Zhejiang driving tour: Lishui, Jinhua, Quzhou, from southern Zhejiang to central Zhejiang, eat while walking tour


This driving tour, all the way from southern Zhejiang to central Zhejiang.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at a few of the things you'll be doing in the future.

The rain in Zhejiang, torture. It doesn't rain much, it doesn't stop, it just accompanies us all the way.

First, let me show you my route this time.

Although the three cities are very close to each other, no more than a hundred kilometers apart, the changes in the scenery along the way are rather "subtle".

Li Shui and Quzhou are very different in terms of geography and culture; Jinhua, on the other hand, is very inclusive.

First stop: Lishui

Yeosu, Zhejiang Province, is a scary city.

I have been here three times before and after, and each time the feeling is different. This time, it's different again.

It's getting more and more "mature", and I'm afraid it's going to be harder and harder to find that kind of "raw" scenery in the future.

If you are planning a trip to Yeosu, you should hurry, it's getting more neat and rounded, the "edges" are not obvious.

The first time you'll be able to see the game, you'll be able to see the game from the top of the table, and you'll be able to see the game from the bottom of the table.

Here there are two thousand years old village, one called the ancient weir, one called the painting village, the typical scenery of Lishui, very much a "Zhejiang green valley" taste, now has been transformed into a scenic spot.

After entering the scenic area, the two villages do not pass the land route, must take a boat.

The ancient weir painting township, two years ago, here can be crowded; only after a year, there is a TV drama broadcast in the central television station in here, it was fire; come back this year, good guy, the boat has to line up for a long time to squeeze up the line.

In Zhejiang, especially in southern Zhejiang travel, deep feelings: the scenery does not wait for people. This place, Lishui, is different from year to year.

[The deliciousness of Lishui]

The scenery in Lishui is truly beautiful, one of the most beautiful in Zhejiang, but frankly, compared to its beauty, the food in Lishui is It's a little bit "lame". It's not "beautiful", and not very refined, very simple, very homely.

But the countryside in Lishui is very well developed, and you can find any farmhouse on the way by car, and they are all in good shape.

Lishui is famous for its excellent landscape ecology, so most of the specialties here are mountain products and fish from the streams.

In the early years, the area was isolated and poor, with a lot of rainfall and flash floods, and in times of disaster, the people had no food to eat and their survival became a problem.

For example, Lishui [Songyang County], it is actually a little famous "tea city", where the mountains and water, there are a lot of huge tea plantations, some tea garden with riding track.

There are many huge tea gardens, and some of them have a cycling track in them. The food here is "tea" first, and the leaves of crucian carp are tea leaves, and the handmade tofu is also flavored with tea.

There is also something called green tea sarai, which has a layer of bitter tea powder on the outside, but a sweet and soft core.

In Yeosu, we can usually eat several things.

The first is the exceptionally fresh meat, especially the fish.

The fish I eat in Lishui is mostly called river fish and creek fish. The fish hotpot on the Oujiang River is a special farming dish here, the meat is fresh, tender and unforgettable after eating once.

Secondly, some "paste", that is, soup, originated from the folk.

The soup is so unassuming and even ugly that it's filled with a mixture of ingredients, such as starch, vegetable leaves, ground meat and squid.

After the first bite, you can't stop eating bowl after bowl.

Thirdly, tofu.

I found the tofu made in the mountains of Zhejiang Province is particularly delicious, which is probably also related to the early years of poor life.

At that time, the hand-made stone ground tofu is every family's must-have fruit, nutrition, but also cheap, so this craft has been passed down. To this day, Yeosu, as well as the surrounding several mountain towns are still doing handmade traditional workshops of tofu.

Northerners traveling in Zhejiang, from time to time can eat a lot of new feelings. The food in Zhejiang is very "flexible", the taste is often a combination of Jilu Yu solid, as well as the soft Hakka.

Stop 2: Jinhua】Jinhua

Driving from southern Zhejiang to central Zhejiang, the scenery is beautiful, all the way to live in farmhouses, B&Bs and apartments, free and convenient, and can cook. It wasn't until the big city of Jinhua that some of the fun things that only happen in the city happened.

It was late at night, looking for a homestay (apartment) to settle down.

A few girls were buying snacks at the small supermarket downstairs, and the owner looked us up and down and asked.

Which part of the North is it from?

Why are you so late?

Live in the apartment upstairs?

Where do you eat?

I thought to myself that this boss is really enthusiastic, you say it's easy to open a shop nowadays, and even pull home. So while choosing something while agreeing with him. At this time the boss suddenly came to say.

"Do you want a handsome guy?"

I took a look at the boss, he should be almost 50, a small person is relatively thin, although white and clean, but also absolutely not to talk about "handsome".

A few ladies in the same line took him as a joke and made fun of him: we have a handsome guy in the car, we don't need him!

