In Depth: Traditional Style, Different Positioning, Is There Only One Path to Ben Simmons' Metamorphosis?


In the 1979 NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lakers selected a very special player with the first pick in the first round - Elvin Johnson.At 2.06 meters tall and 98 kilograms, Elvin Johnson, along with 2012 standout Anthony Davis (draft year) (2.08m, 100kg) have all the physical attributes to compete, but what is mind-boggling is that Anthony Davis is a While a forward, Elvin Johnson is a point guard.

In the 13 years of his career, Elvin Johnson has played in 906 regular season games and 190 playoff games for the Lakers.Of those, he had a regular season record of 19.5 points + 7.2 rebounds + 11.2 assists + 2.4 steals + 0.4 blocks. The playoff record is 19.5 points + 7.7 rebounds + 12.3 assists + 1.9 steals + 0.3 blocks.In addition, Elvin Johnson won five championship trophies for the Lakers, and overall, Elvin Johnson's career was not only successful, but also great.

However, after Ervin Johnson's retirement, after 20 years, the NBA league once again has a point guard with very similar physical qualities to Ervin Johnson - Ben Simmons.As a 2016 phenom, Simmons' physical situation at 2.08 meters tall and 104 kilograms is arguably a lot better than Elvin Johnson was tougher back in the day.

However, Simmons' performance so far in his career, it seems not completely accepted by the majority of fans. The reason, not because Simmons is not good enough, but under the influence of the environment in this small ball era, Simmons body "weakness". ", has been infinitely magnified. The most important aspect of this is the three-point question, and there are many fans who believe that for Simmons to complete his transformation, he must develop the The ability to project oneself, and nothing else.

But is that really the reality of the situation? Is this really the only path to Simmons' transformation as the Philadelphia 76ers' hope to rise in the future?

traditional style

Test: what is a guard?Simply put, a guard is the engine and organizer of a team, he is mainly responsible for passing the ball to the right teammates at the right time, thus helping them to score better, faster and easier.

Again: what is a traditional guard?When we look at the current era of basketball, many guards have developed into "two-way guards", which simply means that they organize, organize, organize, and organize. It's a good thing that you can't get your hands on the ball, especially at the three-point end. So, when a guard can't shoot the three, we'll put him in the "traditional guard" category.

Under this premise, we take off the "colored glasses" on the bridge of the nose, and then go look at the performance of Ben Simmons. There is no doubt that he is a traditional guard comparable to Elvin Johnson. In three years so far in his career, Simmons has made 23 field goals and hit two, both in terms of hitting Still, the number of shots taken is basically better than nothing.But still, Simmons has fought for a place of his own in an era of basketball where small ball is prevalent and threes are the order of the day.

On what basis! Why on earth would Simmons be so tough when he can't shoot threes! While that's somewhat irrational, the reality is that it does.

2017-18 season.Simmons played 81 games in the regular season, scoring 15.8 points + 8.1 rebounds + in his 33.8 minutes of play 8.2 Assists + 1.7 Steals + 0.9 Blocks.

2018-19 season.Simmons played 79 games in the regular season, scoring 16.9 points + 8.8 rebounds + in his 34.1 minutes of action 7.7 assists + 1.4 steals + 0.8 blocks.

2019-20 stuffed so far.Simmons played 54 games in the regular season, scoring 16.7 points + 7.9 rebounds + in his 35.8 minutes of action 8.2 Assists + 2.1 Steals + 0.6 Blocks.

In three years of not being equipped with a three-point skill package, Simmons has been able to put his physical gifts to good use. No reservations. Whether it's points per game, or assists per game, Simmons' three-year report card as a young player still on a rookie contract Undoubtedly worthy of recognition and praise. What's more, Simmons, so young, has a lot of room and potential to grow in the future.

So, what happened to the small ball era? What's wrong with not being able to score three points? To put it bluntly, while today's NBA league belongs to the small-ball era, Simmons is like a carp swimming against the current. He vowed to leap over the dragon's gate and challenge a time that seemed less than suitable for him.

A Different Positioning

As the saying goes, "The mantis is a mantis - not a mantis!" For the NBA as a whole, when 99% of players are chasing the pace of the small-ball era, Simmons wants to The difficulty in doing the opposite and achieving some success can be imagined. If you do it well, it will be remembered in NBA history; but if you don't do it well, it's a shot without a return arrow, and then you want to Doing it all over again just won't do!

So for Simmons to achieve some success, his contribution on the scoring and tandem end alone must not be enough. And this is where it comes down to the other strength in Simmons - his physicality.

As we mentioned earlier, Elvin Johnson's physical attributes are similar to Anthony Davis, and as the team's number one He, even if he can't quite handle the offensive duties of the four, is perfectly capable of carrying the defensive duties of the four. The same is true for Simmons, whose team's positioning, in addition to being a guard, is one of the forwards, in other words, as the Simmons, the Philadelphia 76ers No. 1, can guard from guard all the way up to forward. How many of the hundreds of players in the entire NBA league can do that?

