WHO warns of second wave of outbreaks in some countries


China Youth Daily client, Beijing, June 14 (Ma Ziqian, trainee reporter, China Youth Daily - China Youth Net) The number of new cases of coronary pneumonia diagnosed in many parts of the world has continued to rise over the past week, with India, Pakistan, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other countries recording the highest number of new cases in a single day since the outbreak of the epidemic in their own countries this week.

The WHO health emergency programme leader Michael Ryan said on June 12 that most of the world is still in the first wave of the epidemic, some European, Southeast Asian and North American countries have passed the peak of the virus infection, the epidemic situation is slowly improving; there are also some countries have an increase in the number of cases, can indicate the second wave of the epidemic or the second peak of the epidemic in these countries.

Global daily increase in confirmed cases 12 days again set a new record high

The cumulative number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia worldwide has exceeded 7.55 million, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases outside of China has exceeded 7.46 million. Globally, 16 countries have accumulated more than 100,000 confirmed cases, and 58 countries outside China have accumulated more than 10,000 cases. As of 09:00 Beijing time on June 14, WHO statistics show that a total of 216 countries and regions around the world have reported a cumulative total of 7,553,182 new cases of coronary pneumonia diagnosed; 4,233,349 deaths, an average mortality rate of 5.6%, compared to the same period last week. reduced by 0.3%. According to the Johns Hopkins University, more than 3.69 million cases of new coronary pneumonia have been cured worldwide. 3693,293 cases, an average cure rate of 47%, 1% higher than the same period last week.

The global daily increase of confirmed cases set a new record again last week, with more than 130,000 new cases confirmed on June 12, a record high since the outbreak of the epidemic. highest values. However, the overall global epidemic trend is slowing. Cumulatively, more than 750,000 new cases were diagnosed in one week, a weekly increase of 11 percent from 12 percent the week before; more than 25,000 new deaths were reported. The weekly increase fell to 6.5 percent from 7 percent the previous week. At the same time, about 620,000 new cases were cured in the week, an increase of about 20%.

The United States and Brazil are the two countries with the highest cumulative and current number of confirmed cases.

The cumulative number of confirmed cases in the United States surpassed 2 million last week and now exceeds 2.07 million; the cumulative number of deaths exceeds 110,000. The University of Washington's Institute for Health Statistics and Evaluation June 11 update of the "new coronary pneumonia epidemic model" projections show that by this year's On Oct. 1, deaths from new coronary pneumonia in the United States could reach nearly 170,000. These latest projections are based on a synthesis of key factors affecting the epidemic and the latest model parameters, the institute said in a statement. The number of cases is expected to rise in August and September. For example, the number of infections will be on the rise in most areas from August to September due to factors such as school resumption.

Many areas, including Utah, have announced a moratorium on restart plans. However, Vice President Pence publicly stated on June 10 that since the outbreak of mass protests in the U.S., the government has not observed any correlation to the The number of new coronavirus infections has increased. Pence used the phrase "Americans have common sense" to explain this phenomenon. However, statistics show that there are currently 19 states in the United States continue to increase the number of new coronary pneumonia cases. The Pentagon has announced on June 8 to lift the travel ban on five countries around the world and 39 U.S. states, five of which are Bahrain. Belgium, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom. States in the U.S. that are not yet eligible to lift travel restrictions include California, Florida and North Carolina.

For the third week in a row, Brazil has the most new confirmed and new deaths in the world, with the daily increase confirmed June 9-11 for three consecutive days More than 30,000 cases were diagnosed, with more than 850,000 cases diagnosed and more than 42,000 cumulative deaths. Brazil has more deaths than the United Kingdom, making it the second country in the world after the United States with the highest number of cumulative diagnosed and cumulative deaths from new coronary pneumonia. . The states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro accounted for 42 percent of the national total.

The controversy over the Brazilian Ministry of Health's decision last week to stop publishing data on the epidemic has drawn attention. Following a June 9 ruling by Brazil's Supreme Court, the Brazilian government reinstated the website that published data on the neo-crowned pneumonia outbreak, republishing cumulative confirmed Real-time information on the epidemic, such as the number of deaths and illnesses. At present, several Brazilian states and municipalities have gradually relaxed restrictions, but experts say that the epidemic in Brazil is still on the rise, and the peak is expected to be reached. It may not arrive until July.

South American and South Asian outbreaks still not under control

In addition to Brazil, the epidemiological situation in countries in South America, such as Peru and Chile, is equally serious. Peru has accumulated more than 220,000 confirmed cases, ranking eighth in the world; Chile has accumulated more than 160,000 confirmed cases, and on June 12 and 13, the epidemic was reported in the United States. Chile has set two new records for the highest number of confirmed cases and deaths in a single day in the country. Chile's Health Minister Manalich announced his resignation on 13 March, and President Piñera appointed an authoritative virologist and pharmacologist, a national expert on the prevention and treatment of new coronary artery disease, to the post of President. Enrique Parris, medical advisor for the pneumonia work, is Minister of Health. Both Peru and Chile have death rates below 3%.

