Meet Richard Hamilton: the man in the mask who can't run, the perpetual motion machine on the field


Hamilton, who retired in February 2015, wore his mask until he retired. The mask allowed the world to remember him, to remember his relentless running and hitting, but to forget the face beneath his mask - as he A career is similar in many details. Talent is a big thing in this league of the NBA, and there are some players whose talent is obvious, like Kevin Durant The arm span of Shaq O'Neal, the tonnage of Shaq O'Neal, the big hands of Michael Jordan. But there are players whose talent isn't apparent through the naked eye.Today we are going to say, is a relying on physical talent "to eat" player, his ball-less running can be said to be the level of history, and his shot is inherited from his predecessor Alan Houston's mantle, different from Houston's beautiful standard shooting posture, its catch-and-shoot jump shot technology is more refined.

Overall stats and accolades.

Overall: 17.1 points, 3.1 rebounds, 3.4 assists and 0.78 steals in 32.1 minutes in 921 games. 0.14 caps, 44.9 percent shooting, 34.6 percent from three, 85.2 percent from the free throw line. 1 Overall champion, 3-time All-Star

Peak 05-06 season: 20.1 points, 3.2 rebounds and 3.4 assists in 35.3 minutes in 80 games. Hit 49.1 percent from the field and 45.8 percent from 3-point range

Hamilton's career stats at a glance

Hamilton's high level data at a glance

A No. 6 pick by the Wizards in '99, Hamilton has been a good scorer for his entire career, minus his rookie season and redshirt seasons, scoring in double figures the remaining 12 seasons, scoring 20-plus points in two seasons, and his overall career efficiency has been very good, too. Had five seasons of shooting 45 percent or better; 26.8 percent career usage rate for the senior numbers. That's unexpected, especially with 31.3% in the first year of the Pistons, a career high, and a PER of 16.5. It's more consistent, with the Pistons years mostly between 16-18%. And as the Pistons' leading scorer that year, he, along with Billups and Big Ben, formed a legion of bad boys that became the East's civilian Howe, too, was the indispensable trump card for the Pistons to win the title. It could be argued that that championship also influenced the league landscape to some extent.

Hamilton's 05-06 season shooting efficiency chart

The 05-06 season was Hamilton's personal peak, slashing a career-high 49.1 percent from the field of 20.1 points, and although he didn't win the title on the year, Hamilton's accurate mid-range shot got a burst, and even the always-impressive Three-pointers were also thrown at a 45.8% efficiency; as an all-time top no-huddle runner, he illustrated that just running Get up, and there's nothing you can't do!

Running without the ball, is a traditional point guard must have the ability, even if the ability to dilute this Jordan and Kobe such as the "front guard swing man ", also have the skill of running without the ball, if not at the top. We all know the best of the best in ball-less running, like Ray Allen after his Celtic days, Klay Thompson of the Warriors' Reggie Miller, once upon a time, belonged to the masters of running without the ball, and they could find the shotgun by using the no-coverage running Opportunity. If players like Ray Allen and Reggie Miller are experts at running the ball without the ball, Hamilton is simply an expert at running the ball without the ball. His presence carries over the killer throwing, open-handed running game that Reggie Miller is a prominent example of, though in terms of his game The ability to drive the game and change the offense and defense isn't quite enough, but what Hamilton does is good enough.

Hamilton's shooting.

On technology: a generation of masters of running without the ball

Hamilton was the best no-frills player of the early 21st century, hard-working, durable, and understated, a mask behind which was an ever-focused eye and a body that was always on the run but never tired.. He looks tall and lean, with flexible legs that can traverse his own unmarked coverage like a gazelle in the coverage of the two big interior linemen Mid-range interception runner.Hamilton is a masterful no-giant, specializing in the mid-range shot after a no-giant run around coverage, which is simply a highly entertaining and standard textbook, and the ability to throw right on the catch is superb.Hamilton also has great hands and an outstanding understanding of the game. His style of play is more like that of a 70's player, focusing on results and effectiveness rather than the fancy moves that precede his shots.