The reason why Philadelphia 76ers have been playing "five lineups", one of the most critical point, lies in Simmons. Imagine, when a team's starting guards have reached 2.08 meters tall, how tall is their lineup?Joel Embiid 2.13m, Al Hofford 2.06m, Tobias Harris 2.03m, Josh Richardson is 1.96 meters, and the average height of the entire Philadelphia 76ers starting lineup is 2.05 meters.

A lot of fans must be smiling when they see this, because look at it this way, it's not just Simmons himself who is challenging the small-ball era, the entire Philadelphia 76ers team is a strong backer of Simmons.

Identity on the outside, scoring on the inside

A challenge is a challenge, but never be a "brainless challenger". So, what is Simmons' personal performance on his journey to the challenge?

So far this season, Simmons is hitting 6.7 of 11.4 shots from the field and is shooting 58.4 percent from the floor, consecutive Two-year climb, a 3.9% improvement over his rookie season. In this one, Simmons' only two primary scoring positions were the basket and the other was a close two (3 from the basket). (-10 feet).

Currently, Simmons is averaging 7.3 shots at the rim, shooting 64% of all his single-game attempts, hitting on 71.9 percent; 3.4 close two-point attempts, a 30.1 percent weighting, and a 37.1 percent hitting percentage. And Simmons in these two points on the number of shots, has accounted for 94.1% of his personal single-game shot times.From here we can also see again, Simmons is really how much "traditional".

Throughout today's league, which position players shoot the highest percentage of shots? There are undoubtedly only two answers to that question: either a forward or a center. Simmons is 8th on the NBA league's list for shooting percentage this season at 58.5 percent from the floor, and in his Most of the previous ones were inside players like Gobert, Garrett Allen, and Whiteside. Simmons is averaging 13.2 points per game inside, 5th in the league, and before him it's still Harrell, Alphonse, D' A big man like LaMont.

Overall, Simmons, despite being a guard, is extremely similar to most interior players in the league at the point; although No three-point ability, but reinforces his two-point offense to the max. That's really compelling!

Is the only way for Simmons to complete his transformation a three-way tie?

During last summer's offseason, Simmons worked pretty hard to increase his scoring above the field of play own jump shooting ability. However, Magic Johnson had a different take on it.

"It won't really play a role in the game, but with Simmons, it's an attitude thing. When you have a 6-foot-9 (2.08m) frame, you're supposed to declare yourself unstoppable. Yes, he's worked hard on his jump shot this summer and I think he's trained very hard. I think he's going to shock everybody when he gets back on the court next season," Magic Johnson said.

However, as the season began and progressed, Johnson's words could all be said to have come true. Point one.Simmons has hit a rare career three-pointer this season, though, and I personally believe that both of those hits can be largely attributed to the fan atmosphere and misty-eyed luck.Second point.Simmons has really been better this season, hitting at a league-leading 46th effective rate of 58.7 percent and a true rate of 55th in the league at 60.8%.Just ask: Is that not good enough for a player who doesn't have a three and only surges to the basket?

Personally, as it stands, the reason why many fans believe that Simmons must develop a trio of points is for a number of reasons.

First: the attribute that Simmons will only break through the rim on the scoring end, giving the impression that Philadelphia is too crowded inside.

Second: the small-ball and three-point environment prevalent in the league today, which makes it seem like a guard without a three is a flaw.

Third: Simmons' lack of a three-point flaw can make it seem like he can't help open up the offense.

As the saying goes, "There is no best, only better!" When Simmons pushes his physicality to the limit and evolves his breakout to unstoppable, the ability to make the three-point shot for him, the Is it really that important?

It's like Allen Iverson of Philadelphia fame, everyone knows he's going to break through from the right side, but just can't defend it, and has been for years. So why can't Simmons just become, "Everyone knows he can't shoot, he only breaks through, but he just can't defend!"

So there's absolutely no need for Simmons to go with the flow and carve out a three-point shot and learn what he's good at first. That's the key. We must not allow the tragedy of "learning from others".

What improvement Simmons needs after throwing away three points

Above the NBA, the final moment of decision is often a matter of minutes, and think back to how many games have been lost on crucial free throws at the end.For example, George Hill in the 2017-18 Finals G1, Khoi Leonard in the 2012-13 Finals G6, and Howard in the 2008-09 Finals G4.

And Simmons, the hope of Philadelphia's rise to prominence, is a master at breaking through the basket to score, and in the future, he will eventually grow into a The team's pillar of strength and enforcer in key moments, then, his penalty-killing ability must be honed. So far this season, Simmons is getting 5.3 free throw attempts in the regular season, but he's only hitting the ball on 62.7 percent, which is 110th in the league. This is something that Simmons has to take seriously.

Summing up.

As the old saying goes, "You can't eat hot tofu in a hurry!" What Simmons needs to do now is not to chase the three-point pace, but to gradually work out the close while stabilizing his strengths As well as a feel for mid-range two-point shooting, and thus using his static body to his advantage.

Sure, threes smell good, but if you can't work on your two-point touch from inside the three-point line, what is Simmons going to do to get outside What about the three-point stability? It's a long way to go, but it takes one step at a time! Simmons, come on!

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