Fresh and not greasy 10 home-cooked food, simple and nutritious but also special rice, super easy to learn Oh!


Pan-fried tofu with fish flavor

Ingredients.Tofu; pork; 3 green onions; 1 large piece of ginger; half a head of garlic; about 10 pickled peppers; soy bean paste; sugar; vinegar; a little bit of soy sauce; a little bit of water starch.


1, tofu cut into cubes, use kitchen paper towels to dry as much water as possible; pan fry in oil until golden brown on each side, serve and reserve.

2, in a pan with some oil, slightly sizzling ginger, garlic, pickled peppers and half of the onion.

3, then stir-fry the pork until browned, add the PI beans and stir-fry until the appearance of red oil.

4. then add the sugar, stir in the light soy sauce for a little longer, add some more water and bring to a boil.

5: Let the tofu cook for a while, then stir in most of the remaining scallions.

6, thicken with water starch, turn off the heat, add vinegar, taste to adjust, pan, and finally sprinkle some green onions on the surface on it!

Lotus root balls with fish flavor

Ingredients.minced meat (half fat and lean) 200g, young lotus root (minced) 200g, 1 egg about 45g, salt, chicken powder 4g 1g, ground ginger, green onion 6g each, pepper 2g, dry starch 8g, pickled pepper, garlic (minced) 25g 15g, soy sauce, sugar, vinegar 6g each, 4g, cooking wine, fresh stock 6g, 1 small bowl, water starch to taste, salt little, cooking oil to taste.


1. Peel the lotus root, wash and chop it into small pieces, squeeze out some water (do not squeeze too dry); beat the egg and mix well; add ground meat and salt. Starch, chicken powder, pepper, ginger, green onion, stir well; let the lotus root puree stand for 10 minutes.

2. Prepare the soup, starch, soy sauce, sugar and vinegar into a sweet and sour sauce; heat the oil in a pan, turn the heat to medium, use your hands to grasp a pinch of lotus root puree. Shake your hands back and forth to form the lotus puree into a ball and when it is golden brown in the frying pan, remove from the oil and drain.

3. Leave the right amount of oil in the pot, add the garlic, pepper and stir fry to get a fragrant aroma; then add the lotus root balls, add salt, sweet and sour sauce, stir fry evenly, add Add salt and starch and cook until the stock is thickened, sprinkle with green onions and serve.

3、Mix with pig's ear

Material.300g pig's ear, 200g pickled vegetables, 5g soy sauce, 3g vinegar, 1g MSG, 5g shallot, 6g ginger, 10g cooking wine, 1g star anise


1. peel and wash the onion and ginger, respectively, cut the onion into segments, slice the ginger and reserve.

2. Wash the pig's ear, scrape the skin with a knife, and tweeze off the hair.

3. boil the pig's ears in water, rinse them and pour off the water.

4. refill the pot with water, add sliced onion, ginger, wine, star anise and pig's ear, bring to a boil over high heat, turn to medium heat and cook.

5. remove from heat, cool and cut into thin strips, place on a plate.

Wash and cut the pickled vegetables into fine shreds; put the shredded pickled vegetables on top of the pig's ear and mix with all kinds of seasonings.

Four, home-style version of pickled fish

Material.750 grams of frozen snapper meat, 1 cilantro, some oil, 1 packet of pickled fish seasoning, 1 piece of green onion, 1 piece of ginger, 1 tablespoon of wine.


1. put the snapper meat in cold water at room temperature in advance to thaw naturally, wash, drain, chop green onions, ginger slices

2. cut the fish into larger coins thin slices, buy the spice packet with three packets of ingredients, one for marinating the fish, one for Sauerkraut, one packet for the soup.

3. Fish fillets on a plate, add 1 spoon of wine, add the bacon buns, scratch well, marinate for 5 minutes.

4. Add oil into the pan and heat, add the green onions, ginger, stir-fry the sauerkraut.

5. add the boiling water, then add the stock, bring to a boil and simmer for 5 minutes to cook the sauerkraut, remove the sauerkraut to a pot

6. Bring the soup to a boil in a pot, shake the fish fillets into the pot, bring to a boil, cook for 1-2 minutes, turn off the heat.

