8 Romantic Towns Couples Must Visit When They're Out and About


1. Zhejiang - Xitang

The thousand-year old Xitang never lacks poetry.

Smoky corridors, white walls, grey tiles, still water like a mirror.

Xitang Township, which is part of Jiashan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province

Xitang Town is located in the water network area of the Hangjia Lake Plain, which belongs to the East Asian monsoon area on the southern edge of the northern subtropics.

Xitang has a long history, and is one of the birthplaces of ancient Wu and Yue culture, one of the six major ancient towns in Jiangnan, and a thousand-year-old water town of Wu local culture.

During the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods, it was the border area between Wu and Yue, known as "Wu-root and Yue-jiao" and "Yue-jiaojia".

May 24, 2018, West Pond named in Top 50 Most Beautiful Small Towns with Special Features

2. Jiangsu--Zhouzhuang

The winding and changing alleys, the winding and straight bridges

Clear, cool running water, intricately placed homes

The poetic Zhouzhuang seems to be described only in poetic words

Zhouzhuang is located in the southeast of Suzhou, at the junction of Kunshan, Wujiang and Shanghai.

Surrounded by water, Zhouzhuang Ancient Town is a town surrounded by rivers, with streets based on water and a city based on streets.

The well-shaped river channel is well preserved with 14 ancient stone bridges built in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.

More than 800 aboriginal families live on the river, and more than 60% of the houses still preserve the architectural style of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

The main attractions of Zhouzhuang Ancient Town are Fu'an Bridge, Shuangqiao, Shen Hall, etc.

3. Hunan--Phoenix Ancient City

A green hill holding the ancient city, a bay of water around the city through the

A row of small dangling towers, a stormy old city wall.

Phoenix is so romantic it makes your heart race.

Fenghuang Ancient Town, located in the southwest of Hunan Province's Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, is a typical ethnic minority inhabited area.

It is one of the top ten cultural heritage sites in Hunan, and was once praised as the most beautiful small town in China by New Zealand writer Louis Avery.

It is comparable to the ancient cities of Lijiang in Yunnan Province and Pingyao in Shanxi Province, and enjoys the name of "Pingyao in the north and Phoenix in the south".

4. Yunnan--Lijiang Old Town

It's full of romance, happy stories.

A walk through the old city feels like a flower and a tree.

Ancient green stone slabs, looking up to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

It's the most serene romance you'll ever feel.

The ancient city of Lijiang is located in the middle of Lijiang Dam, on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, in the ancient city of Lijiang, Yunnan Province.

The streets of Lijiang's ancient city are paved with red conglomerate rocks, with attractions such as Sifang Street, Mufu and Wufeng Lou.

The ancient city of Lijiang is distinctive for its colorful local ethnic customs and entertainment, Naxi ancient music, Dongba rituals, divination culture, ancient town bars, and the Naxi fire festival.

The Old Town of Lijiang embodies the achievements of ancient Chinese urban construction and is one of the distinctive types of Chinese dwellings with distinctive characteristics and styles.

5. Zhejiang - Wuzhen

Houses live near, on and across the water.

A pool of willows in the wind, pear trees by the moon.

Wuzhen is poetically obscure and elegant.

Wuzhen, Tongxiang City, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, is located in the "Golden Triangle" of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, the hinterland of the Hangjia Lake Plain.

Wuzhen is known as "the last home of the pillow" in China, with a history of 7000 years of civilization and 1300 years of town building.

It is a typical ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River in China, known as "the land of fish and rice and the capital of silk".

With a history of 6,000 years, it is one of the 20 National Golden Week scenic spots and the six major ancient towns in Jiangnan.

6.Sichuan--Lanzhong Ancient Town

The pattern of Tang and Song, the style of Ming and Qing

Old streets, old courtyards, old houses and old trees all in one.

The human environment is a wonderful place to live.

Langzhong Ancient City, a thousand-year-old ancient county, the hometown of Chinese Spring Festival culture, one of the four ancient cities of China.

Levant ancient city is located in the northeast edge of the Sichuan basin, the middle reaches of the Jialing River, for the ancient Ba state Shu state military town.

The ancient city of Langzhong has 8 national key cultural relics protection units such as Zhang Fei Temple, Yongan Temple, Wulong Temple, Tengwang Pavilion, Guanyin Temple, Baba Temple, Dafo Temple, Chuanbei Dao Gongyuan, etc..

There are 22 provincial-level cultural relics protection units such as Shaojiawan tomb complex, Wenbi Pagoda, Shishiguan cliff statue, Leishen Cave cliff statue, Niuwang Cave cliff statue, the site of the Red Fourth Front Army General Political Department, and Huaguang Building.

