Xi Jinping meets with Michel and von der Leyen


Xi Jinping meets with European Council President Michel and European Commission President Von der Leyen

BEIJING, June 22 (Xinhua) -- President Xi Jinping met with European Council President Michel and European Commission President Jean-Pierre von der Leyen by video in Beijing on the evening of June 22.

Xi pointed out that since the outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia, China and the EU have been supporting and helping each other. China is willing to work with the EU to promote a more stable and mature relationship between China and the EU in the "post-epidemic era" and to move to a higher level.

Xi Jinping stressed that China is both an ancient country with a long history and a dynamic developing country. China wants peace, not hegemony. The starting point of all our policies and work is to enable the Chinese people to live a happy life. We will remain steadfast on the path of peaceful development. China is an opportunity, not a threat. China will continue to deepen its reforms and expand its openness, which will provide Europe with a new round of cooperation opportunities and room for development. China is a partner, not an adversary. There is no fundamental conflict of interest between China and Europe; cooperation is far greater than competition, and consensus is far greater than differences. The two sides should respect each other, seek common ground while reserving differences, reconcile but not disagree, continuously enhance mutual understanding and trust, expand common interests in cooperation, and develop mutual cooperation in the future. The China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership will be more influential in the world.

Xi stressed that the world is undergoing profound changes under the impact of the epidemic, facing more instability and uncertainties. I have said that we should strive to nurture new opportunities in the midst of crises and open new horizons in the midst of changes. This applies to China-EU relations as well. As the world's two major forces, two major markets and two major civilizations, what China and Europe advocate, what they oppose and what they cooperate with is of global significance.

China and Europe should be the two major forces for maintaining global peace and stability. China is willing to engage in exchanges with the European side on major issues and believes that the European Union will continue to move forward in the direction of unity, stability, openness and prosperity. We are pleased to see the European side making constructive contributions to international peace and stability, and are ready to strengthen strategic cooperation with the European side to jointly address global challenges.

China and Europe should be the two major markets for global development and prosperity. The economies of China and Europe should play the role of the "twin engines" of the world economy, drive the recovery of the world economy and jointly support the resumption of work in a scientific and orderly manner. Resumption of production, strengthening macroeconomic policy coordination, and maintaining a stable and smooth supply chain for the global industrial chain. The two sides should keep their markets open to each other, speed up negotiations on the China-EU Investment Agreement, strengthen China-EU cooperation in the green and digital sectors, build a green economy, and promote the development of the Chinese economy. Development partners. The parties should strengthen their trilateral cooperation with Africa.

China and Europe will be the two major civilizations that adhere to multilateralism and improve global governance. Regardless of the changes in the international situation, China will stand by multilateralism and adhere to the concept of global governance based on mutual consultation and sharing. China appreciates the European Union's firm commitment to multilateralism, its participation in international cooperation in the fight against epidemics and its increased commitment to international institutions such as the World Health Organization. The European Union will strengthen coordination and cooperation on major international and regional issues, enhance dialogue and cooperation on global public health governance and promote the building of human health. Healthy Community.

I am willing to maintain close communication with the two presidents to push forward a series of major political agendas between China and Europe and to push China-EU relations to a new level, Xi stressed.

Michel and von der Leyen said that as the world's two largest economies, Europe and China have a dynamic relationship. At a time when the world is facing great uncertainties, only international cooperation can address global challenges, and only dialogue and consultation can resolve conflicts. The European Union is ready to work with China to eliminate regional instability. The European Union is willing to engage in a strategic dialogue with China in a frank and sincere manner in order to expand consensus. The European side is willing to strengthen cooperation with China on vaccine research and development and the resumption of work and production, expand the scale of bilateral trade, and promote green low-carbon and digital economy. Make further progress in cooperation in a wide range of areas and conclude a Europe-China investment agreement as soon as possible in order to overcome the impact of the epidemic as soon as possible and promote the recovery of the world economy. The European Union is committed to multilateralism and is ready to work with China within the frameworks of the United Nations, the World Trade Organization and the Group of Twenty (G-20). The European Union is committed to multilateralism and is ready to work with China within the framework of the United Nations, the World Trade Organization and the Group of Twenty (G-20) on issues such as public health and safety, public health and the environment. We will strengthen coordination and cooperation on major issues such as climate change, sustainable development and trilateral cooperation with Africa. The European side is willing to work with China to promote the success of the major political agenda agreed by Europe and China.

Wang Yi and He Lifeng attended the meeting.

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