China's 13 most beautiful night scenes, Chongqing Honggya Cave can only rank 6th, how many have you been there?


Do you know what are the most beautiful night spots in the country?

This issue shares 13 of the most beautiful domestic night scenes, Chongqing Honggya Cave can only be ranked 6th, the first deservedly so, take a look, you've been to a few?

No.13.NanchangQiushui Plaza

Nanchang Qiushui Plaza is located on the banks of the Ganjiang River in Honggu Beach New District, across the river from Tengwang Pavilion.

The most famous fountain here, it is the largest musical fountain in Asia. At night, the dynamic lights across the fountain will dance with the fountain, very beautiful, is one of the must-visit attractions in Nanchang.

No.12.NanjingFuzi Temple - Qinhuai Scenic Belt

The Fuzi Temple-Qinhuai scenic belt is centered on the ancient buildings of the Fuzi Temple, with the Qinhuai River within ten miles as the axis.

During the day, it is like an ordinary ancient town in China. But at night, when the lights are on along the river, the Qinhuai scenery is very prominent. Therefore, you should go there before dark to feel the different feelings before and after the lights.

In addition, boating in the Qinhuai River, the first historical and cultural river in China, has become a distinctive tourism brand of Nanjing.

No.11. GuangxiLiuzhou prefecture level city in Guangxi

Liuzhou is a small city in north-central Guangxi, with a history of more than 2,100 years since its foundation. The stone mountains here are peculiar and beautiful, with good cultural and historical landscape and rich tourism resources.

Many people may know Liuzhou because in recent years Liuzhou river dew noodles have become more and more popular online, but in fact, besides river dew noodles! The night scenery of Liuzhou is also top notch. If you are the first to arrive, the night view of Liuzhou at night looks like you are in a first or second tier city in China.

Climb toMa On Shan ParkAt the top of the mountain, you can overlook the whole city of Liuzhou.

No.10.HangzhouQianjiang New Town (Tianjin)

Qianjiang New City is a combination of administrative offices, finance, trade, commerce, tourism, and residential functions, with large public buildings such as the Civic Center, International Conference Center, and Hangzhou Grand Theater, modern office buildings, as well as high-end hotels, shopping centers, and dining and entertainment facilities.

The biggest attraction here is the light show at night, super impressive! Since the 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit, the light show in Qianjiang New City has become a new cultural card in Hangzhou.

The light show is held every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday night at 19:30 and 20:30 respectively.

No.9.Harbinradical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 2)Central Avenue

Central Avenue is a commercial street with a history of over 100 years and is currently the most prosperous area in Harbin.

It is a place of classic European architecture and department stores, and at night the whole street is illuminated with lights, making it a must-visit place in Harbin.

No.8.ChengduKam Lee (common place name)

Jinli is an antique shopping street, where you can not only enjoy the craftsmanship of kneading clay figures and arranging sugar paintings, but also eat all kinds of Sichuan specialties you can think of.

In addition, a variety of teahouses, cafes, bars, inns, and shops specializing in the Three Kingdoms are also open here.

Every night, Jinli will be lit up with red lanterns hanging all over the streets, which is very charming and perfect for photos.

No.7. HunanFenghuang Ancient Town, in Fenghuang County, Xiangxi Prefecture, Hunan, China

The ancient city of Phoenix was built during the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty, and was named after a mountain in the southwest that resembles a phoenix flying on wings.

The ancient city of Phoenix has more than 60 heritage buildings, more than 120 houses of the Ming and Qing dynasties, as well as more than 30 temple Hall Pavilion, of which "Phoenix Nine Views" is the most essential part of the ancient city.

Whenever the night falls, flowing through the ancient city on both sides of the Tuojiang River various shops, inns, streets and lanes will be lit up with a colorful display of lights, very beautiful.

No.6.ChongqingHong Yadong (place name)

Hong Yadong has a history of more than 2300 years and is mainly characterized by the "hanging feet" style of traditional Baroque architecture. Built along the river, it is known as "the epitome of Hayao Miyazaki's fairy tale world".

The daytime and nighttime scenery here is completely different. At night, the Honggya Cave is brilliantly illuminated and you can experience Chongqing's hanging tower culture. You can also see the most beautiful night view of Chongqing from here.

No.5.Xi'anthe great Tang never sleeps

the great Tang never sleepsRelying on the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, it runs through three theme squares: Xuanzang Square, Jingguan Cultural Square and Kaiyuan Festival Square, of which the central sculpture landscape avenue is a 1500-meter pedestrian street running north and south.

At night, the pavilions and pavilions are wrapped by gorgeous lights, showing the imperial atmosphere in a flourishing world, and the ancient and modern picture scrolls.

No.4.YunnanLijiang old town (in Yunnan)

With a history of eight to nine hundred years, the old city of Lijiang is one of the most distinctive types of Chinese dwellings, with its wooden buildings and green tiles, ancient streets and stone alleys, small bridges and flowing water.

It is worth experiencing the night life of the old city. At night, the ancient city is illuminated with lights and bustling with visitors. Walk along the "big waterwheel" into the bar street, where you do not feel that this is a frontier town at all.

Guangzhou 丨花城广场- 海心沙-广州塔

In Guangzhou, the best places to enjoy the night view areGuangzhou Tower, Haixinshasurname HeHuacheng PlazaConnecting the area around the central axis of Guangzhou.

Among them.Guangzhou TowerA landmark of Guangzhou, the tallest tower in China, with panoramic views of the city.Haixinshawas the venue for the opening ceremony of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, which had a beautiful night view and a light show with a small waist here.Huacheng PlazaThere is a man-made landscape lake, a large fountain and a lighted square on the upper part of the building, which is brightly lit at night, and you can also enjoy the impressive night view of the Flower City.

No.2.ShanghaiThe Bund - Lujiazui

have readthe Shanghai Bund or WaitanThe Bund is one of the most symbolic sights of Shanghai. The Bund is one of the most symbolic spots in Shanghai. Especially at night, dozens of buildings on both sides of the Huangpu River are brilliantly illuminated in European and American style, which is especially beautiful under the various lights. It's perfect for a nighttime stroll.

Across the river from the BundLujiazui district of Beijing, formerly Lujiazui countyIt is one of the leading financial districts in China and abroad, with a collection of high-rise buildings such as the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Shanghai International Convention Center and the World Financial Center. . At night, standing on top of a high-rise building, overlooking the brightly lit night scene, you will feel the modernity of a first-tier city even more.

No.1.Hong KongVictoria Harbour

Victoria Harbor as the largest seaport in Asia, the night view is rated as one of the "world's top three night scenery", was the United States "National", and the night view of the Victoria Harbor is also rated as one of the "world's top three night scenery". Geography magazine listed as one of the "50 must-see attractions of life".

Victoria Harbour during the day blue sky, white clouds and blue water, small boats and 10,000 tons of giant ships in and out of the harbor, at night is even more brightly lit, creating " The Pearl of the Orient" has a magnificent night view of the city. The "Symphony of Lights", a large-scale light show, will be staged every night and is the main venue for fireworks displays in Hong Kong.

Harbour City Observation Deck - "Maritime Views".It is the best place to enjoy the beautiful views of both sides of Victoria Harbour.

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