Four tricks to distinguish between cold and warm food, and never eat the wrong food again


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When Professor Ke was young, he loved watermelon, and every time he would hold half of it and eat it with a spoon. This is the first time I've ever heard my mother's voice: "Watermelon is too cold, don't eat it.

Professor Ke has always wondered, in the summer, and the watermelon is not in the refrigerator, how can it be cold? Growing up I realized my mother wasn't talking about low watermelon temps.It's the watermelon itself that's the "cold" food.So, what exactly is "chilling"?

So, what exactly is "chill"? How can we tell the difference between "cold" and "hot" food?

Cold, Cool, Warm, Hot

Different properties have different effects.

Cold, cool, warm and hot are the properties of the four types of food, which are called "four natures" or "four qi" in Chinese medicine.

Cold and cool foods are yin in nature and have the effect of clearing heat, diaphoretic fire, cooling blood and detoxifying toxins, etc. They are suitable for hot constitutions and diseases.

Such as watermelon for fever, thirst and irritability; pear for cough and phlegm, etc. are all foods of a cooling nature.

Foods of a warming nature are yang in nature and have the effect of dispersing cold, warming the meridians, and clearing the channels, etc., which are applicable to cold constitutions and diseases.

For example, ginger, green onion and cilantro applied to cold and flu, fever, malignant cold, runny nose, headache, etc.; dry ginger and black tea applied to abdominal pain, vomiting, joy of hot drinks and other symptoms; chili pepper and wine applied to cold limbs and cold, etc., are all foods of a warming nature.

In spite of all these examples, Professor Ke feels that theStill have to find some way to determine the heat and cold, after all, there are so many types of food, you can't just memorize them.

"Yin is calm and Yang is dry."

Animals that run are more likely to be hot.

The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine states."Yin is still and Yang is dry."That is to say, things that are yin are inclined to be still, and things that are yang are inclined to be restless.

In terms of food, foods that are yin are cold, and foods that are yang are hot.

Generally speaking, most of the various kinds of domestic animals that run on the ground, such as cattle, sheep, etc., are hot foods, and the more violently they run, the more hot they are.

As for the birds that fly in the sky, they are also hot food, and many of them are even much hotter than livestock.

Among the various creatures that swim in the water, there are those that move and those that don't, but because water is a cold property, 80% of aquatic animals are cold and only a very few are hot.

Taste, environment, location.

It's so simple to determine the heat and cold of a plant.

forFruits and vegetables that you normally eatWhat is the best way to quickly determine how hot or cold they are?

Taste-wise.Foods that are sweet and pungent are hot in nature because they receive more sunlight, such as garlic, persimmons, and pomegranates.

And those bitter and sour foods are mostly cold, such as bitter melon, bitter vegetables, taro, plum, papaya, etc.

From the growing environmentThe aquatic plants are on the cold side, such as lotus root, seaweed and seaweed.

Some foods that grow in the land, such as peanuts, potatoes, yams, and ginger, are hot foods because they are buried in the soil for a long time.

From the geographical location of growthPlants that face north in the back shade rarely see sunlight, so they are colder foods, such as mushrooms and fungus.

On the other hand, some foods that grow on higher ground or those facing southeast, such as sunflowers and chestnuts, are hotter because they receive more light.

Learning how to distinguish the hot and cold of food can help us match our diet more appropriately. Learn how to distinguish between hot and cold foods, and you'll learn how to eat more appropriately.

Health tip: Wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and keep the ventilation to a minimum in crowded places.

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