Sedentary, low-activity workplace quick check! It's sad that they failed.


The heart is the motor of our body, which can make the motor rotate faster, stronger and longer, or we need to give it some fuel and energy from time to time, especially for those who are sedentary in the workplace. Increase energy, especially for people who are sedentary in the workplace. Many people in the workplace today don't look old, but the "weakness index" is particularly high.

Sedentary people why the heart function is not good? What are the dangers of not having a strong enough heart? How can you tell if your heart is strong enough? Do you live longer with a slower heartbeat? What is the recommended optimal heart rate? Whoever has the strongest hands and the fastest strides lives longer? Life is movement and longevity is immobility? What kinds of exercises do you do to live the longest?

Nowadays, many working people are mostly sedentary and less active. Beware, such a lifestyle will not only affect the heart, but also affect your life expectancy, and at critical moments may even lose the magic formula to save your life. A little bit of knowledge about heart and life expectancy.

What are the main indicators that determine the health of your heart?

heart rate

Refers to the number of heartbeats per minute in a normal person's quiet state, the reason why the human heart beats is to perform the function of carrying oxygen to the blood. The heart rate is the most direct indicator of our heart health and reflects the excitement of the sympathetic nerves.

Generally speaking, the younger the person is, the faster the heart rate will be, older people have slower heart rates than younger people, and women have faster heart rates than men of the same age. A normal heart rate for an adult in a quiet state is 60-100 beats per minute, while the ideal heart rate is 55-70 beats per minute (for athletes). (Heart rate is about 50 beats per minute). A heart rate of 96 to 192 beats per minute during exercise is considered normal.

cardiac ejection volume

This depends on the amount of blood that the heart pumps out per beat, per contraction, known as the pumped The amount of blood is 60-70 ml in normal adults. It is usually only detected during a cardiac ultrasound.

Cardiac ejection volume is the basic measure of the heart's pump function. It is proportional to the size of the body's surface area and may vary according to sex, age and other physiological conditions. Cardiac ejection volume is a direct reflection of the state of the heart muscle; the stronger the muscle contraction, the greater the stroke volume.

What are the other major determinants of heart health?


A heavy person has long blood vessels, and the heart has to work harder to eject blood, so he or she is more prone to high blood pressure.

●Blood pressure

High blood pressure is a burden on the heart because the heart often uses more force to eject blood.

●Physical activity

During physical activity, the body's responses include increased heartbeat, increased respiration, increased circulating blood volume, and increased metabolism. These reactions are the physiological basis for the health benefits of physical activity.

Why doesn't the heart function well in sedentary people?

A sedentary heart is hypertrophied and inflexible, and although it can support some explosive exercise, it does not have enough endurance. The more athletic you are, the more resilient your heart is and the more blood ejection you have.

What are the dangers of not having a strong enough heart function?

It can lead to cardiovascular disease (cerebral and heart attacks), heart failure, falls, infections, sudden death, fatigue, anxiety and depression.

How do I know if my heart is strong enough?

The main criteria for determining how strong or weak the heart is are cardiorespiratory fitness and muscle endurance.

Is it bad to have a fast or slow heartbeat?

● An adult's heart rate of more than 100 beats per minute at rest is known as sinus tachycardia. If the heart rate is too fast for a long period of time, it can be bad for the body. This is because the heart rate is a reflection of sympathetic excitability, and increased sympathetic excitability may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, in particular Have high blood pressure. An increased heart rate may lead to accelerated blood pressure and increased pressure in the blood vessels, making it more likely that lipid buildup will occur, promoting atherosclerosis appears.

● An adult's quiet heart rate of less than 60 beats per minute is known as sinus bradycardia. This condition usually occurs in healthy people who have long periods of physical activity and athletes who are not in these occupations and experience heart rate If it is too slow, then you need to consider whether you are taking certain medications or have certain diseases, such as brain hemorrhage or meningitis, which are caused by brain diseases. of the heart rate, or diseases such as peptic ulcers, intestinal obstruction, gallstones, or even malnutrition or infectious diseases can cause heart rate Hyperventilation. A heart rate of less than 40 beats per minute may lead to a lack of oxygen to the blood, making the body tired, dizzy, and breathless, if the Failure to deal with it in time may result in sudden fainting and other emergencies.

How does being upset affect your heart health?

Mood swings and frequent anger for heart health are bad, in maintaining proper exercise at the same time, do some meditation exercise, can overcome anxiety, such as meditation, tai chi and so on for heart health are very beneficial, we workplace people the most important thing is to do the body to move, the heart to be quiet.

The slower the heartbeat, the longer the life?

Athletes have a slow heartbeat because they have been training for a long time to make their heart reserve function stronger. But for normal people, a slow heartbeat makes it difficult to meet the blood supply, which not only affects their health, but also their longevity. If you notice your heartbeat slowing down, don't get too excited just yet, don't think you have a strong body like an athlete. Whether your bradycardia is physiological or pathological. In most cases, bradycardia is benign, but some older people find that their heartbeat is slow enough not to panic and are advised to monitor it closely or to Going to the hospital.

Whoever has the strongest hands and the fastest gait, does he live longer?

The circulation of blood throughout our body depends on the heart contracting one at a time, squeezing the blood into the blood vessels and then flowing throughout the body. The heart of a healthy adult can deliver 7 liters of blood per minute. However, because the capillaries are all over the body, the blood flowing into the capillaries has to return to the heart, and the heart alone is the "pump" of the blood. Strength, it is not enough. Muscles are known as the "second heart" of the human body. The more developed the muscles are, the more powerful the muscle contractions are, the more venous blood can be pumped back to the heart, promoting blood circulation. Grip strength and stride count reflect the state of the whole body, and when combined with training the brain and coordination between the nerve cells, it is more effective. Longevity.

Is life in motion and longevity in immobility?

In daily life, some people achieve a method of meditative exercise through the Turtle Rest Dafa, a visceral exercise for the vagus nerve ( (parasympathetic) exercise. We still need to have a certain amount of physical activity to keep our muscles active. A moderate amount of exercise can promote the body's metabolism, making us live longer.

In addition to the sympathetic nerves, the parasympathetic nerves control the function of the heart, which can help us adjust our heart rate and blood pressure after exercise. Help them get back to their normal state quickly. But parasympathetic nerves are mainly affected by our emotions, and due to work and life pressures, many people have a common state in the workplace This state is very bad for heart health, so on the basis of regular exercise, we must You also need to be able to "meditate".

What is the recommended optimal heart rate?

Heart Rate Reserve = Maximum Heart Rate (during strenuous exercise) - Minimum Heart Rate (measured in the morning when you wake up and are quiet), the bigger the difference the better.

What can I do to increase my heart rate reserve?

High-intensity interval exercise is recommended: opening and closing jumps, bobby jumps, 800 meters, 1500 meters, etc. Exercises that make the heart rate fast are suitable for 1-2 times a week.

What kind of exercises are best for longevity?

Jogging, badminton, soccer, square dancing, hiking, table tennis, basketball, cycling, swimming, brisk walking, push-ups, tai chi and other exercises are recommended.

Dr. Xu Shunlin, Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine, and Dr. Guo Jianjun, Director of the Physical Medicine Integration Innovation Research Center of Capital Institute of Physical Education, will work together to add value to your heart. Vitality. Stay tuned.

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