Can overnight meals cause cancer? Bringing food to work teaches you how to eat healthier→


This holiday has really gotten everyone's culinary muscles going. Even though we are now back in the office one by one, the days of gathering to order take-out every day are gone.

The time when we could just get a hot meal at dinner time has become a memory. Waiting in line for a hot meal becomes the norm, and at long last, you're eating, but you still can't help but worry: this meal that's been heated up one or more nights apart Is it still edible?

One.Don't worry, overnight meals don't cause cancer!

If you think that "overnight meals cause cancer", you are still worried about the nitrite content in overnight meals. However, nitrite itself is not carcinogenic. It is only when it interacts with the protein intermediate amine to form nitrosamines in our body that it can cause cancer.

We can control the amount of nitrite in overnight meals well by buying fresh food to make and storing it scientifically when it's done. And the amount of nitrite in overnight meals is actually a lot less than cooked meat products, cured vegetables, etc. The latter can be eaten, and the amount of nitrite in overnight meals is actually a lot less than cooked meat products and cured vegetables. If you can eat the latter, you can naturally eat overnight meals as well.

So there's no need to worry about "overnight meals cause cancer", but there are a few tips to make them both tasty and healthy.

How toA healthier mix

Young people need about 1,800 - 2,300 kcal a day, and you can plan how to combine them by dividing the lunchbox into columns:.

Column 1, Staples: grains, cereals and potatoes

Column II. Proteins: fish, meat, eggs, milk, soy products

Column 3: Minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and algae

This allows you to eat a balanced and nutritious diet, while the calorie ratio is not too out of balance.

Choose more suitable ingredients for boxed lunches

Non-leafy vegetables such as melons and eggplants vs. leafy vegetables

Leafy vegetables are not recommended to be left overnight, especially stir-fried leafy greens, which tend to yellow and wilt easily when covered, more suitable for steaming or boiling on the same day. The way to cook them. In contrast, non-leafy melons, eggplants, and root vegetables are easier to handle.

Rice vs. Pasta, Flour, Steamed Buns

Noodles, fans easy lump swelling, fried noodles, spaghetti, fried rice vermicelli and so on back to temperature easily too dry, steamed buns do not grasp the heating will become chewy ... ... than pasta and rice vermicelli, rice is undoubtedly the best choice for lunch, can also use coarse grains, grains to replace.

Suitable for reheating vs not suitable for reheating, deep-frying and roasting

Some ingredients in meat seek a crisp or tender texture and are not suitable for reheating. For example, offal such as pork liver, cashew flowers, and beef baklava, as well as deep-fried, fried, or grilled dishes, can have a difference in texture.

How to Eat Healthy Overnight Meals

Preferably without coleslaw.

Vegetables that are chopped and mixed with a tasty sauce are a haven for microorganisms. If we don't store our meals at a low enough temperature, that's even more of a deterrent to the proliferation of microorganisms. This may even lead to food poisoning.

Therefore, it is safer to cook and eat the cold dishes at home.

Pre-pack and refrigerate in time

When you are preparing the next day's lunch, you need to promptly set aside the finished dish and distribute it into lunch boxes. It's too late to wait until the food has been moved or cooled before you box it up.

This is because moving the chopsticks introduces bacteria from our saliva into the meal. During the cooling process, airborne microorganisms may also spread to the food.

The longer a meal is left to cool at room temperature, the more microorganisms can grow. Therefore, it is all the more important to put the rice in the bento box in the refrigerator as soon as possible while the iron is hot.

Bento box with hot rice immediately put into the refrigerator, the hot air in the rice is cold contraction, will make the bento box to form a negative pressure to seal the more It's tight. There's really no way for outside microbes to get into the lunchbox, so it's naturally safer.

Some people may worry: hot meals in the refrigerator will "harm" the refrigerator and shorten its lifespan. In fact, it will just use a little more electricity!

Reheat thoroughly before eating and try not to reheat repeatedly.

Heating thoroughly before eating is the final step in all safety aspects of bringing a meal.

If you use the microwave to heat up the meal, you need to try to heat it up for a while to avoid a situation where part of the meal is already hot and part is still cold and whooshing.

Some rice balls may be cooked for several days at a time, then it is recommended to heat only half of the rice. By avoiding repeated heating, you will reduce the loss of vitamins and some antioxidants in the meal.

With these few tips, you will be able to eat overnight meals at the office with more confidence.

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Summer Health and Wellness Model

In summer, the sun is scorching, the human metabolism is exuberant, yang energy is outwardly generated, and fuyin is inwardly generated. Therefore, in the hot summer, we should pay attention to the protection of the body's yang energy to avoid the invasion of summer evil and the accumulation of heat poison in the body.


How much do you know about the trump card of "riding the wind and waves" and "getting rid of dampness" every day?

In this rainy, humid and sultry season, do you feel like you can't wake up, and even after waking up, you often feel sleepy, chest tight, legs heavy, tongue heavy, loss of appetite, stool is not always formed, and often have diarrhea, skin problems are also frequent, acne and eczema?


Health benefits of mushrooms instead of meat

As we all know, mushroom is an ideal healthy food, not only rich in protein, but also rich in polysaccharide, trace elements, vitamins and other health ingredients, and is well liked by people.


Prickly pear vitamin C - Defender of viruses

Daily vitamin C supplementation is a way to compensate for our genetic birth defects and boost immune function, while vitamin C can treat Many diseases. Vitamin C is highly valued in the fight against viruses and the prevention of viral infections.


The air conditioner is on a lot in the summer, but did you know you need to be aware of these things, come in and take a look!

Air conditioning should be kept clean and sanitary, strengthen disinfection and cleaning, because the air conditioning in the use of a variety of microorganisms, pathogenic bacteria easy to hoard, so that when using the air conditioning, easy to spread through the air conditioning to the air, these harmful substances stay in the air, the body is not good, the best practice is to keep clean from the source, regular disinfection and cleaning of the air conditioning prevention, in order to prevent the breeding of germs.


How do you store green tea at home in the summer? Remember these 5 things.

Green tea green leaves green soup, fresh and refreshing, taste sweet and slightly bitter cold taste, rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients, drinking both to relieve heat and has the effect of adding nutrition.


It's hard to fall asleep in the sweltering summer heat, but do this ahead of time and fall asleep fast!

Many modern people have a bit of insomnia, already feel very sleepy, but still can not sleep well, tossing and turning at night can not sleep, the next morning is very sleepy, and finally the whole day is not the spirit, to rest time but began to sleep again.


Taste selection of foods linked to health

The sense of taste is important in the selection and utilization of foods. First, the sense of taste is considered the gatekeeper of nutrition, and most tastes have five basic or primary taste senses: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and Taste.


The power of TCM?

TCM, for us, is traditional medicine, not modern medicine from here on out. The development of TCM has stopped at the basic level, except for the development of herbal injections. Medicine for us is rational, and if it works well, it works well, and if it doesn't work well, it doesn't work well. Except for those two, which are placebos. But nowadays, health care is basically being promoted with the help of TCM, and I'm relatively more convinced that it's about money than about illness.


There's something to be said for morning exercise.

However, morning exercise is also exquisite, some misunderstandings must be noted. Early in the morning when the body is relatively dehydrated, blood viscosity is relatively high, and exercise breathing rhythm accelerated, skin pores expand, plus exercise Sweating a lot can aggravate dehydration in the body.



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