China-India talks: India lionizes China to demolish all permanent fortifications and buildings


According to Indian media news, China and India recently negotiated on the previous border issue, both sides fully expressed the hope that can seek peaceful ways to solve the problem attitude, but the Indian side in the negotiations lion's share, put forward to touch the Chinese side bottom line demands - the Chinese side needs to demolish all permanent fortifications and buildings.

China-India border talks, India lion's share of demands

In fact, China and India have had ongoing border issues due to their mutual borders, and again this year, the issue of road construction has been a problem with China Friction. India's insistence on building a road at the border is very clear in its intent to use the road construction as a cover to push the border eastward to encroach on China territory. Since May, China and India have repeatedly clashed, and China has sent additional troops to the area. 2500 troops and started moving heavy weapons to the border to deter the Indian side.

After a period of confrontation, the two countries entered into negotiations on the issue and the Indian side expressed its willingness to resolve the issue by peaceful means in accordance with the established agreement. The Chinese side, which has been involved in the dispute, has made unreasonable demands for the demolition of all fortification structures. Such a demand is absolutely unacceptable to China, which has taken a very firm position and demanded that the Indian side stop its road construction activities. Withdrawal of troops would follow.

This is not the first time that India has done this, and each time it tries to find a reason to encroach a little bit, which may not seem like a very bad act, but Cumulatively, it will also be a very large area, and the so-called encroachment on territory is what India is doing. Naturally, China has long seen through India's subtleties and has not only demanded that India cease its relevant acts, but also that it will not accede to any of its unreasonable demands. The U.S. has bad intentions and is trying to "take advantage of a weakness".

The U.S. is trying to take advantage of the situation.

What has to be mentioned is the approach of the United States in this China-India dispute. After the confrontation between China and India began, the United States of America, which has been in the middle of the eight pole, offered to help China and India mediate this conflict, but this The proposal has not received a response from China or India. Right now, the United States, which is already on its own, with all its growing domestic conflicts, is desperate for a breakthrough from the outside world to divert domestic The Chinese side, of course, does not give eye contact. And while the Indian side is interested in joining forces with the United States to put pressure on China, it clearly does not want to be used as a gun by the United States in this matter, and so also Ignore the US.

The United States has always liked to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, hegemonic how could it be so kind to help regulate the China-India issue, just want" The United States, as an "outsider", wants to take advantage of the weaknesses to enter the country, hoping that the two sides will fight. The border issue is originally a matter for the two countries, which should be resolved by their own consultations. The intent of this muddle is obvious. Right now, the U.S. had better take its eyes off the table and figure out how to clean up its own mess.

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