Is Trump's re-election a foregone conclusion? These 3 factors will directly determine who the next President of the United States will be


With the U.S. election coming up, CNN 10 is currently reporting that a poll released by the media outlet on the 8th of August shows that Biden has gained more support than the Trump is 14% higher. So does Trump really have no chance? I don't think so, so let's analyze the three deciding factors in Trump's ability to get re-elected.

The first Trump has a very solid base of public opinion and a very solid basic plate

Trump's re-election is predicated on the premise that the basic panhandle states that voted for him will continue to choose him. As far as his current approval ratings go, he's basically outside of the epidemic-stricken areas, which are essentially polling no Change. And the epidemic-stricken continent would not have voted for him, so the chances that he could have been re-elected are not small.

What's more, at the time of the epidemic distribution of supplies, Trump was intent on rallying neutral states that would have easier access to supplies. While Trump has erred on the side of policy on epidemic prevention, that's not enough in the minds of the American people to keep him out of office.

And Trump himself has a rather fanatical group of "supporters" who are brainlessly supportive of Trump's decisions, and whenever there's unfavorable news about Trump, they think it's the Democrats throwing dirty water.

The second Democrat lacks a particularly attractive candidate to run.

In the history of the Democratic-Republican struggle in the United States, the Democrats have been in power for a shorter period of time than the Republicans. The Democrats have set off a wave of political correctness that is offensive to a significant portion of the population, and while they don't say it with their lips, they won't when it comes to voting A vote for the Democrats would instead be a vote for the anti-political correctness Trump.

During the epidemic, the U.S. economy was weak, populism was on the rise in the U.S., and class tensions needed to be shifted elsewhere, such as "the race." and "populist" on. And Trump himself is a populist, in keeping with the trend of rising populism in the United States.

Having said the basics about the two American parties, let's talk about the candidates running this time around, with the Democrats lacking a particularly attractive candidate, like Like Hillary, who previously disgusted the average American, this candidacy of Biden disgusts a significant portion of the population. Biden's previous revelations about laying hands on a number of women and sniffing their hair have caused a significant number of female voters to be offended by the fact that they are Won't vote his hand for Biden.

The third "death of Freud" won't sway Trump's re-election.

As of January 2019, the African American community makes up only 13.2% of the total U.S. population, and the black community is far too small up, unable to shake the problem of racial discrimination rooted in the depths of American society, and still does on the candidacy.

And now when the bombastic protests start showing up smash and burn, it's no longer just a march for peace and vindication of discrimination. It will cause some whites to withdraw some of their sympathy and suspicion. And Trump's "white supremacy" caters to and exacerbates this mentality. The more violent and smash-and-grab protests over Freud's death produce, the higher Trump's approval ratings will be.

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