A small South African hippo sleeps in a unique position, floating on all fours, more comfortable than a kudzu?


  Kruger National Park.It is the largest safari park in South Africa, where elephants, lions, leopards, hippos, rhinoceroses and other exotic animals and birds are distributed, attracting many. Tourists and photographers can take pictures of the various habits of animals in the park. In the Kruger National Park in South Africa, a photographer once photographed a baby hippo in a unique sleeping position, which is different from other hippos. Floating on all fours in a big sleep.

  According to the photographer, when I first saw the little hippo sleeping like this, I was worried that it had lost its life, because from a distance, theThe hippo is on all fours on the water.The fact that it was floating motionless was worrisome.

  It was only when it took a few minutes for the little hippo to roll over again that we learned that the little hippo was trying out a new sleeping position, unusually funny, this little hippo always rolls over again after a few minutes, then proceeds to expose his limbs to the water, lying on his back.A little pink belly enjoying a sunbath.The hippo is more comfortable lying like this than Kudzu? Maybe it's just a little hippo being playful.

  In the animal world.The hippo is a semi-aquatic mammal.Therefore, the hippo's habitat is usually in shallow lakes, rivers and marshes, but during the day, the hippo prefers to sleep in shallow water or occasionally on the dense mudflats.

  If the water is deep, the hippo will submerge his whole body into the water, with only his ears, eyes and nostrils exposed, so that he can not only breathe normally, but also detect danger in time without being noticed by his enemies, and in addition to being safe and cool, the water also helps support his large and heavy body, making him walk freely in the water.

  This little hippo is very active, constantly rolling over in the water and occasionally disturbing his companions, appearing to be a mischievous Hippopotamus. But don't be fooled by the dumb, dumb, dumb little hippopotamus.The hippo is also a very unpleasant animal.The hippopotamus has a temperament that is unpredictable and unusually aggressive, and there is always a mare near the hippopotamus, who becomes very vicious and will attack any creature that comes near the hippopotamus in order to protect it from injury by allowing it to move only within visible range!

  Focus on the six-dimensional nature... and let nature take its course!

Shanxi Yan'an: Mengmenshan in the Yellow River during the flood season

Located in the riverbed of the Yellow River valley floor, 5 km downstream of the Hukou Falls, two shuttle-shaped boulders tower over the rapids. Two islands have been formed in the center of the river, and this is Monmonzan, which is known as the "Stirrup of the Nine Rivers. In the flood season, the Mengmen Mountain stands upright against the rushing yellow torrent, allowing the water to flow all year round.


China's most beautiful heavenly road, a must-drive route of a lifetime, picturesque scenery!

At 5,476 kilometers long, it is the most beautiful driving route in the world. Source Photo Tribe Mr. Wang. The mountains are windy, the climate is ever-changing, the sky is full of clouds and mist, and it is as beautiful as a wonderland.


Pakistan is not what you think it is, and through these pictures, I have to reacquaint myself with it

The Potohar plateau is significant to Pakistan for a variety of reasons, the most obvious being that it is the capital of Pakistan Home of Islamabad: When you think of Pakistan, you immediately think of flying dust and flowing sewage. Islamabad is a modern city and full of lush greenery.


It is the only World Heritage Site in Xiamen, and as a 5A grade scenic spot, it is worth visiting for free.

In my impression, Xiamen is a very attractive city in terms of both natural beauty and cultural charm, and the city is really clean, fresh air and flowers, making it a pleasant place to live.


China is so big, I just want to go around!

Driving around China in a van, has travelled 24605 km, day 112. There are a lot of fishermen here, even more so at night, they are all fishing for cows' tails, as they are called in the area, which look like cows' tails.


When there are no more tourists on Gulangyu Island

The epidemic is still not completely over, there are not many people visiting Gulangyu Island, from Sanqiutian Pier to Gulangyu Island, the sea breeze greeted us, there are no bustling crowds on Huanhai Road, most of the restaurants on Longtou Road are also not open, there were long queues of Lin's mochi, Turkish ice cream, pony brother toast have disappeared, there are net-famous Zhang San crazy also closed.


Three Gorges Family's Top 10 Attractions

During the live broadcast, netizens followed our footage and visited the Three Gorges People's Home.


The first time I met with a girl in the middle of the night, I thought I'd go to a party.

Guizhou has more places of interest in the mountains and rivers, but there are also ancient towns, but in the southwest, the ancient towns in Guizhou are just few and far between, rarely with more than 1000 years of history of the ancient town. Guizhou and an ancient town popular, known as southeast Guizhou "small Xi'an", tickets free less known.


From Xinyang altitude of 68 meters above sea level, to Tongbai Tai Bai pole top 1140 meters, look at the scenery floating in the clouds.

Xinyang Shihe Wuxing Street, 68 meters above sea level, about 85 kilometers from Tongbai Huaiyuan Scenic Area to take 312 State Road. A group of several people, basic travel strategy, seven o'clock in the morning from the sea level 68 meters of Wuxing Street departure.


Where's the real "Utopia"? The original is hidden in Chongqing, the county seat, the netizen: too dreamy!

Since the beginning of school, I believe that many people are full of longing for the Eastern Jin literary scholar Tao Yuanming's "Peach Blossom Spring", which uses 395 words to depict a lifestyle that many people aspire to, where there is no noise, can leisurely enjoy their own beautiful life, but is there really a Peach Blossom Spring in real life?



Homemade one "as intended to open the screen", the cost of only 3 dollars, the Dragon Boat Banquet guests times have face!

Hundreds of Chechen gangs wandering the streets with AK47s! French city turned battlefield, self-inflicted?

He doesn't need to be a role player.

How does China counter India's border 'trouble'?

The world's largest "water village" where boats are the only means of transportation and the biggest problem is getting to the toilet.

You don't have to check your blood work to know what you're missing and how to make up for it. It's recommended to keep this list.

U.S. Virus Carrier is in trouble again: fighter jet crashes into the sea! The show in the Philippines ended in tragedy.

Passion fruit tastes best in the summer! Study: it also reduces insulin resistance

The Three Provinces, a place with a story to tell, Qingmuchuan Ancient Town, Chengdu, Lanzhou, the first stop on the tour

U.S. Virus Carrier is in trouble again: fighter jet crashes into the sea! The show in the Philippines ended in tragedy.