hot days like this stir-fry a pot, rice and vegetables all get, 10 minutes on the table, my son loves to eat, simple nutrition


It's a good idea to have a bowl of noodles in 10 minutes, with vegetables and eggs, so you can eat it with energy. Northerners love noodles, we locals love noodles even more, all kinds of noodles are still very popular in our local area, there are many varieties of noodles! The fine noodles, broad noodles, river noodles, sausage noodles and so on, all have their own characteristics. Not only do you need to eat noodles for breakfast, but also for three meals a day, especially on hot days when you are too lazy to cook. The ingredients and side dishes are put together, there are vegetables and powder in this pot, the rice does not need to cook, simple, nutritious and delicious, eat it in summer again! Fits perfectly. Here we are going to share the river vermicelli, which is made by washing rice and grinding it into powder, adding water to make a paste, steaming it in a cage to make slices, cooling it and then cutting it into Made from strips.

There are many ways to eat rice noodles, such as stir-fried rice noodles, stir-fried wet rice noodles, rice noodle soup, etc., all of which have their own flavor with different ingredients and different ways of cooking. You can switch it up. When you don't have an appetite and don't know what to eat on a hot day, you'll want to eat flour, which our whole family loves, especially the kids. No matter how hot it is, I love to eat my fried river noodles. River noodles are rich in carbohydrates, sugars, starches and other nutrients, which can provide energy to the body quickly, so hunger doesn't know! What to eat, to a bowl of noodles in the belly, you can all come to the body, body energy.

There are many ways to make fried rice noodles, with different ingredients to make different flavors of fried rice noodles, the most classic is beef. Stir-fried rice noodles up, but there is no care for the side dish ingredients, just stir-fry with whatever side dish you have. The stir-fried rice noodles recipe to be shared here is: stir-fried rice noodles with seasonal beans and eggs. The sweet and crunchy kidney beans, the fresh and tender egg, these two ingredients with meat and vegetables, nutrition is also more comprehensive, and then with the stir-fried river noodles together. There are vegetables and eggs, rice all done, the practice is also very simple, the action of some sharp 10 minutes on the table. Stir-fried rice noodles some people are prone to stir-fry uneven color, you can try to first use soy sauce and other ingredients to mix rice noodles marinated a little, and then stir-fried in the pot, so that This is a great way to make sure that your food is evenly distributed and tasty. This is a great way to get a good meal on a hot day. 10 minutes on the table, simple and nutritious, my son loves it. Next, take a look at the details of the practice.

Stir-fried Rice Noodles with Beans

Prepare ingredients: appropriate amount of river noodles, appropriate amount of beans, an egg, a small amount of pepper.

Prepare the ingredients: the right amount of oil and salt, the right amount of light soy sauce, a little bit of oyster sauce, a little bit of dark soy sauce.

Detailed instructions.

1、Tear off the old tendons and clean the beans, cut them into small pieces with a bias knife. Whisk the egg mixture into a bowl and set aside with chopsticks.

2、Wash the rice noodles with a little boiling water and drain.

3、Mix the ingredients and rice noodles together until ready to use. (First add the spices in advance to catch evenly, so that the rice noodles stirred out of a more even color).

4、Heat the pan and fry the egg in a hot pan with cold oil until solid, then scatter and set aside.

5, a little more oil in the pan, the cut four seasonal beans pan fry, add a little rice chili stir fry, stir fry evenly, add a little water with stew, the four seasonal beans stir fry until fully cooked.

6, add the rice noodles processed in advance and stir-fry together.

7, then add the eggs fried in advance back to the pot with stir-fry evenly, and finally add a little salt to taste and stir-fry well.

Pot on a plate to the table to enjoy, so a homemade version of: beans fried rice noodles will do it. This stir-fried out of the rice noodles on the color evenly, fresh flavor to taste, crisp beans, eggs, fresh and tender, these three ingredients together with fried The color looks attractive, and the meat and vegetable combination is nutritionally complete. This plate has vegetables, noodles and eggs in it, which makes it a delicious and nutritious staple for lunch or dinner, when you are too lazy to cook rice. A delicious plate, eaten directly as a dish as well as a main dish, easy and hassle-free, our whole family loves to eat this fried rice noodles. The whole family loves to eat this stir-fried rice noodles, and I'd like to share the delicious recipe with you.

