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Today, I'd like to share with you some more about some of the people who narrate Pirlo's autobiography, as he himself says.

In this, mainly Capello, Guardiola, Nesta, De Rossi, Gattuso, Conte, Lippi, Berlusconi, Gilardino, Inzaghi, Gattuso, Rossi, Ranieri, Del Piero, Balotelli, Matri, Huntelaar, Lucescu, etc., and his father, the father who wouldn't come into the stadium to watch him play since he was a child.

I suppose it can be roughly divided into the following categories.

The coaching staff.

There's his football mentor as a teenager, Mircea Lucescu, Lippi, the coach of the national team from Inter to the '06 World Cup, Conte, who gave him the last glow of his career, and then Real Madrid and Barcelona coaches Capello and Guardiola, who always tried to bring him from Italy to Spain.

Teammate group.

If Pirlo loved football first, he loved the Italian national team second. That's why his teammates at the '06 World Cup and Euro '12 were his greatest source of joy. From Nesta, whom his roommate called San, to his golden partner, Gattuso, to De Rossi, Gilardino, Inzaghi, Balotelli, and Matri, and Huntelaar who looks like he's so unpopular.

The Presidium.

His dad, the chairman of that proverbial steel group, the Berlusconi, Moratti and Ranieri families, the three former northern powers' The President, all contain an immense love for football and a desire to win. And Pirlo also happens to be a player who has turned out for all three northern powers.

In the book, we can see that Pirlo admires them from the bottom of his heart, which is different from our common mentality of hatred of the rich, on the contrary, he identifies with the spiritual value of the obsession with success, which may also be one of the reasons why he left Milan, he could not see the old Pepsi's ambition.


Mircea Lucescu was his inspirational coach, telling him to stay true to his inner self and keep playing the way he did when he was frustrated at a young age and his junior teammates were ostracizing him.

That's important. Many young people are influenced by their surroundings.

Especially when they are unable to fit in with the group, they question others, and even more so themselves, and as a result fall into a positioning blind spot where they are overwhelmed, not to mention unsure of their future direction and the value of their efforts.

It just so happens that he has a good coach to bring him up to speed, this, even if it's just a few words.

You see how important that kind of trust and recognition from a coach is.

"Don't worry, everything is fine. Please be sure to try again and again".

Only warmth allows you to be yourself fully, and being yourself is a blessing in itself.


Lippi was the first world-class manager that Pirlo met.

He even says in his book that if Lippi hadn't left Inter Milan, he probably wouldn't have left either, because he's been an Inter Milan fan since he was a kid.

In the national team, Lippi also gave him huge trust.

At the time of Euro 04, when everyone was still discussing the Italian midfield was Zanetti Perrotta, by the time of the 06 World Cup, Pirlo was already the soul of the Italian midfield.

Lippi is very familiar with Pirlo, know Pirlo this kind of player, is very precious, so much so that in the 10 years of the World Cup, even if Pirlo almost all can not play, still have to bring him.


Conte is the key key to continuing the glory of Juventus since Pirlo's arrival.

For a man of Pirlo's pride and arrogance, I think being able to prove his worth in football again is something that makes him proud and boastful.

And that's exactly why, with Conte, he has the inexplicable admiration of those who do.

Instead in these coaching ranks, he shuns the other two important club coaches of his career, Carlo Ancelotti and Allegri.

Conte's training was really different, it could just be 11 men training against the air, and that was probably the key to the Juventus revival he could help in a short period of time.

That kind of realism about tactics is really dumbfounding and sometimes even heartbreaking.


When Capello went to Real Madrid, he wanted to take advantage of the '06 phone-gate incident to poach the backbone and elite of Italy. And before that, he had already managed to take away Canavaro and Emerson.

Only at that time, Pirlo was not for sale for Milan.

He came back from Madrid, before asking, Galliani directly asked him to sign his own contract extension for five years, the amount of the contract extension written anywhere.

He himself recalled after the breakup, really is not the same thing, really has a kind of only see new people laugh, not see the old person cry sob.

He is also a long time unwilling to forgive, so it has been called Galliani for Mr. Pen.

The last although he did not go into the Bernabeu, but later in the Champions League match, he also enjoyed the applause of the fans in the sanctuary of his heart, is also considered to be a young man's dream.


Guardiola is dreaming of a third, and also pulling Pirlo over to create a really perfect team.

Seeing all this, I'm wondering if there's really any place to match Pirlo in midfield when he goes to Haberbo's Barca, and can we really create a diamond formation?

Melon is not a stamp collector with a penchant for catching light technical midfielders for his own use, preferring to abuse them.

It's just that he still doesn't know Pirlo even if he speaks Italian well.

Pirlo may seem shy, but his desire for the pitch is very strong.

If he goes there, it won't be a good story.


Let's face it, he has enough talent, especially in terms of organizational concepts and rhythm on the football field, that he should be transcendent.

In fact, it's exactly that. For the coaches, instead, it's like a layer of furry glass.

The coaches value him, give him space, and he maximizes his talent. On the other hand, I don't know how to really relate to him, and there's a bit of a Buddhist sense of inaction.

The autobiography also shows that he himself, was not interested in coaching.

When he plays soccer, he very much dislikes warming up. When he doesn't play football, he also makes it clear that he won't be a coach.

And this is completely different with his good friend and PS, Nesta.

Or maybe he doesn't have much emotional investment in coaching himself.

Or maybe his investment in communication is more on the giggling with his teammates.

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