The owner peered out and saw a couple of our cars and a couple of older men who were packing up their gear and didn't say another word.

Coming out of the supermarket, we three girls stood on the side of the road sipping cold drinks as we sorted out our boss's conversation.

"Is 'handsome' popular in Jinhua?"

"No, no, you're overthinking it, people just say they're playing!"


Ultimately we settled on the conclusion that it was just a joke.

Another lesson learned at the same time was.A girl must protect herself outside.

[Jinhua's delicious food]

This time I drove through Jinhua, and what impressed me was that the owner of the restaurant did not recommend us to eat ham in this famous city, but two other dishes that can't be eaten anywhere else but Jinhua.

One is Jinhua bone-in pot, the other is Jinhua clay meat rounds.

Jinhua is located in the middle of Zhejiang Province, the people here, the personality is also a kind of "inheritance" easy-going, or sophisticated, will come to matter. Their recommendations for food, not "gullible", but can not hide the pride, the sense of service before the sense of money - the

First of all I'm a local you have to trust me, secondly I will recommend you our local favorite food, again not delicious how could I recommend you - that's about it.

Tubular bone boil is a famous specialty of Jinhua, the main ingredient is the tubular bone, which makes a very tasty stew, mainly for the soup. You can also soak in vermicelli, thousand sheets and other ingredients, and this pot will be enough.

Jinhua meatballs are a local "local dish". The main ingredient is not meat, but sweet potato flour, without which neither the front leg nor the pork will taste right. It looks very simple, but it's a very good meal, and I have a weak feeling I can make it myself.

We had dinner first and couldn't stop thinking about it, so we didn't leave the next morning and ate enough lunch before leaving.

Also I found out that the eggplant in Jinhua is delicious too, it's sweeter than the eggplant I've had elsewhere, and the eggplant seems to be every Jinhua This is a "reserved dish" of the restaurant. Most of the eggplants here are braised, which makes them so rich and flavorful that I don't know if they are the local eggplants.

There is also a dish called "pork with green onion in Tangxi", which originated from folklore and is said to have a long history.

Jinhua cuisine rarely adds anything fancy or fancy, and is made for the common people to eat.

[Stop 3: Quzhou]

Quzhou is the last stop on this driving tour, and this city makes me feel... a little sorry, a little "pity".

It's a good old city, but alas, not well protected. The buildings are a mix of old and new, and the roads and markets look unkempt - but you can tell that the government is trying to fix it.

The old town is being renovated, and the new buildings are mostly in the antique style, presumably for the sake of visual unity.

There's a night market here, lit up at night, where one would expect to see a Quzhou version of the "Qinghefang", but unfortunately there isn't one.

The city of Quzhou is not suitable for superficial play. You need to walk and stay for ten days and half a month.

Surprise ①: Old houses.

There are still a lot of old houses left in Quzhou, and we found a converted old house on an old street in the best location in the city, which is said to have a history of more than 300 years.

Walking in, we were greeted with the layout of an ancient large family home. There is a central hall, a courtyard, and that very imposing big room looks like the room of an old master and his wife, as well as the place where the servants cook.

Further in, corridors and pavilions, curves and curves, a courtyard set over a courtyard, with tea tables and greenery, each room with a different name, and stories written on every corner.

Surprise ②: delicious.

Although the old city is falling apart and the new city is not as good, but that doesn't mean Quzhou is not suitable for tourism-.

On the contrary.I think Quzhou is a must-visit city in Zhejiang, especially for foodies, because of the variety of food and the beauty of its taste.

The main content of Quzhou travel is to eat.

[Quzhou's Cuisine]

The food in Quzhou is so varied and a little bit "strange" that there's no way to sum up its food in one simple word.

Let's take a look at what I ate in Quzhou this time.

Noodles: I'm surprised that a northerner like me could eat the steamed buns with spring onions and roasted buns in a southern city like Quzhou, which is basically the "Jilu-Yu wind".

Noodles: more than a dozen kinds, soup noodles mixed with stir-fried noodles and rice noodles... except for the lack of Xinjiang pulling strips, all of which are as good as the Great Northwest.

Dim Sum: dozens of types, dyed with colors and printed with patterns, exquisite and beautiful, very elegant, with a little "Macao style".

Meat: For those of you from Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Hunan, try the rabbit head and duck paws, will you doubt you can really eat spicy food?

In short, Quzhou's cuisine is nothing but praise, and there's really nothing to be ashamed of.

Quzhou is a city that's worth a trip even just for the food.

By the way, snail is a must-order dish - in fact, in the whole of Zhejiang, snail is a must-order dish. I've never seen a place as obsessed with eating snails as Zhejiang people are, and every store has them.


My self-driving travels continue, so stay tuned for future travelogues.

I'm Big Red Sister, the anchor of audio radio travel channel, a professional travel player, focusing on niche play and sharing cold destinations. Travel is not an attitude, but life itself.

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