How difficult is hypersonic technology? The best of the best, Thor caved and gave the contract to Loma.


The rapid development of hypersonic weapons technology, leading to the research and development competition has begun, after Russia made a breakthrough, the United States anxious, has launched a number of projects, trying to catch up or surpass Russia, into 2020, the United States in the field of hypersonic weapons technology to make new progress, not only can identify a number of research and development projects, but also conducted the first launch experiments, the overall state is still behind Russia.

launch pad (for rocket)

The question is now being raised: how difficult is hypersonic technology? Some may think that hypersonic weapons technology is simple and shouldn't be a problem for the US, but unfortunately the reality is that it is quite difficult , the U.S. has been working a lot on hypersonic weapons technology, still being left behind by Russia, and now in the field of military technology, especially Raytheon, the best in the missile business, has caved in and, seeing the bad news, Raytheon has withdrawn from the hypersonic missile program, according to the The March 20, 2020 report that the U.S. Army has excluded Raytheon from its precision strike missile program is a slippery one That was fast! Thor's non-participation in the bidding is tantamount to a contract being handed to Loma, which had been preparing for a fight that Loma had won without a fight.

Programme model

The so-called Precision Strike Missile, also known as Project PrSM, is the U.S. Army's long-range precision strike program aimed at replacing the existing... Army tactical missiles. By March 2017, the official project was established, and as Lockheed Martin and Raytheon were involved in bidding for the work, it was both There aren't many masters in the US military-industrial field in the world that dare to compare.

Thor's programme

After nearly three years of research, the new missile was still in the early stages of technical development, and Raytheon withdrew from the bidding, judging by the statement it issued The company's development work has been suspended and no flight tests of the missile will be conducted. Even though claiming to remain confident technically, the decision to withdraw from the bid was made jointly with the military.

After stating from the military that Raytheon does not meet the requirements to move to the next phase of the PrSM program, Loma has won the tender The programme is over. On the specific reason it's simple: that Raytheon is behind in its research and development and has yet to complete a single test launch, Lockheed For its part, the company has completed two test launches of the PrSM prototype missile and is embarking on a third flight test, which is expected to take place on April 30.

The Loma Test

The PrSM program is a priority program for the U.S. Army and has customized the timeline for development and deployment, FY 2021 U.S. Military In the draft budget, the U.S. Army calls for the purchase of 1,018 PrSM missiles, beginning mass production work in 2023, starting Deployment operations. Apparently Thor can't make satisfactory progress, so naturally we have to know when to back off.

Lockheed is apparently progressing faster, as far as performance is concerned, and can have a range of more than 550 kilometers instead of the original no more than 500 kilometers, and flight test work is also progressing well, starting to test the specific performance of the missile, with the next step being to test capabilities such as maximum range and flush firing.

flight model

Raytheon's apparent reason for withdrawing is behind schedule, actually ran into technical difficulties, otherwise how could drag progress, which reflects the difficulty of hypersonic technology, is not insurmountable, but once you encounter problems, then it is necessary to card progress, drag time, fortunately, Raytheon still has other projects in hand, not to waste their scientific research experience, the United States in the chase to catch up on the road still have to speed up.

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