Lily Food Talk Cooking Tips.

1, rice noodles in advance to add ingredients with mix well colored into the taste, so that the rice noodles fried out on the table more uniform, sell and taste are better.

2, the four-season bean must be fully cooked before eating, so we add a little water with stew to ensure that the bean can be cooked, do not greedy crisp taste and not fried.

3, side dishes we can match according to personal preferences, you can also add a little lean meat, beef or bean sprouts with stir-fry, is also very nutritious and delicious.

I love this dish in July! A bite of sauce is better than meat, 10 minutes to prepare, minutes to cook.

A bite of sauce is better than meat, 10 minutes to prepare, minutes of CD! Main ingredients: an eggplant 100 grams of pork pork yam half a root. Ingredients: one spoon of oyster sauce two spoons of soy sauce two spoons of cooking wine two spoons of garlic appropriate amount of pepper appropriate amount of salt appropriate amount.


It's easy to make and store, and I don't believe you can't learn how to do it~!

The main ingredient in today's dish is garlic scapes and goose. It's said that it's been killing people just to distinguish between garlic scapes, garlic moss, vegetable moss, leeks and garlic plants.


No matter what kind of fish you are stewing, add this 1 step before you put it in the pot to make sure the soup is thick and white, but not fishy.

Both Professor Zhang Wenhong and Academician Zhong Nanshan are repeatedly stressing the need to pay more attention to protein in daily life, strengthen Resistance. Here we are using a crucian carp, you can also choose another species, scrape off the scales, remove the guts and gills, clean the carp and cut it into Round and able to lay flat on a plate so it's easier to get the flavor when frying.


For chicken soup, is it better to use a young rooster or an old hen? The chef told you not to get it wrong in the future.

Welcome to this chicken soup stew, using a small rooster or an old hen by Second Sister, chef tells you. This is the article written by Second Sister on chicken stew, better to use a small rooster or an old hen, as told by the chef.


In summer, use it to wrap dumplings, fragrant and tender, 1 yuan a pound, better than leeks and fennel.

Introduction:In the summer, use it to wrap dumplings, fragrant and tender, 1 yuan a pound, than leeks and fennel is also delicious. It's a good idea to use a dumpling skin, put the bean stuffing on it, and pinch a dumpling on it, it will take a minute to finish a big pot, once you can wrap some more. It's a great way to get the most out of your dumplings, but it's also a great way to get the most out of your dumplings.


4 kinds of deliciousness "hidden" in the rice field, not just the rice fish, eat all of them, only the food!

In the countryside, every family will plant paddy fields, and what is planted in the paddy fields is rice, and after the rice is shelled, it is our daily life. Rice to eat. "Hidden" in the rice field of 4 kinds of delicious, not only the rice fish, all eaten, only ate.


It's better than ice-cream to relieve summer heat, and better than ice cream.

A bowl of cold shrimp in the belly, the heat is gone, the whole body comfort, all the heat instantly disappeared, drink cold shrimp, this summer is not a waste of time! . The cold shrimp is more prevalent mainly in Shaanxi, Hubei and Yungui Sichuan, and for those who have never eaten it, listen to its name and think it is shrimp, look at its shape and think it is The mutated tadpole can't get down.


What do you eat in the summer? Try the eggplant mix!

In summer, the local eggplant is on the market, very tender, slightly cold, sweet and belongs to the spleen, stomach and large intestine meridians.


This dish is best eaten in the summer. It's not easy to eat, but it's good for you.

In summer, eat cucumber as eating it, crisp and tender, clear the mind and eyes but also in addition to irritable, now in season. This dish is best eaten in the summer, although difficult to eat, but the body is good, clear the mind and eyes, simple and nutritious.


The best way to make fried noodles, the sauce is so rich, you won't even get tired of it for three days, it's so delicious!

The best way to make fried noodles, the sauce is so rich and delicious that you don't even get tired of eating it for three days. Today I'm going to share with you this fried noodle dish, which is a modified version of Beijing's fried noodles, it's simple and delicious, I think it's the best! The fried noodles, with their rich sauce, were so good that they didn't even get tired of them for three days.



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What do you eat in the summer? Try the eggplant mix!

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