With 184 votes, India succeeds in being elected as a non-permanent member, drifting away before even taking office


According to a report by the China News Agency cited by Globe, the title of the universal arsenal of weapons India has always had a great power dream, in order to fulfill the dream, India is more often with the United States and other countries with the US and other countries. It is learnt that India had thrown an olive branch to the US and Russia in order to seize the opportunity of becoming a permanent member of the United Nations, with US President Trump visiting India , then Modi threw a 3 billion arms bill at it, as expected to get the US standing in the Security Council. In the same period, India also launched an arms order to Russia, and received Russia's double approval, but unfortunately, India is far from the permanent members. India is still a step behind. Despite failing to become a permanent member, India was recently elected as a non-permanent member of the United Nations by a resounding 184 votes. However, this result, although it is not enough to satisfy India's ambitions, but can be said to be an important part of their step, but India is drifting before it even takes office.

The first thing to know is that the United Nations currently has 193 member states, of which 5 are permanent members and 10 are non-permanent members. The five countries recently elected are included in the 10 non-permanent members. Unlike permanent members, non-permanent members have only a two-year term, after which they will not be able to participate in the next term. For the election, each State must have more than 23 valid votes, or else it cannot be included in the Council, even if it finishes in the top five. In addition, in each election, the United Nations is required to take into account the basic national criteria for non-permanent members, and of the 10 members, the Eastern European States constitute the largest group. 1 seat, 3 seats for African States, 2 seats for Asian States, 2 seats for Latin American States, 2 seats for Western European States and others. Two seats.

The United Nations will have a secret ballot, and the elected State will enjoy the same rotation of the presidency as the permanent members, with each presidential State having the same number of seats. Changed on a monthly basis. The non-permanent members have been tentatively selected from four countries and one country has yet to be selected. They are Norway, Mexico, Ireland and India, of which India was elected by a majority of 184 votes, having obtained the second largest number of votes. Non-permanent members. The remaining members, Djibouti and Kenya, were eliminated from the first round because their votes of 78 and 113 did not constitute a valid United Nations-23 vote. The opportunity will be followed by a second election.

However, it is worth noting that India's one-two punch of non-permanent members seems to be very floating. The Indian media even blatantly declared that India is only one step away from permanent membership, and by 2023, India will leave the non-permanent members of the post, the next plan is to become a permanent member and take on an important international voice, India's strength in recent years, is enough to make India India's plan to become a permanent member, therefore, India's plan is also being carried out in a step-by-step manner. However, India's self-perception is not very optimistic. Not enough to sustain its dream of achievement.

Compared to the good news of becoming a member, there has been no break in the bad news for India of late. First of all, India's neo-crown epidemic has not been stabilized, even though the Indian government had mandatorily declared a quarantine for all It still exists with India. And the continuing problem of the epidemic has forced Modi to fly off the handle, pointing out that the neo-crown epidemic will coexist with humanity and that people need to be where they are. Adapting, the Indian government will also issue rights for individual towns to continue to consider whether they want to open up. In the face of India's self-destruction, experts on the subject warn that once the Indian government no longer regulates the epidemic, then, according to existing trends in India, the In July, India will see a major outbreak, when it is likely to see more than a million infections.

Secondly, India's economic problems. Although the economies of international countries faced more or less shutdown during the epidemic, the recent economic decline has hit India hard! India has welcomed its first economic hind leg in 20 years, while experts stress that at the current unemployment rate, when India can really control the If the epidemic continues, India will see 100 million people out of work. Moreover, Modi often stresses that the neo-crowning epidemic is nothing for India and that India is absolutely capable of bringing the neo-crowning epidemic to a reasonable level. However, the reality is that Modi has been given a "slap in the face" and the situation in India is going from bad to worse.

Kim Jong-un's latest video footage exposed by North Korean media, Kim and Jong sitting in the first row with long hair.

The 14th Expanded Politburo Meeting of the 7th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) was held on February 2, with Kim Jong-un, chairman of the WPK, chairman of the State Committee and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, attending and presiding over the meeting, KCNA reported on March 3.


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Julian Geiger, Senior Fellow at the American Energy Association, said: "I don't think it's a coincidence, it's more than obvious now, Putin and Saudi Arabia are working together as a game, the only victim is the US, the cost line for shale oil is too high, so the price of oil must be maintained to survive. And the high leverage of the US oil and gas companies makes them very vulnerable, it's a Russian and Saudi blitzkrieg against the US, and China is helping them pad their backsides , if not, then many events cannot be explained.


Don't think anyone's gonna condone a riot. The smaller the place, the tougher the attitude. If you cross the border, shoot straight.

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All Australian Chinese Leadership Group: Maria Chan, Robert Chong, AM, Shirley. Huang, Dickson Mak, Daphne Lowe Kelly, James Leung, Lee Xj Li, Suellyn Lin, Kingsley Liu. Daphne Lowe, Tony Pang, Junxi Su, Tony Tang, Dr. Yen-Yung Yap and Li Zhang;


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As people's fishing technology has become more and more powerful, you can find that the fishing boats are now bigger and bigger. And today, the editor will give you an introduction to the world's largest fishing boat, a cost of 400 million yuan, to see the fishing process, really sweat for the fish!


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Our country's rapid development over the years is evident to all, many countries for our China's impression is still stuck in the stage of broken, dirty, chaotic, poor, backward.


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Counting the global epidemic on June 30: More than 193,000 new cases were diagnosed every day in the world and more than 59,000 new cases in the United States.

Overseas, July 1, the United States Johns Hopkins University released real-time statistics show that as of about 6:30 pm Beijing time on July 1, the world's single-day new coronary pneumonia confirmed cases of 193,669 cases, a cumulative total of 1,039,467 cases of new coronary pneumonia cases confirmed, a single-day new cases of 5,445 deaths, a cumulative total of 508,392 deaths.



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