Chimney structure found under Yellowstone super volcano in the US! Scientists: if an outbreak occurs, the damage is great


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Chimney structure found under Yellowstone super volcano in the US! Scientists: if an outbreak occurs, it's very dangerous!

If you were to mention the largest volcano in the world with possibly the most horrific eruption results, many people would think of the Yellowstone volcano in the United States. The Yellowstone volcano in the United States is a well-deserved super volcano, and scientists have discovered chimney structures underneath it.

Yellowstone's last eruption was over 630,000 years ago and led directly to the Little Ice Age. If the eruption cycle is 600,000 years, then it is clear that the Yellowstone volcano is now close to erupting. Scientists have discovered chimney structures beneath the Yellowstone super volcano and have concluded that perhaps Yellowstone, the legendary powder magazine and still The kind that goes straight to the Earth's core. Once it erupts, it's highly unlikely humans will be able to resist!

Natural disasters cannot be fought by mankind, and many natural disasters throughout history have resulted in massive human casualties. From this point of view, if the Yellowstone volcano in the United States erupts, it will definitely produce, an indelible disaster for mankind, and whether mankind will be able to Survival in the midst of a volcanic eruption is still unknown.

Japan is an island country, which has been affected by earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions for many years. In terms of Japan's development, he is a sore country. But in fact, compared to the United States, Japan is nothing, after all, if the Yellowstone volcano really erupted, then whether the United States exists or not. The other time?

The technological power of the United States today, and the technological power of the world, is very strong, but neither can resist the Yellowstone volcano. of, not to mention the fact that the Yellowstone volcano was a kind of invisible gunpowder reservoir that went straight to the Earth's core. Once it erupts, humans are unable to resist it, but obviously, it's not much use talking about it now, after all, Yellowstone Volcano doesn't have a Outbreak.

It's good to be born with a sense of worry, but too much worry is self-destructive. So let's not worry too much about whether the Yellowstone volcano in the United States is erupting or not and leave it all to the professionals!

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