Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world, this place people are poor, as the saying goes "bare feet are not afraid of shoes". And everyone earns more as a soldier in war than the average man, so one fights without a life, and the people are very fierce. Because it's so poor, so poor that no one is afraid of dying.

Furthermore, Afghanistan's terrain is all mountainous, and tanks, planes, and artillery are all much less powerful or even useless here. It's this mountainous terrain that's perfect for guerrilla warfare, so the Afghans play the guerrilla warfare game with these superpowers. Let the country that came to Afghanistan, the consumption is very high, time one game will not last, now the war is burning money.

Another important point is that the political system of Afghanistan, similar to what we had during the Zhou Dynasty, there are hundreds of tribes in the country, on the There are quite literally hundreds of lords, and even if the president were arrested, it would not help, and these tribes would still resist, simply Can't fully conquer this country. Just like the fall of our Western Zhou is the same, even if we kill the king of the Zhou, everyone will just make another one, and the Dog Rong will have to attack the Central Plains, but still have to pass the These off of other vassal states.

So this state of division has caused Afghanistan to be very difficult to conquer for the great powers that have tainted the place.

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U.S.-Russian Strategic Stability Group Columbia-class ballistic missile submarine underwater unmanned underwater vehicle

The new unmanned submarine vehicle can be carried by a single soldier and can perform a wide range of commercial and defense missions, including investigations, multi-domain intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, anti-submarine warfare, undersea warfare and mine warfare.


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In view of the evolution of the situation in Libya, as foreign media commentaries have pointed out, the civil war in Libya is apparently a power struggle between the Libyan National Army and the Government of National Unity, but in substance it involves a multiparty game involving extra-territorial powers, and the key to the situation in Libya is neither the Libyan National Army nor the Government of National Unity, but external forces that are inextricably linked to them, and the conflict in Libya has become a "proxy war".


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