Astronaut spacewalks are about to bring upgrades to the International Space Station


According to media reports, the International Space Station (ISS) is an incredibly high-tech spacecraft. It's loaded with so much advanced equipment that it's practically a floating science lab.Like any machine, however, it needs some maintenance and repair from time to time, and the upcoming spacewalk will provide ISS with some much-needed upgrades.

NASA has just unveiled its latest spacewalk program. The first will be held on 26 June and the other on 1 July. On both walks, the astronauts were tasked with replacing old and outdated batteries with new, high-capacity ones. Both spacewalks will be conducted by NASA astronauts Chris Cassidy and Robert Behnken. Proceed.

ISS requires a lot of energy and for this it is equipped with a solar array to generate energy. However, because the space station orbits the Earth more than ten times a day, it is often shrouded in Earth's shadow. During those dark moments, the station maintains a steady supply of electricity from the power stored in its batteries. The old, outdated NiMH batteries, however, need to be replaced with new lithium-ion batteries, a project that began three years ago.

NASA describes.

The spacewalking astronauts will replace the two power channels in the space station's far-right plate truss (S6 truss) with new lithium-ion batteries Aging nickel-metal hydride batteries, while the new batteries were delivered to the space station by a Japanese cargo ship last month. The battery replacement became the culmination of an energy upgrade during spacewalks that began in January 2017.

Ensuring that the space station has a fully functional power system is essential not only for the scientific research being conducted there, but also for living there. The well-being of the astronauts is also crucial. ISS has been orbiting the Earth since the late 1990s, and due to the need for regular upgrades and maintenance it still has sufficient The life.

Currently, the ISS is expected to continue to operate and is estimated to continue to host astronauts until at least 2030.

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