Jinshanling: April's Fragrance on the Great Wall


Source: "Green China" magazine

Every year in April, the apricot blossoms in Jinshanling, Hebei province, are in bloom.

Wang Wei, a tourist from Tianjin, told reporters that he comes to the Great Wall every year around mid-April. He said this season is the most beautiful season on the Great Wall. "Beijing several april fragrance, Jinshanling on the apricot blossom Yan", delicate apricot blossom and the ancient Great Wall accompanied by a strong contrast, more obvious the Great Wall's Pale. He said "spring full of apricot blossoms, a unique scene."

As the closest international tourist area to the capital, the Jinshanling Great Wall is an important tourist boutique section and golden tourism corridor in the northern part of Beijing. Part of the Great Wall, is the best part of the Great Wall, because of its wide view, dense enemy buildings, peculiar landscape, exquisite architecture and art, military Sound defense system, well-preserved and known to the world, known as the "Great Wall, Jinshan alone show" reputation. Spring Jinshanling Great Wall, gaze into the distance, the Great Wall inside and outside the apricot blossom, the meandering dragon decorated extraordinarily enchanting.

In April, when the flowers of the South have fallen flower pregnant fruit, Chengde Jinshanling on the Great Wall of the apricot blossoms just put on the spring.

"The living color is first-class, the hands moved close to the green house. Who knows the end of the sex sex negative, chaotic to the spring breeze laugh endlessly", in the North China region of the first warm still cold morning, the apricot blossom branches trembling with the breeze, accompanied by The sunrise dances.

I always admire the people on the Jinshan Mountains, why would they choose the apricot blossoms on the Great Wall as their companion?

Apricot blossoms in Golden Hill

Among the Great Wall, I am most admired is the Jinshanling this section of the Great Wall. It depends on the mountains with the risk, ups and downs in the mountains and rivers, the world praised the majestic physique. Our ancestors in the mountains between the risk of relying on the mountains, with water set plug, so that the Great Wall like steel wall can resist Japanese invasion.

The apricot blossoms that accompany the Great Wall are planted here, spreading from the branches of the apricot tree, giving birth to new blossoms on ancient branches, which can be in the same vein as the Great Wall. The "swallows do not return in the late spring, the rain and smoke apricot flowers cold" of the character of frost and cold and the Great Wall and the same door.

Flowering April, Jinshanling Great Wall of tourism management agencies will timely launch the Apricot Festival flowering move, flowers as a medium, to the festival will be friends, so a seemingly flower festival, is actually tourism promotion activities successfully attracted more and more domestic and foreign tourists to enjoy the spring here.

At this time by the Great Wall, apricot blossoms may quietly open overnight, aboard the high point of the Great Wall "general building" to look around down the hill, a little white flowers, clusters of green, brown dragon constitutes this season Jinshanling unique symbol.

Jinshan Mountains on the apricot blossom

I once asked Lao Yao, a photographer who has traveled on the Great Wall for many years, and he told me, "From Gu Bei Kou in the west to Wang Jing Lou in the east. The Great Wall of Jinshanling is 10.5 kilometers long, with 5 passes along the route, 67 enemy towers and 3 beacons, because of the wide view. It is famous for its dense concentration of enemy buildings, peculiar landscape, fine architectural art, sound military defense system, and intact preservation."

Some writers have this sentiment "The Great Wall is the world's most extravagant mountain line, the most beautiful observation deck, and the most profound historical ruins. There are so many angles to look at the beauty of the Great Wall, and it is so beautiful that no amount of words can adequately describe it."

Photographers who take the Great Wall as their subject always like to ascend the familiar or unfamiliar Great Wall again and again, at different times and in different climates.

I am a tourist, a passerby for the Great Wall, and I have visited it several times when the apricot blossoms were in bloom.

Each time, I would visit at 4:00 a.m., carrying 20 pounds of camera equipment to photograph the Great Wall from Houchuankou, from Shalingkou, and from Brickpilekou.

The choice of route will vary with the season, but the scenery all the way to compare, in the spring season to see the flowers, I always like the way from the Sha Lingkou to Houchuankou, the way whether hand and foot walking at night, or in the sunlight leisurely wandering, there is always a light aroma of apricot flowers as a companion.

I always consciously or unconsciously mix the apricot blossoms with the Great Wall in my photos. Or using the Great Wall as a foreground or background, the apricot blossoms are indispensable.

Photographers who are new to the Great Wall always like to go to Xiao Jinshan, where a photograph taken by Mr. Yu Junhai, a senior photographer, won an international gold medal.

The view from the battlements of the Great Wall upstairs in Xiaojinshan is particularly wide, with a dense density of enemy buildings in the distance, and the whole Great Wall facing west is majestic and spectacular under the sunrise.

I always prefer to go to the Black Building, which is farther away from the main scenic area, to photograph the apricot blossoms at sunrise. The angle of elevation of the Great Wall is more than 60 degrees, not only from the hands and feet, but also from the angle of elevation. But from this angle, you can shoot the whole Great Wall with its dragon-like limbs stretched out in the distance, or you can shoot the remnants of the Great Wall that are not too far in front of the camera. The best thing about this angle is that you can turn around and take the shot whenever you want. The apricot blossoms are destined to be your foil in front of the camera as if by appointment. In the backlight, "the willow is lost in the dawn fog, the apricot blossoms fall in the five o'clock. It's my favorite tone of the day.

From the brick palisade up to the fork in the road, climbers have a variety of angles to choose from. The western line of the battlements is the famous five-eye and six-eye towers. Both lines can be seen with barricade walls, stack walls, battlements, gun emplacements, watchtowers, minestone holes, shot holes, horse retaining walls, support walls, and Siege wall, etc. But as a subject for apricot blossoms, this isn't the best choice. "The fragrance of the apricot blossoms in the green grass at the end of April is the only way to capture the fragrance of the blossoms.

Beautiful scenery of the Jinshan Mountain Range is enchanting.

"Every day the springtime light fights the sunshine, and the mountain wall slopes with the fragrance of apricot blossoms." Climbing the Great Wall at Jinshanling and feeling the magnificent beauty and majesty of the ancient Great Wall, you can... Experience the greatness and boldness of a nation. Taste the fragrance of apricot blossoms, enjoy the gentle and lyrical like a bird, consciously relax the body and mind, perceive nature.

The washing of body and mind in Jinshanling this comfortable April you enjoy. Summer, autumn, winter, you will come again, do not give up Jinshanling, the right tourist choice. (Wen Tian Guilan Sun Ge "Green China" 2020.5B)

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