7. Pour the fish fillets and soup over the sauerkraut in the pot and add the parsley.

Yuanbao braised pork


600g streaky pork, 15 quail eggs, 2 tbsp rock sugar, ginger, green onion, star anise, peppercorns, white wine, cooking wine, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce.

concrete practice

1. slice the ginger, tie the onion into knots, and cut the pork into cubes.

2. pot of water into a small half a pot, add a little pepper, pour in the amount of white wine, into the pork, blanching to remove blood, drain and rinse

Put half a pot of water in a small pot, add the quail eggs, cover the pot, cook for five minutes, turn off the heat, continue to stew for three minutes to get out.

4. Add the oil in the pan, add the pork, fry until golden brown, serve.

5. pot of oil, the star anise, ginger stir aromatic, then the pork into the pot, pour in the amount of wine, soy sauce, soy sauce, stir-fry Once colored, add the green onions and shelled quail eggs, pour in a small pot of water, so that the surface of the water covers the pork, cover the pot with a lid and cook on high heat Turn the heat to low and let it simmer for an hour, then add two tablespoons of rock sugar and reduce the sauce over high heat.

Steamed Potatoes with Pickled Pork

main ingredients (in a cooking recipe)

Potatoes, ground meat, salt, ginger, garlic cloves, bell pepper, peppercorns, chicken broth, soy sauce, green onions, cooking oil, starch


Wash the pork and chop it into mince. A spoonful of starch, a spoonful of light soy sauce and mix well. Chop the chili, onion, ginger and garlic.

2、Peel and slice the potatoes, put them into a plate. Heat a pan in the right amount of cooking oil, add the meat drippings and scatter.

3, stir fry until the end of the meat yellowish add onion, ginger, garlic, pepper and pepper stir fry aroma, respectively, transfer a spoonful of salt, chicken, soy sauce and stir fry evenly off the fire.

4, the end of the fried meat into the potatoes on top. Steam for 20 minutes in a hot water pot.

7、Spicy Carp

Material.Carp, spicy sauce, cooking wine, pepper, abalone sauce, sugar, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, green onion, ginger, garlic.


1, First clean the fish: wash, drain and make a few cuts in the fish to make it more flavorful.

2, first marinate with wine, pepper, abalone sauce.

3, then hot pan, put ginger, garlic stir aroma, put the fish, fry until brown, remove.

4, add spicy sauce stir-fry.

5, the water, under the fish, sugar, a little vinegar together with boil, simmer a little.

6, finally put monosodium glutamate, fire to reduce the juice, sprinkle onion can be

Sour soup fish in Guizhou.

Materials used

One fish; 250g red and sour soup; 2 tomatoes; 1 large onion; 3 small parsley sticks; 3 garlic leaves; 1 piece of ginger; 15 red bell peppers; 2 small onions; 2 garlic cloves; moderate amount of vegetable oil; moderate amount of wood ginger seeds; moderate amount of salt.


Prepare ingredients, fish slices. Onion and parsley garlic leaves cut into segments, ginger sliced and reserved. The tomatoes are chopped and set aside.

2, Guizhou people are more able to eat spicy, my dipping sauce is made with small pepper and onion and garlic chopped with soy sauce, can not eat spicy can be replaced by other.

3, oil in the pot and so hot, oil to put more points, because the last but also add a lot of water.

4, when the oil is hot, pour in almost 240 grams of red and sour soup and ginger stir fry for two minutes to stir aroma.

5, and then continue to add the chopped tomatoes and stir-fry until cooked.

6, the tomatoes stir-fried into the chopped shallots, parsley and garlic leaves, continue to stir-fry for three minutes, stir fry the aroma and add the right amount of water.

7, is the amount of your usual hot pot, water boiling, put salt, chicken essence, wood ginger powder and other seasonings.

8, put the fish fillets, boiled and then you can eat it ~!

Sweet and sour pork ribs

Main ingredient.Pork chops 1000g, 15ml soy sauce, 50ml vinegar, 1 green onion, half a piece of ginger, 2 star anise, 20 peppercorns, 2 dried chili peppers, 15ml cooking wine, 20g sugar.


1. ribs, onion, ginger into the pot, add water to boil, skim the foam

2. put in the pepper large dried chili, cook until chopsticks can be pierced through, the spareribs out.