Hamilton is lean, but has developed an excellent physique by practicing day in and day out to keep running at high speeds all over the field and running very tricky routes to maximize the help of his teammates' coverage.That's why he's always guaranteed consistent hits and hits after doing long runs without the assurance of great physicality. Even if you run out of space, the shot will hit iron. And if the defensive player can't tug on his corner, the next thing you'll have to do is watch the masked man shoot you a mid-range shot. Although the mid-range shot is one of the most overlooked weapons, running empty-handed is a boring, unimpressive job. Plain and simple, without the psychological satisfaction of a three-point play or the beauty of a breakaway dunk. But as a committed playmaker and an excellent shooter, Hamilton's mid-range shot is undoubtedly an important scoring play for the team. He also creates a lot of opportunities for his teammates with his no-huddle running.


But Hamilton isn't a good open iso shooter, and isn't good at shooting the kind of bursts that form shot opportunities.The fact that he once participated in the All-Star Weekend 3-point contest with disastrous results could also reflect this to some extent, which could It also has to do with his own pace of play. Many have criticized Hamilton for not having the ability to shoot long (often below 30% in his early years), but the fact is that late in his career he had practiced A good three-point shooter, though not much, he also shot 530 at a 34.6 percent clip throughout his career. three points, and even had two seasons where he owned over 44% of his three-point attempts.

As for Hamilton's ball-handling ability is really lacking a lot, at the end of the Pistons, due to the departure of Billups, Hamilton was also forced to increase his ball-handling offense, and even sometimes to play the 1 position, although also maintain a good level of passing series, but the adaptation is very difficult, obviously this is beyond his ability, which is why Hamilton and Chansey "break up" after the reason why the data shrank significantly.

Hamilton's career totals

In the NBA stars and even put into all players, Hamilton's physical qualities are considered weak, many people now believe that the Pistons' Hamilton defensive end is dragging their feet, simply thanks to the system and not visible; although the peak of Hamilton's defense has indeed been taken care of by the system, but his personal defensive ability is not dragging his feet, and even single-guard Wade in his early years, and even James (the seventh game of the 2006 playoffs); and his awareness and ability to coordinate defense, is also qualified level.But then again, it's actually hard for a pure shooter like that to make a mark in the Shark-led era of big centers, but Hamilton Relying solely on no-huddle runs and jump shots, the raw 15,708 total and a championship team's leading scorer The status of such a performance is already quite difficult. As the saying goes, you're not afraid of a thousand tricks, but you're afraid of one. The Masked Man has undoubtedly worked personal miracles in his no-huddle run-and-throw style of play.


On the Pistons: a seemingly civilian victory

Now looking back at the 2003-08 period, the Detroit Pistons, who made it to the Eastern Conference Finals six years in a row, gave us too many surprises and Passion. A down-to-earth, steady, cold-blooded, tough point guard, a tireless point guard, a big, defensive-minded small forward, a All-around big forward, and a rebounding king, lid king level inside the monster. Their entire team is built on an impenetrable defensive system, like a sophisticated basketball machine that plays five-man Textbook basketball! The five Tigers rarely implement solo tactics, and it's true that the spectacle doesn't compare to those stars, although none of the Pistons' five men stand out. Aura, but they influence each other to the best of each individual's ability.

The Pistons Five Tigers'

You can't tell which of these five is more important, and people tend to discuss Ben Wallace, who holds four DOPYs, and Billups, the MVP of the 2004 Finals, but don't forget.In the 2003-04 season, the number one regular season scorer for the championship team Pistons was Hamilton, and the number one playoff scorer was also Hamilton, the leading scorer in the finals is also Hamilton. Yes, the leading scorer of a championship team. Just because everyone has accepted that "the Pistons play by defense" as if it doesn't matter who their leading scorer is .

