The probability of no chance to retire the jersey of the top 10 stars: 4 people to stay in the Magic, Nash with 2 MVP also can not be


For NBA players, induction into the Hall of Fame becomes the highest honor they can get after retirement, but the threshold for induction into the Hall of Fame is too high, enough to block more than 90% of the players out of the door of the Hall of Fame, but in addition to the Hall of Fame, there is a lower threshold of honor is also the recognition of this player's career, that is, retired jerseys, used to reward those who have made significant contributions to the team, only for some superstar players, retired jerseys seem to be more difficult than entering the Hall of Fame.

1, Nash.

Throughout his career, Nash has played for three teams - the Lone Ranger, Suns and Lakers - and his peak moment was undoubtedly in the running period of the Sun, during which Nash won the regular season MVP twice and led the team to take the league by storm in the running. leapfrogged into the league's powerhouse, and in terms of Nash's contributions to the Suns, the accolades he's achieved and his place in history, if At the top of his game he played for another team that would have no doubt enjoyed a retired jersey, except he played for the Sun. The Suns are the only team in the league to have rescinded their jersey retirement so far, and it is because of this odd rule that Nash will never be able to play in the Suns retired jerseys.

2, Ray Allen

One of the greatest three-point shooters of all time with two championship rings in hand, Ray Allen was selected to Naismith in 2018 Hall of Fame, but his desire to retire the jersey was largely lost as a possibility, and during Ray Allen's career, he played for a total of The Bucks, Supersonics, Celtics and Heat were the four teams, and of those four, the Celtics would have been the most likely to retire Ray Allen Jersey , because Ray Allen, after all, helped the team win its 17th championship in history as one of the Big Three that year , except that towards the end of his time with the Celtics, Ray Allen fell out of favor with the team because of ball rights, tactical position, and contract extensions. Joining the Heat is even more so that the relationship between the two sides completely broken, Ray Allen wants to retire jersey in Celtic, has become completely impossible.

3, Anthony

One of the leading figures of the 03 Platinum Generation, though Anthony doesn't hold at least two medals like Bosh, James, and Wade do championship ring, but based on his career, with his contributions to the U.S. national team, Anthony's Hall of Fame induction The odds are still over 90 percent, but if he wants to retire the jersey, it's not so simple, and it's well known that Anthony's career The peak of his career was undoubtedly during his time with both the Nuggets and Knicks, but during his time with the Nuggets, while Anthony led the The team made it to the Western Conference Finals, but his forcing the team to trade him that year broke down the relationship, and in the Knicks' final In two seasons, he's even become a cancer on the lips of New York fans and media, so naturally the Knicks can't go and retire Anthony's Jersey up.

4, Howard

Howard's peak years were undoubtedly spent with the Magic, and it was here that Howard was voted best defensive player three times. Took a lot of individual accolades, became the number one center in the NBA at the time, and even led the Magic all the way in '09. made it to the Finals, and if those accomplishments were achieved with other teams, then even if Howard chose to leave afterwards, the team had Would love the option of retiring his #12 jersey after he retires, but the team he plays for is the Magic, and that one mostly works. and the team's stars are not happy with the Magic, so while there are many stars in the team's history, none of them enjoyed retiring their jerseys at the Magic's treatment, and Howard is likely to encounter the same treatment as his Magic predecessor.

5: Grant Hill.

A scout in 1994, Hill's time with the Pistons was undoubtedly the peak of his career, with second-year The Pistons have been able to produce 20.2 points, 9.8 rebounds and 6.9 assists per game for the team at the time of the game, becoming the second team after Joe Dumars. The leader of the team, except that while Hill was named to the All-Star and Best Team several times during his time with the Pistons, he also led the team four times to the playoffs, only to never achieve a breakthrough in performance, and the frequent injuries and management conflicts that followed have caused Hill to 's Pistons career came to an end, which cost him the possibility of retiring his jersey with the Pistons, and experiencing a lot of Magic-era The absence of Hill, who regained his health with the Suns, has long been at the top of his game, causing the Hall of Famer to lose his role in the team's Possibility of retiring the jersey.

6, Anfernee Hardaway

Pennies Hardaway, known as Jordan's successor, was the biggest victim of the Magic, and during his time with the Magic, Pennies and O'Neal The joint made it to the finals and became one of the league's biggest stars himself, especially after O'Neal left with the The team was propped up on its own, but Hardaway, who suffered cartilage damage in his left knee during the 96-97 season, after surgery Coming back early after just 20 days off because of a poor team performance, followed by a dead-end cycle of injuries. Comeback early from poor performance, re-injury, comeback, injury, a minor injury that could be completely healed with just a month off after surgery. That's how it stayed with Hardaway for the rest of the season, and set the stage for his subsequent injuries, but how the Magic treated the Where's Hathaway's? Just renewed his contract and traded Hardaway as a bargaining chip, and as for retiring his jersey, the Magic probably didn't even think about it.

7: Gary Payton.

Unlike the other players in this article, Peyton is reluctant to retire the jersey himself, as he led the team to the finals that year for the The team he brought home a best defensive player trophy and numerous accolades for is called the Seattle Supersonics, and it's already history. , while the Thunder inherited the history of the Supersonics, a different city and a different team name made this Thunder not unlike the Supersonics of the year Doesn't matter much, as Peyton said when he received his award in Seattle in '17, "I'm not retiring my jersey at Oklahoma. you guys are the ones who are with me every day", and maybe when Seattle has an NBA team again, people will be able to see that Retirement ceremony for Peyton jersey.

8, Ross.

If this many roses can bloom in the Windy City one, Rose will no doubt enjoy the Bulls retiring his jersey for him , only because of injuries to the youngest regular season MVP in NBA history, though brought glory to the Bulls' but was too short-lived, and the subsequent Ross, while inspiring enough to prove himself again through his persistence and relentless efforts, was doesn't belong to the Bulls, and if Rose doesn't choose to return to the Bulls for the rest of her career, there's a good chance the Bulls won't go to the Opting to retire Rose's #1 jersey, while other teams that played briefly are even less likely to do so.

9: Carter.

An epidemic left Carter with no choice but to end his NBA career early in a way that no one wanted, as a former Big Four point guard One of those, Carter, while a bit pale in terms of personal accolades, has contributed enough to the NBA and basketball promotion to make him to be a Hall of Famer, but if Carter wants to conduct a jersey retirement, it's far more difficult than if he were to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. With a career that has taken him to a number of teams, the only teams that are really likely to have their jerseys retired are the Raptors and the Nets, and during his time with the Raptors, Carter reaped huge popularity and grew into a league star here, but back then the tension between him and the team's management was arguably It's well known, especially since he shocked the league by leaking tactics during games, which led to a long period of time that welcomed Carter back to the Toronto's were deafening boos, and while Carter saved the team several times during his time in net , the basketball performance has not shown much improvement, so whether or not to retire the jersey, who will retire the jersey, for Carter, is still really Not good to say.

10, Maddie.

Compared to his own cousin Carter still retains a glimmer of hope to retire his jersey, the same four point guard Maddie has already become a member of the All-Star, but basically no chance to retire the fall coat, as one of Maddie's peak period to play team Magic, so far the only jersey retired or to pay tribute to the fans, and Hardaway did not enjoy such treatment, that last season and the Magic's contradictions, Maddie naturally even more impossible, as for another team representing Maddie's peak period, not to mention.

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