3. cook ribs, the vinegar, soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar mixed into the sauce well mixed

4. Heat the frying pan and pour in the sauce.

5. Wait for the sauce to boil, pour in the ribs, stir-fry evenly

6. Pour in half a bowl of soup for the ribs, so that the soup completely covers the ribs.

7. bring to a boil over high heat, then reduce to a simmer.

8. Wait for the sauce to thicken in the pot.

Tofu with Black Bean Sauce

Material.Tofu; spicy black beans; fingerling peppers; green onions (or celery or coriander leaves); light soy sauce.


Tofu cut into small pieces, finger pepper cut into rings, chopped green onions, spicy black bean ready.

2. pan in the oil heat a little, and then put the tofu into the block, with medium heat until golden brown on all sides, serve out of the bowl (tofu fried on low heat) (Tender and juicy, fried on medium heat out of the tofu aroma and chewy).

3. another pan of oil blasting white onion, and then the finger pepper, spicy black beans into continue to stir-fry aroma, pour the fried tofu, pour in soy sauce. Sauté evenly and sprinkle with green onions.

How do you eat ginger in the summer and turnips in the winter?

Usually buy a lot of ginger at home, because every day you need to eat, but only a few slices at a time to use, the amount is not large, the rest of the ginger how to save it?


Is it possible that Wu Song drank 18 bowls of wine and two pounds of cooked beef at Jing Yang Gang in "Water Margin"?

Putting aside the concentration of alcohol, the bowls at that time were wide and narrow round table shape, two-thirds of the bowl filled to the height, the actual volume may be only one-half, counting you a large bowl of 300 ml, such as warriors and the like in order to pretend a forced, boldly served may spill out a little, there is still a little bowl smashed to support the atmosphere, may end up in the stomach of the liquor only 100 ml more, the market has 500 ml of beer in glass bottles, 18 bowls only three or four bottles of the amount.


Why do you wear disposable gloves to eat crawfish when your gloves are still intact? The reason is found.

Why do I have to wear disposable gloves to eat crawfish when my gloves are still intact? Summer is here and when the weather is hot, you want to have a barbecue and a cold beer at a stall, preferably with some spicy crawfish. It's a very pleasant life to chat with your friends.


It turns out that eggs are better scrambled with it, cheaper and more productive, and you don't get tired of eating them every day!

Hello, we all know that eggs are one of the most common ingredients in our daily lives, and arguably, one of the most popular. When we think of eggs, we might think of tomatoes scrambled with eggs, or leeks scrambled with eggs or something like that, but there is actually another ingredient that is similar to egg scrambled Together they will be even more delicious, and that ingredient is beans.


It's an art to order four cold dishes for seven people to drink and not be cheap.

7 people about wine, the evening to a restaurant, usually the relationship is very iron, so will not restraint, ordering food will be casual, without too much emphasis on the point A certain personal hobby. Gluten has been mentioned in the Red Room, is rich in protein, and most importantly tastes good, and is paired with a drink, because It's chewy and more comfortable.


Have you had any of Sichuan's top 10 classic dishes?

As a Szechuan, do you know these ten famous dishes?


Tofu stew with fish to do this, nutritious and delicious, pan fragrance overflowing, super simple practice!

Tofu stew with fish, is a family dish that many of us like to eat, in fact, this food with egg tofu to do, the taste is also very good, tofu and then add some pork and mushrooms, so that the tofu stewed fish, not only will have tofu tender, fish delicious, but also with mushrooms rich flavor, to eat that is very good, this family dish is also my home every now and then to do a food.


This appetizer can be prepared in 3 minutes and has a strong taste that goes well with wine and rice.

The gizzard is the stomach of the chicken, not only strong and chewy, but also rich in nutrients, combined with spicy peppers and peppers.


Teach you how to make authentic Cantonese fried rice noodles, the whole "pot gas" full, more fragrant than roadside stalls!

To this end, I will share with you a food is common in Guangdong roadside stalls stir-fried river noodles, the whole non-stick pan river noodles constantly, than the roadside stall is also delicious, if you also want to learn this food, just follow me to learn to learn it, I welcome your criticism and correction.


Teach you to make "ants on a tree" at home, step by step, it is more delicious than a restaurant!

Follow this method to make the ants on the tree, very flavorful, very delicious, vermicelli strong and smooth. Ingredients] Vermicelli, pork belly, red pepper, ginger, garlic, shallots, cooking oil, soy sauce, thirteen spices, chicken broth, cooking salt. .



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