The 2 steps to keep in mind when frying garlic moss "most contraindicated" directly in the pot, garlic moss is not yellow, green and flavorful!


The 2 steps to keep in mind when frying garlic moss "most contraindicated" directly in the pot, garlic moss is not yellow, green and flavorful!

Eating more garlic in spring not only tastes good, tender and refreshing can enhance the appetite. At the same time, garlic also contains a large amount of allicin, which has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. Resistance to prevent colds. Garlic is also very fresh and inexpensive this time of year, so today I'm going to give you some tips on how to fry garlic and make it delicious! . The 2 steps to keep in mind is to stir fry garlic moss "most contraindicated" directly in the pot, garlic moss is not yellow, green and tasty!

When sautéing garlic moss, many people will find that it turns brown and the surface becomes wrinkled. Such garlic moss lacks moisture and tastes older. How to lock the water in the garlic moss to keep it intact and make the fried garlic tender and flavorful, while still retaining its bright green color? ? I'll show you a good way to do these 2 extra steps before frying in the pan.

Step 1: Don't cut the garlic into small pieces before sautéing it, just remove the heads and clean the ends, then add water to the pan, water Once boiling, add the garlic to the pan with a spoonful of sesame oil or a spoonful of table salt to prevent the garlic from fading, so that the garlic is blanched It still retains its fresh bright green color afterwards. Never blanch after cutting, the nutrients in the garlic moss will be lost.

Step 2: When stir-frying garlic moss, first put the wok on the fire to preheat, after the water in the wok is dry, wipe the bottom of the wok with ginger slices, the wok will be It will become smoother, so that if you add oil to the garlic to fry, the garlic will not change color. And it will become smoother and smoother, and the surface of the garlic moss will not be fried dry without moisture.

In addition, when stir-frying garlic, we can put in some chili rings to stir-fry first, so that no chili sauce is needed. Very tender and flavorful, spicy and delicious. Add a spoonful of sugar to the garlic stir-fry until the surface is shiny and bright, it will not only refresh, it will dissolve and form a protective color to prevent the garlic from stir-frying. Colour. Sauté the garlic until five minutes, add the bacon and stir together, stir in the chicken when completely cooked and ready to serve.

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