7. Anhui--Hongcun

The high horse-headed wall

lit. clear lake with lotus flowers and a rainbow of bridges

How many people have been touched by this ink painting?

Hongcun is a world cultural heritage and a national AAAAA level tourist attraction.

Hongcun is located in Yixian County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, and is one of the two most representative ancient villages in the southern part of Anhui Province.

With the idyllic scenery like a paradise, the well-preserved village form, the exquisite craftsmanship of Huizhou residential houses and the rich and colorful historical and cultural connotation. It's known throughout the world as "The Painted Village."

8. Jiangxi--Wuyuan

A fuzzy veil of mist floating between the landscape.

Quaint residents, stone paths, bridges.

surrounded by green hills and lakes

It's all transparent with the charm of a school of ink painting.

Wuyuan County, located in the northeastern part of Jiangxi province, at the border with Anhui and Zhejiang provinces.

It is known as "half a mountain and half a field, half a waterway and half an estate".

Wuyuan represents Huizhou culture, known as "Book Township" and "Tea Township", is a famous cultural and ecological tourism county in China, and is honored as "the most beautiful village in China".

If you want to be with someone, go for a spin!

Shanxi Yan'an: Mengmenshan in the Yellow River during the flood season

Located in the riverbed of the Yellow River valley floor, 5 km downstream of the Hukou Falls, two shuttle-shaped boulders tower over the rapids. Two islands have been formed in the center of the river, and this is Monmonzan, which is known as the "Stirrup of the Nine Rivers. In the flood season, the Mengmen Mountain stands upright against the rushing yellow torrent, allowing the water to flow all year round.


China's most beautiful heavenly road, a must-drive route of a lifetime, picturesque scenery!

At 5,476 kilometers long, it is the most beautiful driving route in the world. Source Photo Tribe Mr. Wang. The mountains are windy, the climate is ever-changing, the sky is full of clouds and mist, and it is as beautiful as a wonderland.


Pakistan is not what you think it is, and through these pictures, I have to reacquaint myself with it

The Potohar plateau is significant to Pakistan for a variety of reasons, the most obvious being that it is the capital of Pakistan Home of Islamabad: When you think of Pakistan, you immediately think of flying dust and flowing sewage. Islamabad is a modern city and full of lush greenery.


It is the only World Heritage Site in Xiamen, and as a 5A grade scenic spot, it is worth visiting for free.

In my impression, Xiamen is a very attractive city in terms of both natural beauty and cultural charm, and the city is really clean, fresh air and flowers, making it a pleasant place to live.


China is so big, I just want to go around!

Driving around China in a van, has travelled 24605 km, day 112. There are a lot of fishermen here, even more so at night, they are all fishing for cows' tails, as they are called in the area, which look like cows' tails.


When there are no more tourists on Gulangyu Island

The epidemic is still not completely over, there are not many people visiting Gulangyu Island, from Sanqiutian Pier to Gulangyu Island, the sea breeze greeted us, there are no bustling crowds on Huanhai Road, most of the restaurants on Longtou Road are also not open, there were long queues of Lin's mochi, Turkish ice cream, pony brother toast have disappeared, there are net-famous Zhang San crazy also closed.


Three Gorges Family's Top 10 Attractions

During the live broadcast, netizens followed our footage and visited the Three Gorges People's Home.


The first time I met with a girl in the middle of the night, I thought I'd go to a party.

Guizhou has more places of interest in the mountains and rivers, but there are also ancient towns, but in the southwest, the ancient towns in Guizhou are just few and far between, rarely with more than 1000 years of history of the ancient town. Guizhou and an ancient town popular, known as southeast Guizhou "small Xi'an", tickets free less known.


From Xinyang altitude of 68 meters above sea level, to Tongbai Tai Bai pole top 1140 meters, look at the scenery floating in the clouds.

Xinyang Shihe Wuxing Street, 68 meters above sea level, about 85 kilometers from Tongbai Huaiyuan Scenic Area to take 312 State Road. A group of several people, basic travel strategy, seven o'clock in the morning from the sea level 68 meters of Wuxing Street departure.


Where's the real "Utopia"? The original is hidden in Chongqing, the county seat, the netizen: too dreamy!

Since the beginning of school, I believe that many people are full of longing for the Eastern Jin literary scholar Tao Yuanming's "Peach Blossom Spring", which uses 395 words to depict a lifestyle that many people aspire to, where there is no noise, can leisurely enjoy their own beautiful life, but is there really a Peach Blossom Spring in real life?



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