Hamilton's role for the Pistons' offensive system at the time was much more than simply an offensive endpoint. His no-ball running was like a scalpel that ripped through defenses, and once he started running, the opposing team's entire defensive formation would be rushed to the By missing open shots, teammates have the opportunity to form partial mores and open shots. This is certainly critical for that Piston team that doesn't have a great individual offense, and it could be argued that Hamilton's no-ball run is the key to their success in the The offense's most important launching play point.If ironclad defense is the cornerstone of this Piston team, Hamilton's no-ball run is the gold plating on top of that cornerstone.


In the 2004 finals, the only championship season of Hamilton's career, Hamilton could have fielded the At 21.4 points, he's the Pistons' team scoring leader behind O'Neal and Kobe Bryant, despite hitting just 40 percent from the field. But almost all of the outside hits in that series were not good. Hamilton involved a lot of physicality by running without the ball, and the weakness of that Lakers team was still physical, with Gary Payton and Carl Malone is getting too old to keep running like the younger guys, and Kobe is expending a lot of energy on the defensive end because of him, and eventually the Pistons' Beat the Lakers F4 squad for the title based on a superb defense.And Hamilton is inseparable from the other four guys on the team, they make each other up, none of them can support the team alone, yet Relying on each other to burst into maximum energy. If it wasn't for the five tigers, Hamilton wouldn't be the same Hamilton.

Kobe Bryant singles out Hamilton.

Kobe once said of him, "He's the last player I ever wanted to defend in my life, he's always on the run and you don't even know it What he'll do next, he's like a robot, he never stops, he's maddening, I really doubt he's What's gotten into you."

On insight: what I want to say about Richard Hamilton

Few people cared that before coming to the Pistons, he had become a 20-point scorer in Washington and had assisted the resurgent Jordan. He actually had a good hand at getting to the basket and was a phantom at cheating on free throws, but it doesn't matter, now everyone just remembers that he would go around unrestricted Covering the mid-range, people put him next to Reggie Miller as the last pure shooter, and then forget about it. That was his life. Of the three major shooters known for the last two decades without ball movement, he is less famous than Reggie Miller and Ray Allen, but the world rarely In the meantime, neither Miller nor Allen has been the leading scorer on a championship team like Hamilton; the world won't notice that he's Defended Kobe, LeBron, Wade, Ray Allen, and Pierce during those epic years.

He wasn't a genius, and while he possessed good athletic genes, he relied primarily on just, as he said, "I didn't have a moment Stop moving". This, combined with his all-out training, has helped him become a true "physical monster". Everyone who has perfected a skill to the point where it is unparalleled has a place in some field, no doubt! He's successful, talented and willing to work hard, and success may just be a given. Since him, there doesn't seem to be a player in the league now who can carry on the mantle in terms of open-handed running skills, and if only on video Looking back on that feeling, I have to say it's a flaw in the NBA.


The Pistons retired the No. 32 jersey for the retired star during a home game against the Celtics on Feb. 27, 2017 The ceremony was attended by the remaining four Pistons and their mentor Larry Brown. During the ceremony, Hamilton broke down in tears several times and expressed his gratitude to the Pistons team and fans: "I'll always be a Piston.." He was smiling, but the words revealed the kind of resignation that he must have wanted to keep fighting again too, but the years belonged to them Has slipped far away.

FINAL: The Masked Man Who Stands Firm

Overall, Hamilton should be considered an extremely common star in NBA history, and the Pistons have retired his jersey for him, but it goes far Not up to the standard for Hall of Fame induction, but what does that matter? I don't know how many more people will remember the Masked Man and who the King of the Midgets is, but for many of his fans who love him, Richard "The Man Hamilton and the Pistons are just young memories, and maybe that feeling will stay buried deep, and one day, they'll be mentioned again. Still have vivid memories of their struggles on the field, seeing his never-ending runs and that accurate shot!

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