How poor were you before the NBA? Butler thrown out by his birth mother after alphabet man sets up stall to support family


As one of the highest paid sports leagues in the world, NBA teams are full of multimillionaires and even billionaires. Sitting in a mansion with fragrant cars and beautiful women, they can even splurge in life and buy whatever they want. But these players were not born into this kind of life, and most of them came from a very poor family. . Not to mention having a great childhood, it was difficult to even keep himself and his family fed before he became famous.

For Garrett, the image of his real father is already fuzzy in his memory, after all, at a very young age, Garrett's parents chose to go their separate ways, and his mother, unable to support her pair of children, had no choice but to remarry, but his adoptive father did not Not liking the two children born to this wife and her ex-husband, from the age of 13, Garrett had to choose to go out and work every day to earn a meager income to support herself and her sister, and as long as the law allowed even the hardest work, Garrett would take it, carrying luggage and Scrubbing cars, the young Garrett had worked more than a dozen different jobs, and even during the holidays he once worked continuously in one day 20 hours.

Similar to Garnett, another superstar, Iverson's mother, Ann Iverson, gave birth at age 15 to her one and only son, and to give her son a good upbringing, Ann left Hartford with Iverson, who was only 3 years old, and her new boyfriend Freeman travels together to a small town called Newst, but it's no better than Hartford, with violence and drug dealing. It's everywhere, and even if Ann worked around every day to make ends meet, it wouldn't change her family's basic environment, where no water, no electricity, and no food would do. Saying that it was the norm, and that the sewer pipes still cracked a lot, filling the house with sewage, his stepfather, Freeman, as much as he wanted to support the family, but A traffic accident results in Freeman being fired from his job, and Freeman begins selling drugs to support his family, but is in and out of the country frequently as a result. Prison, to add insult to injury for the impoverished family, and the reason Iverson chose to join the NBA in 1996. The basic reason was because he needed money for his sister Lisa's medical treatment.

Fans who are familiar with Alphas know that his nationality is not American, but Greek, and what many may not know is that back in the day, his The parents brought Alphas and his brother, who actually came to Greece as a stowaway, and the young Alphas naturally became Greek The most undesirable of the underclass illegal immigrants, Alphas and his brother often needed to be on the street during the day when they were young in order to share their parents' concerns He sells glasses, watches and other knick-knacks, and at night he sings to the tourists for a small income. After a hard day's work, most of the time Alphas go hungry, and the reason he started playing basketball is because of the sport He was able to bring in a steady income.

If Butler is to be described as "a man who was given a million reasons to fall, but he chose the most difficult one. and brightest path", indeed, Butler, who had never seen his real father since childhood, had to live with his mother as a child, but his mother Nor did he like this child of his own, who was thrown out of the house by his mother when Butler was 13 years old, and simply gave Butler a "I For the ridiculous reason of "not liking your looks," the homeless Butler is forced to wander the streets and sleep at his friend's house. Nor did he give up on his basketball dreams until he met his high school alumnus Jordan Leslie, and Butler had a permanent place to stay Boucher has finally been able to showcase his basketball talents with his whole heart and soul.

Compared to the four superstar players above, Boucher is probably a stranger to most of you. A native of the United States, he was born into a very poor family in Castries, St. Lucia, and in order to survive, Boucher graduated from high school. The only option was to drop out of school and go to a restaurant to scrub dishes for a meager income to support the family, and his introduction to basketball was similar to that of the Alphabet Same for the money, but unlike Alphas, who joined a professional team, Boucher started with blackball. Because of his excellent physical condition, Boucher was approached to take part in an amateur tournament, with the promise that the more points Boucher scored, the more money he would receive. The more Boucher became famous, the more amateur league organisers paid attention to him and the more people invited him to play! The moment Boucher signed his contract with the Warriors as an undrafted draft pick, he uttered the following words I once told my mother that one day we wouldn't have to go hungry anymore.

Of course in addition to these players, there are a lot of players from the ghetto, such as life is very stingy James, and with his momentary star Durant, almost become a drug dealer Beverley, raised by his sister star Wade, born in the most chaotic slums of Chicago Rose and so on, these people compared to the above five players, childhood can be said to be much happier, at least not to starve, but also from a poor background.

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