In India, the number of daily confirmed cases exceeded 10,000 twice in the past week and reached an all-time high on 12 June with an additional 10,956 confirmed cases. The cumulative number of confirmed cases has surpassed 300,000. India has surpassed the United Kingdom and Spain as the country with the fourth largest cumulative number of confirmed cases globally. As of 13 June, India had eight states or districts with more than 10,000 confirmed cases, with the most serious being Maharashtra. More than 100,000 cases have been reported. However, India is now gradually easing the restrictions, with commercial facilities such as shopping malls and barber shops opening this week. In the Delhi region, which has nearly 40,000 confirmed cases, the health department has made it clear that the closure order will not be extended further.

Eurasian multi-nation easing some restrictions

The epidemic situation in European countries to further slow down, Italy, France, Germany are less than 2,000 new confirmed cases a week, and a single day new The number of confirmed cases has been on a downward trend for several days. The number of cases in Italy, the "epicenter" of the early epidemic, has fallen to below 30,000. In the United Kingdom and Russia, the daily increase of confirmed cases is stable at less than 1,500 cases and around 9,000 cases respectively. Russian health experts predict that the Russian epidemic is expected to end in late July and early August, but a second wave of the epidemic is inevitable and will probably end in early August. Winter outbreaks.

Some countries in Eurasia have eased some restrictions as the epidemic situation continues to improve.

The Russian capital city of Moscow is abolishing its digital pass and self-segregation system for residents from June 9. France will open its borders to EU countries from June 15. Spain lifted entry restrictions on French and Portuguese travellers from June 22, and will lift foreign visitors' Quarantine requirements. Germany remained cautious, announcing on 11 June that, in addition to EU countries and Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, it had imposed a quarantine on 160 countries. Travel advisories for several countries will remain in effect until August 31.

All border crossings between Iran and Afghanistan have been fully reopened. Saudi Arabia will resume sports training and competitions from June 21, but will not allow spectators to attend. Israel will conditionally allow weddings and some religious ceremonies to take place in event halls from June 14. However, the epidemic prevention and control situation in the Middle East countries remains severe, Saudi Arabia on June 12, 3,733 new confirmed cases of epidemic Highest values since the outbreak.

Other country developments

Four new cases were confirmed in New South Wales, Australia, on June 13, including the first locally confirmed case since late May. cases. Experts note that this marks a far from over threat to Australia from the neo-crown epidemic. At one point, Australian officials had previously claimed to have successfully contained the spread of the new coronavirus and were planning to fully reopen their economy by July.

Japan and South Korea are still not over the gathering infections. According to Japan's Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, Katsunobu Kato, informed on June 11, as of 10 June, a total of 102 hospitals in Japan have been hit by aggregated Outbreak. The largest case of hospital-associated infection occurred at the Tokyo Metropolitan Eternal Life General Hospital, with a total of 214 cases and 42 deaths confirmed by the end of May. (b) Cases. However, in view of the fact that the average number of new cases in Tokyo in the past week was less than 20 per day, the city of Tokyo lifted the "Tokyo alert" on 11 November. and entered the third phase of easing restrictions from midnight on the 12th.

After the mass infections at the Itaewon nightclub and the COUPANG Bucheon logistics center in the Korean metropolitan area last month. The epidemic is still spreading in the metropolitan area, and the proportion of confirmed cases with an unknown route of infection continues to increase, and the neo-crown epidemic is on the rise. The Korean health ministry warns that if the spread of the virus is not curbed in the near future, a major epidemic is likely to occur in the densely populated metropolitan area. Pop. The Korean government has decided to indefinitely extend the current enhanced measures to prevent the epidemic in the metropolitan area, starting June 10, with eight major epidemics in bars and nightclubs. The implementation of an electronic access roster system for high-risk facilities began.

Data released by the African Centre for Disease Control and Prevention on 13 June showed that there were more than 220,000 confirmed cases and 6,070 cumulative deaths in Africa. The average case-fatality rate of 2.7 per cent is still low. South Africa, the worst affected country in Africa, confirmed more than 3,000 cases per day for two days in a row, with a cumulative total of more than 65,000 confirmed cases. The African Union said on 12 December that it plans to deploy about 1 million community health workers on the continent to strengthen virus testing, with a The response to the ongoing neocon outbreak.

Also on 12 July, United Nations Spokesman Diarik informed that 953 United Nations staff members worldwide had been confirmed infected. The telecommuting deadline for staff at the UN headquarters in New York will be extended until the end of July.

World Bank predicts China's economy expected to grow 1% in 2020

The latest edition of the World Bank's Global Economic Outlook report, released on June 8, shows that, hit by the new crown epidemic, 2020 is expected to be The global economy will slump by 5.2 percent - which would be the worst recession since World War II. The report projects that the economies of advanced economies will contract by 7 percent in 2020 due to severe disruptions in domestic demand, supply, trade and financial chains. The U.S., Eurozone, and Japanese economies will contract by 6.1%, 9.1%, and 6.1%, respectively; emerging market and developing The economy of the economy will decline by 2.5%. However, China's economy is expected to grow by 1 percent.

The report quotes World Bank Vice-President Jayla Pazarbaşoğlu as saying that this adverse economic outlook is sobering and that the new crown The epidemic crisis could leave a permanent "scar" and pose a major global challenge. The primary global task now is to respond to the health and economic emergency; thereafter, the international community must come together to promote economic... Recovery to prevent more people from falling into poverty and unemployment.

Source: China Youth Daily Client

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