Poor sleep quality in the elderly? Mostly related to 2 causes! 5 things are recommended to help improve


As we all know, the elderly generally sleep problems, a survey found that the older you are, the worse the quality of sleep, some people believe that this is the body's normal physiological degradation, the elderly sleep quality is no way, but I do not know that the elderly sleep quality is poor, not only affect the body, but also induce cardiovascular disease, so we should pay attention to.

Why do the elderly have poor sleep quality?

1. Functional decline

With age, the elderly body functions will gradually decline so that melatonin secretion is reduced, thus causing a series of sleep disorders.

2, less energy consumption

Most seniors don't work or exercise much every day, their bodies use less energy and often have naps, which can lead to poor sleep quality in the evening when their bodies aren't tired.

What can the elderly do to maintain a good night's sleep?

1, maintain a good sleep environment

Older adults have a shallow sleep pattern and are easily awakened while having difficulty falling asleep upon awakening, so it is important to keep the sleep environment quiet and The light should be dim, which facilitates the production of melanin and allows seniors to sleep in comfort until morning. In addition, to control the indoor temperature, comfortable temperature can also promote sleep.

2, do appropriate exercise

Most of the elderly do not love to move, not how much exercise, but in fact, the elderly appropriate exercise can promote sleep, but also soothe the body and mind, every day appropriate exercise, through walking, yoga, tai chi to consume physical energy, so that at night when you sleep easy to feel fatigue, it will be easy to fall asleep.

3, eat seven full for dinner.

The elderly do not eat too much dinner, intake of seven full, to avoid increased gastrointestinal burden, because the elderly gastrointestinal peristalsis is slower, ingesting too much food will be because of slow digestion, leading to sleep in constant digestion work, so that sleep is affected.

4, to avoid excessive intake of refreshing food

Such as strong tea, coffee, red bull, etc., try to stay away from these drinks contain substances that will increase brain excitement, easy to affect sleep is not easy to fall asleep.

5, siesta to control

Since the elderly have less exercise and shorter sleep time throughout the day, a long nap can make it difficult for the body and mind to sleep at night, so it is important to control the nap time, no more than 60 minutes.

In general, although the elderly because of physical decline and low energy consumption easy to have insomnia problems, but as long as the right measures are taken. It can be effectively improved. In addition, the elderly should know that before going to bed, try to drink as little water as possible, drinking too much water will promote urine production, leading to frequent visits to the toilet during the night, which affects sleep. After all, once you wake up it's harder to go back to sleep.

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